486 Unofficial Auction 1

    "Okay, let us start the auction!" The man who was surrounded by the mob declared.

    Since this was just an unofficial auction, it lacked any extravagant service. The owner of the weapon also became the auctioneer. Meanwhile, the auction's participant was sitting on the ground. On the other hand, the administration staff was walking and approach beside the auctioneer.

    When the auctioneer declared the auction had started, everyone was excited. Like the other unofficial auction, the auctioneer told them the exchange rate between the military contribution point and the gold.

    In this unofficial auction, the exchange rate was determined by the auctioneer themselves. Since this was an unofficial auction, everyone could come and go as they wanted. If the auctioneer raised the exchange rate too high, the participant could exit the auction.

    "The exchange rate for my auction is one military point to 5 silver," The auctioneer declared.

    The exchange rate was still within the norm. So, nobody left the place.

    "Let us start with the first item," The auctioneer brought out the first item.

    The first item was a shield. Since Auron didn't use a shield, he was uninterested, but he still joined the auction to see the other participant's behavior. Auron saw that the shield was not that good, but it was also not that bad.

    "The first item is [Mirror Shield]. The starting price is 90 silver. It should be five silver for each increase." The auctioneer said.

    As soon as he said that, a middle-aged man to Auron's right raised his hand.

    "95 silver." The auctioneer said while pointing at the man next to Auron.

    "1 gold." The auctioneer pointed to another man.

    "1 gold five silver."

    Several bids began to be heard in the training field. The auctioneer kept on pointing to each of the bids in turns.

    After around 3 minutes, the bids began to slow down. After several more seconds, the last offer was recorded.

    "Sold for 2 gold 35 silvers to that young man over there," The auctioneer said.

    Although the increment only 5 silver, the price went up to 2 gold 35 silvers since the bids number was high.

    Since the bid was using money, the transaction could go directly. The auctioneer gave the shield while the bid winner paid the auctioneer. After receiving the money, the bid winner sat back down. It seemed he wanted to join the next item.

    "The next item is..." The auctioneer took out the second item.

    The auction continued with the second item. Its starting price was 1 gold and was sold for 4 gold. The auction continued for the third item. The third item was also sold for a pretty good price. It started at 1 gold and was sold for 3 gold 90 silver.

    Deep inside, the auctioneer was happy with the result. He thought that it seemed he could sell more items. However, just to make sure, he still took out a normal item for the fourth item. And, he was excited to find out it was sold for quite a fair price.

    After taking out four items, the auctioneer was ready to take out another item. He only prepared 8 items for this auction, and half of it already sold.

    "How many more items do you have?" Before the auctioneer could take out the fifth item, a participant shouted.

    There was no obligation for the auctioneer to say how many items he would sell for this unofficial auction. He could just sell three items and closed the auction when he actually prepared 9 items.

    "Four more," The auctioneer decided to disclose the number of items he was going to sell.

    After four items, some participants left the auction. However, there were more that joined the auction. The number of participants had grown to 80 people.

    "For the next item, I got it from an expedition to the other world. It was quite a rare piece of equipment." The auctioneer explained

    Then, the auctioneer took out an armor. There was a strange pattern drawn on top of the armor.

    "The starting price is 5 gold and 1 gold for each increase." The auctioneer said.

    "Can we take a closer look at it?" One of the participants asked.

    "Sure. You can come up and observed it from closer."

    The interested participants began to stand up and were taking turns observing the armor. Auron was actually interested in this armor. However, he knew that he could not waste any more funds before the sword came up. So, Auron stayed still.

    After 5 minutes, the auction for this armor started. The bids came out crazily. It was because one of the participants knew what that strange pattern was. And, he carelessly told everyone about it.

    From what the man said, the strange pattern could reduce the incoming damage by 10%. Not only that, that strange pattern also made the armor sturdier.

    When Auron knew about it, he also became eager to bid. However, he quickly calmed his desire down. He kept reminding himself why he had come to this auction.

    After several bids, the price had gone up crazily. Right now, the armor was priced for 50 golds, and it still went up.

    The bidding for that armor lasted for 5 minutes before it was sold for 250 golds.

    Auron was shocked to find out about the armor's price. It had gone up from 5 golds to 250 golds. And, it just still the fifth item. There were three more items. He began to look at the people surrounding him.

    "These people were so rich," Auron thought.

    Auron began to worry about the capital he had. He only had around 750 gold after the conversion. He didn't know whether it was enough or not.

    Auron could only hope that number was enough for him to get a sword. He looked back at the auctioneer who just finished his transaction and about to continue the auction.

    Then, the auctioneer took out the sixth item. It was staff.
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