487 Unofficial Auction 2

    The staff looked extravagant. It had a big stone on top of it. Not only that, but a combination of gold and red color also covered all of the staff's body.

    However, for these soldiers, the extravagant appearance was not important. Functionality and power were more important. It showed when the auctioneer took out the staff. The participants' expression didn't change at all.

    The auctioneer already predicted this. So, he came up and said, "Anyone of you a mage? It will be better if you are a fire mage."

    Since the auctioneer was an archer, he could not use the staff. That was why he was inviting a mage to do some demonstration.

    The mages among the participants began to raise their hands. However, Auron did not.

    "Let's see..." The auctioneer began to scour the raised hand.

    "How about you?" Surprisingly, the auctioneer picked Auron, who didn't raise his hand.

    "You are a mage, right?" The auctioneer asked Auron.

    Auron, who was chosen, was surprised. However, he still nodded his head. Since he was chosen, Auron could not help but stood up and approached the auctioneer.

    "Before we start the demonstration, can you introduce yourself?" The auctioneer asked Auron.

    However, Auron rolled his eyes. He looked at the auctioneer. He didn't know and was not close enough to the auctioneer. Auron felt like he was on display. So, he didn't want to do it and glared at the auctioneer.

    "What mage are you?" The auctioneer caught Auron's hate signal. So, he quickly moved on to the next question.

    "Fire," Auron answered short. Although Auron wanted to be an all-rounded mage proficient in all elemental, he used fire spell the most.

    "Great! Here use this, and use it to chant any fire spell." The auctioneer passed the staff to Auron.

    Although Auron never played a mage before, however, he knew a powerful staff. And, this staff was one of them. As soon as Auron touched the staff, something flowed from the staff to his body.

    Auron felt more powerful. He began to chant, [Fire Bolt], the most basic fire spell.

    It took less than one second for the [Fire Bolt] to come out from Auron's hand. Auron threw the [Fire Bolt] to the floor in front of him.

    There was a burn mark on the floor. However, that was not all. The [Fire Bolt] cracked the floor in front of him. He knew his [Fire Bolt] was more powerful than before.

    "Good! Now, use the same spell without using the staff." The auctioneer took the staff.

    Auron did as he was told. He chanted another [Fire Bolt] and aimed the floor beside the first one. Although Auron's cast was quick, he knew the first one was quicker than the second one.

    As soon as the [Fire Bolt] hit the floor, there was the same burn mark. However, it was fainter than the first one. The second [Fire Bolt] didn't crack the floor like the first one.

    "Can you use other element spells?" The auctioneer asked Auron once again.

    Auron knew what the auctioneer wanted to do. So, he chanted an [Ice Bolt]. After that, he took the staff from the auctioneer and used [Ice Bolt] once again.

    "My casting speed becomes faster. Not only that, but my spell noticeably became more powerful. Moreover, the fire spell."

    "My mana regeneration seems increased as well." Auron began saying the differences he had found from using the staff.

    "Whoa..." The participants began to look at the staff in a new light. The mages among the participant started to feel excited.

    "Thank you." The auctioneer thanked for Auron's explanation.

    "As you can see, the staff increase all spell for all elements. However, it increases fire elemental the most. However, that was not all." The auctioneer stopped. Then, he whispered something to Auron.

    A few seconds later, a faint white light shone, and a barrier was formed around Auron. After the barrier was completed, the auctioneer took out his bow and attacked Auron.

    However, before the arrow could hit Auron, it was stopped by the barrier. Then, the arrow flopped and fell down to the ground.

    "The staff also can create a barrier." The auctioneer explained.

    The mages became ecstatic with this new revelation. This barrier could save them from trouble.

    "Thank you for your help!" The auctioneer thanked Auron and took back the staff.

    "Now, let us start the bidding for this staff. The starting price is 20 gold, 1 gold for each increase," The auctioneer immediately started the auction.

    The impatient participant began to shout out their bid. The staff's price rose quickly. In just one minute, the price already reached 180 gold. Then, in just another minute, the price soared to 350 gold.

    "600 gold!" From not too far from the auction's place, a man strolled to the auction's place.

    The price increase by a huge margin in just that one bid. The participants began to look at the newcomer.

    Auron didn't recognize the man. However, some of the participants recognized the participants and frowned.

    "Any other bid?" The auctioneer asked.

    However, none of the participants raised the price. So, the auctioneer began to count down.

    "600 gold, once."

    "600 gold, twice."

    "600 gold, sold."

    The newcomer won the staff. Auron didn't know who was this rich man. However, he noticed the other participants' look when they saw this man. Auron could see annoyed, fearful, furious expression among the participants.

    However, none of the participants wanted to voice their concerns.

    The auctioneer also recognized the man. However, he acted normal, as if the man was just like any other soldier.

    Not long after, the auctioneer completed the transaction. He didn't wait for too long and started the auction for the seventh item. He didn't want the hyped to die down.

    After completing the transaction, the rich man didn't go anywhere and sat down along with the other. He intended to join the auction.

    The seventh item was a sword. Finally, what Auron was waiting for.
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