483 Asyaka Cults Leader 5

    The cult's leader's effort for all these several minutes back had gone. Auron's health was gone back to full while his health was lower than 40%.

    The situation didn't favor the cult's leader. He was thinking of escaping once more. The variable that he had felt before was really scary. The variable that Auron had was something that the cult's leader never imagined.

    A mage was using a swordsman skill. This was the first time he saw it. Maybe, it was the only one that happened in this world.

    Temptation, greed, curiosity, and scared were what the cult's leader felt right now. This feeling combination was something he had never felt before. And, it made the cult's leader hesitated in making a move.

    While the cult's leader hesitated, Auron didn't stay idle and wait for the cult's leader to recover. He chanted a spell and attack from a long distance. Currently, he only had his movement speed buff from the potion, and it could not compare with the cult's leader, who had a full movement speed buff from the skill.

    Auron's spell woke the cult's leader from his thought. He knew it was not the time to be distracted. The cult's leader deflected Auron's spell. And, he charged forward.

    With a full movement speed buff, the cult's leader covered a long distance in a short time. In no time, he was already in front of Auron and slashed his sword diagonally.

    Auron raised his dagger to block the attack. Then, he used [Sloth]. Against an enemy who used a physical attack, this spell was the most suitable choice.

    Not only that, Auron pulled his dagger and stabbed his dagger. However, Auron didn't aim at the enemy's vital, like heart or neck. Instead, Auron tried to stab the cult's leader's wrist. Of course, the cult's leader didn't let Auron did what he wished.

    The cult's leader quickly pulled back the hand that Auron had targeted. Then, using the other hand, the cult's leader continued his attack.

    Auron smirked. He had predicted that the cult's leader would do this. Actually, Auron's previous attack was a decoy to make the cult's leader did this.

    Before the cult's leader attack could reach Auron, an [Earth Spike] sprung from the ground and targeted the cult's leader's elbow.

    The cult's leader was surprised, but he quickly retracted back his arm. However, he was a second late. The [Earth Spike] managed to pierce his elbow. Not only that, Auron used his [Aura Slash] and advanced forward.

    Hold the pain, the cult's leader used his other arm to block the [Aura Slash]. The attack was weak. It was not imbued with the [Weapon's Aura].

    Auron already knew that in such a situation, the cult's leader had no choice but to block the [Aura Slash]. He would also do the same thing if he was in the same situation. That was why Auron deliberately use a weak attack to force the cult's leader to block.

    After blocking the attack, the cult's leader had realized that it was a decoy. However, it was too late. Auron had already in front of him.

    Auron used [Weapon's Aura]. Then, he combined it with [Bash].

    The cult's leader was already a step late. He knew that it was impossible to block with his sword. That was why he quickly moved to the side.

    Auron's dagger that was supposed to hit the cult's leader forehead had missed its original target. Instead, it hit the cult's leader's shoulder.

    Because of the combination of [Weapon's Aura] and [Bash], Auron's attack power was high even though he only used a dagger.

    Auron's dagger met with the cult's leader's shoulder bone. Then, it cut through the bone completely. The cult's leader's left arm was decapitated.

    Losing one arm abruptly, the cult's leader lost his balance. He swayed to his right.

    In the middle of the falling, the cult's leader tried his best to regain his balance. However, Auron didn't let it happen.

    Auron moved his body and faced the falling cult's leader. Then, he used a [Quick Slash]. His dagger cut through the cult's leader left's stomach. To make sure that he could kill the cult's leader, Auron used his [Fire Ball].

    The [Fire Ball] hit the cult's leader's body. These several attacks were so deadly that the cult's leader died before he even could hit the ground.

    The cult's leader laid on the ground motionless. Auron sighed a relieved sigh. Finally, it was over.

    Auron was the winner of this battle. It was not an easy battle. Auron knew he was just lucky.

    Without his cheat, he used swordsman skill, and he would not have any chance to win this match without his potions. Moreover, the cult's leader had less than 50% of his health when he started the battle. Also, the cult's leader's barrier had depleted.

    Auron was lucky that the cult's leader was absentminded when he used the swordsman skill.

    Auron approached the cult's leader corpse. Then, he decapitated his head and brought it with one hand.

    After that, Auron turned back and went to where he came from. He had to regroup back with his group.

    Fortunately, Auron didn't move for too long before seeing a group of soldiers he left behind.

    These soldiers saw Auron as well, and they approached Auron, who walked towards them. When they were close to Auron, they could see the cult's leader's head in Auron's hand. All of them immediately felt a sense of awe to Auron.

    All of these soldiers quickly adjusted their behavior before Auron. They became more polite. One of them offered to bring back the head for Auron.

    Auron didn't decline the offer. He gave the cult's leader's head to one of the soldiers and walked together with them.

    Several minutes later, their group met with Alice's group. Alice saw the head and felt excited. She knew what this head means.

    When Alice received the cult's leader's head, a notification rang on Auron's ears.

    [A hidden mission, eliminate Asyaka's Cult's Leader, completed! Calculating for rewards...]
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