488 Unofficial Auction 3

    Auron's eyes brightened up. This was what he was waiting for. Although the auctioneer never said anything about selling a sword, Auron believed he would auction some sword.

    Weapons like sword and dagger were the most sought weapon. Many classes could use it. That was why in almost every auction, there would be one or two swords or daggers sold.

    When the auctioneer took out the sword, the auction's participant exclaimed in awe, including Auron. His eyes became more excited.

    The reason was that he knew that this sword was not some low-grade weapon. The sword's blade was longer than an ordinary sword. However, it was still could not be categorized as a longsword.

    When the auctioneer wave the sword, the sword's blade was thin and flexible. If the blade was long enough, then it could move like a whip.

    Although the sword's blade was thin, its endurance was remarkable. When the auctioneer stabbed the sword to the floor, that thin sword's blade pierced through the floor as it was tofu.

    When the auctioneer released his grip on the sword, the sword still stood firm, stuck on the ground.

    Then, the auctioneer lightly slapped the sword handle. The sword swayed to left and right just as a bamboo got hit by wind. This showed how flexible the sword's blade was.

    After these several demonstrations, the auction's participant became more interested in the sword. They quickly shouted to start the auction.

    Auron was also eager to participate in the auction. He didn't even think about was his point enough to buy this sword or not.

    Seeing the participant's spirit, the auctioneer quickly started the auction, "The starting price is 1 gold and a minimum of 1 gold for each increase."

    The starting price was low. However, seeing the crowd, the auctioneer was not afraid that the sword would be sold underpriced. Moreover, there was a lot of swordsman among the participants.

    And, just like what the auctioneer had thought. As soon as the auction was started, several bids flew on the air. Not only that, but each bid also increased the item's price for 5 gold.

    In just less than 1 minute, the item's price had gone up to 100 golds. Auron was astonished to see this. He never thought that these soldiers were so rich that they could spend 100 golds easily.

    Auron suddenly felt inferior. He realized that those military points he had would not be enough for him to buy the sword.

    In another minute, the sword's price rose to 350 golds. Auron smiled wrily. Using the exchange rate that the auctioneer had said, Auron only had around 750 golds. And, the sword's current price was almost half of the budget he had. Not only that, seeing the participant's hype, it seemed the price would not slow down that quick.

    Auron became dejected. Seeing the price was climbing up to 400 golds, he felt that he lost all the hope to get that sword.

    When Auron was lost in thought, a voice shouted, "600 golds."

    That voice immediately made the entire place silent. Auron woke up from his thought and saw the owner of the voice. It was the newcomer who won the previous item.

    Several seconds passed, and there were no other bids. Auron was confused about this newcomer's identity. Auron wanted to bid. However, he quickly thought, what if he offended that person. Auron didn't know who that man was.

    Auron looked around. No new bids come.

    "No new bid? Let me start the countdown. 600 golds once." The auctioneer started to count down.

    Although the auctioneer didn't voice out his concern, Auron could see his expression. It was a mix of disappointment and anger. He didn't want to sell this item for this price. However, he also could do nothing if there was no one else that bid.

    "600 golds twice."

    Auron was pondering when the auctioneer started his count down. When the countdown hit two, Auron gritted his teeth and shouted out his bid, "750 golds!"

    After Auron shouted that number, every participant's eyes looked at Auron, including the auctioneer and the administration staff.

    Auron didn't care about everyone's look. He already knew about this outcome when he would go with a bid.

    Auron really wanted the sword. However, he was also afraid of the man's unknown identity. In the end, Auron believed that the military would not do anything to him and just let this slide up. Moreover, if the worst had come, he had thought of using his connection with Alice, or maybe he could use his relationship with the Fourth Prince. At least, he would try to get the sword.

    "900 golds." The newcomer quickly said while glaring at Auron.

    Auron looked back at the newcomer and sighed deeply. He acted as if he was ignorant and didn't know about the man's identity. This was one of Auron's safe methods. He would use the length of time he joined the military as an excuse.

    Auron knew that the newcomer would check his background. So, he hoped when the newcomer knew that he was a new joiner, the newcomer would somehow forgive him.

    The auctioneer looked at Auron. Then, he shifted his look to the crowd quickly and started to count down.

    The countdown finished without any obstacle. "The sword sold 900 golds."

    Then, the newcomer stood up to finish the transaction with the auctioneer. The next minute, the newcomer came back to sit down. He didn't forget to give Auron his hateful glare.

    Auron acted like he was confused, but he didn't say or do anything. Auron focused back on the auction. He had waste this sword and there would be only one chance left. Although he didn't know what was the last item, Auron still kept his hope high.

    The auctioneer was standing still for a few seconds before he declared something shocking.

    "The auction had come to an end. Thank you for your cooperation until this far. I hope we can cooperate more in the future." The auctioneer declared.
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