490 Zephyr 2

    "Let's put aside Karab's problem. Now, let us discussed our important business." Zephyr said.

    Zephyr took out a sword. As soon as the weapon came out, it immediately took Auron's attention.

    The sword's blade was in moss green color. It was really rare to see a sword with a colorful blade. Usually, a sword's blade had a steel color.

    Auron could not help and ask, "Do you paint the sword's blade?"

    Just like what Auron had thought, Zephyr shook his head. "It already had that color since the first time I found this sword."

    "Here, you can touch it. It didn't feel like paint."

    Auron touched the sword's blade, and, just like Zephyr had claimed, the sword's blade's color was original. It piqued Auron's interest more.

    "Just like the previous sword, I got this sword from a world expedition. However, this sword was more mysterious than the sword before, and I don't have much information about this sword."

    "But, I bet this sword should be more powerful than the previous sword. However, I still leave the decision to you. I just hoped you could keep this sword a secret if you don't intend to buy this sword until I decided to show it to the outsider. I don't want to invite unnecessary trouble because of this mysterious sword."

    "Have you try the sword?" Auron asked.

    "Of course. However, what strange is other than its strange green color, the sword was ordinary. It was very ordinary. I could even say that this sword was weaker than an ordinary sword of the same level."

    "Can I take a closer look?" Auron asked.

    Zephyr nodded. Since Zephyr was an NPC, he could not find anything detail about the sword. To find out about the sword's information, he had to do some experimental things.

    However, this was not the case for Auron. Since he was a player, Auron could just use his identification skill.

    [Moss Sword] (common grade equipment) (Upgradeable)

    Type: One-Handed Sword

    Requirement: 100 Strength, level 100

    Class: Swordsman, Thief, Merchant

    Attack: 60 - 63

    Effect: No effect

    Description: A one-handed sword with a green blade. Other than its strange color, the sword, currently, doesn't have any effect. However, don't underestimate this sword since this sword is upgradeable.

    Auron saw the sword's information. And, just like what Zephyr had said, the sword had a weak attack compared to the same sword on the same level. To be more precise, this sword was way weaker than the same sword of the same level.

    However, one word took Auron's attention, upgradeable. An upgradeable weapon. During his time playing this game, Auron never had seen any upgradeable weapon. This was his first time seeing this.

    "Where did you get this sword from?" Auron could not help but wonder about the sword's origin.

    "When I was hiding away from the enemy, I found a cave and hid there. However, when I was inside, I felt sleepy and lost consciousness. When I woke up, magically, I was back at the wilderness in Gaia with these two swords in my possession."

    Auron could not believe Zephyr's story. It was too unbelievable. Zephyr saw this and said, "I know you might now believe in my story, but trust me, I tell the truth."

    "Okay, let's put that aside. How about this sword? Do you want to buy it?" Zephyr asked.

    "Why do you choose me? I believe it is not only because I help you against Karab." Auron was still confused about the reason why Zephyr chose him to sell this sword. Moreover, he was a mage. It was a strange sight to see a mage was buying a sword.

    "Yes, you are correct. Actually, I have recognized you from the start of the auction. I want you to do something for me."

    "Why me?" Auron still could not believe how this man wanted to choose him.

    "Okay... Okay... I took some interest in you. Wait, I am not interested in you in that way. "

    "I was one of the soldiers that joined the mission to rescue General Aston."

    "At that mission, I saw your fighting prowess. After that mission, I began to check your background. And my conjecture was correct. Currently, you have around 15000 military points, right?"

    Auron nodded. Zephyr continued, "Do you know how difficult it was to obtain 15000 military points? Moreover, you just join the military for less than one year."

    With what Zephyr had just said, everything began to make sense for Auron. Now, he knew why he was being called to demonstrate the staff when Auron didn't even raise his hand.

    "So, you will sell this sword to me in exchange for a favor from me? What if I can't do you what you want?" Auron asked.

    "Um... Actually, my offer price is not that. I knew that you only have 15000 military points. Based on the exchange rates, your military points are worthed for 750 golds. I intend to sell this sword for that 750 gold plus one favor from you. How about it?"

    Auron was pondering. Then, he asked back, "I can agree with the 750 gold. But my question is still the same. What if I can't do you what you want?"

    "As long as you do your best, I will leave the result at your hands."

    "Really? You trust me that much?" Auron asked.

    "Not really, but I trust Alice and General Aston's choices. You know I have checked your background, right? And, I found out that those two are quite close to you. I knew these two's personalities, and I trust them. Hence, I trust you who these two trusted."

    Auron felt that Zephyr's reason made sense. If Zephyr said that he trusted Auron, then Auron would not buy it. However, since he said that he trusted Alice and General Aston, Auron believed in him.

    "Okay, I believe in you. And, I promise, I will do my best to complete what you wanted. So, tell me, what do you want me to do?"
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