489 Zephyr 1

    The auctioneer's declaration was shocking for everyone, including Auron. From what the auctioneer had said before, there should be one last item to auction.

    "There should be one last item, right?"

    "How come you stop the auction midway?"

    What the auctioneer did make the audience go furious. However, of course, they could not do anything if the auctioneer firmly wanted to stop the auction.

    After persuading and felt angry at the auctioneer, one by one, the audience started to leave the place. If the auction was discontinued, then there was no reason for them to be here.

    Stopping an unofficial auction midway was not a rare occasion. However, the participant usually didn't know how many items the auctioneer would auction. That was why, when the auctioneer stopped the auction midway, the audience could not go crazy as they didn't even know how many items there would be.

    The auctioneer would also have a reason if there was someone accused him of stopping midway.

    Unfortunately, for this auction, the auctioneer had declared the number of items previously. Although there were no rules or punishment for stopping an unofficial auction midway, by doing this, the auctioneer also left a bad mark on his names.

    It would be difficult for him to gain people's trust to join in his other auction in the future. Auron could not guess the reason why the auctioneer would do this. However, he believed that the auctioneer already knew the consequences and had a good reason for doing this.

    One by one, the people started to disperse from the crowd. Auron also wanted to leave. However, he saw that the rich man was seeing him like he saw an enemy. Meanwhile, some people surrounded the rich man who was trying to start a conversation with him.

    After glaring at Auron for a while, the rich man turned his body around and left the place, followed by the people around him.

    Auron could only shake his head. He knew that this matter would not stop here. However, he hoped that the rich man would not use his backing's power, so he didn't have to use his own card.

    Auron was about to leave when the auctioneer approached Auron. "Do you have some spare time for a conversation?" The auctioneer smiled at Auron.

    Auron felt weird. He didn't know anything about the auctioneer. This was also his first time meeting the auctioneer. So, Auron was confused about the reason why the auctioneer would want to talk to him.

    Then, a sudden thought came into Auron's mind. "Perhaps, he is...?"

    "No, I need to say that I am a straight man." Auron thought inside his mind.

    The auctioneer had guessed what was on Auron's mind, and he quickly added, "This is related to the last item of my auction that I canceled. However, we cannot talk here. Let's go to my room."

    Auron felt relieved when he heard that. Then, he nodded and followed the auctioneer to the auctioneer's room.

    The room was noticeably bigger than Auron, which means the auctioneer had a higher ranking than him. Of course, Auron had already guessed it from the item that this man had auctioned. There was no way for a low-ranking soldier to sell those kinds of things.

    "My name is Zephyr," As soon as they went inside the room, the man introduced himself first.

    "Before I show you the item, let me thank you first."

    Auron was confused about the reason why Zephyr thanked him. Was it because he came forward to do the demonstration on the fifth item?

    However, Auron was wrong about it when he heard Zephyr continued, "I thank you because you raised the price on the sixth item."

    "I was very disappointed when the price stopped at 600 golds. But then you came and saved the day. Although it was not much, it helped lessen my disappointment."

    Just like what Zephyr had said. Although, by selling it for 600 golds, he still got some profit. However, he knew that the sixth item was not worth 600 golds. Unfortunately, no one wanted to raise the price anymore after that rich man had joined the bid. And, thanks to Auron, the price increased to 900 golds.

    Zephyr believed that if the rich man didn't join the bid, the price could reach more than 1000 golds, even 1500 golds. However, 900 golds were still better than 600 golds. That was why Zephyr thanked Auron.

    "Ah... Oh... Okay... Since we are in this matter, I want to ask who is that man?" Auron knew that the man should have a big backing.

    "You don't know him? Oh yeah, I forget that it was not long before you join the military."

    "That man was General Kurpita's son, Karab. You know General Kurpita, right?" Zephyr asked.

    However, Auron shook his head. He just joined the military not long ago, and he still hasn't fully understood the various faction in the military.

    "Let me explain. General Kurpita was the leader of one of the biggest factions here. It was said that if General Elbert was not here, then he should be the one that leads the military. However, that was could only be said when General Aston was not present. So, it could be said that General Kurpita was General Aston's rival."

    "Although General Aston is a neutral man and never had thought about influence, the others would not think as he did. Moreover, he was General Elbert's son. So, many other general favors General Aston rather than General Kurpita."

    "And, the man before you meet is his son, Karab. That man was using his father's influences for his own benefit."

    "No one would want to clash with Karab. Many soldiers here are his haters, including me. Sadly, we can do nothing to change that. That was why when he joined the auction, I felt hopeless. Fortunately, there was you."

    "You have to take care of yourself. From what I know, Karab is a vengeful man."
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