491 Zephyr 3

    Zephyr looked hesitant in telling Auron. Just like what he had said, even though he was impressed by Auron, but the one that genuinely made him trust Auron was Alice and General Aston's trust. Moreover, what he wanted Auron to do was way beyond Auron's strength.

    Actually, Zephyr wanted Auron to ask Alice or General Aston for help. However, he could not bluntly say that. He was afraid he would hurt Auron.

    After hesitating for a few seconds, Zephyr made up his mind. What he wanted Auron to do was essential for him. Moreover, Zephyr had given Auron a rare sword with a pretty good price.

    Zephyr believed that with that unique green sword, the price would go over 2000 golds. So he thought that he had given a lot of discount for Auron.

    "My younger sister was inflicted with some kind of deadly poison. I have brought her to a cleric. And, he said that he could help to recover my younger's sister's health. However, he could not cure the poison."

    "To cure the poison, he needs to make the antidote. And, to make the antidote, it needs certain herbs. I have collected most of the herbs needed. But, I still missed three kinds of herbs."

    "I want you to gather those three kinds of herbs. But, I have to remind you, it is not easy to gather those herbs. I have hired a mercenary group, but they failed to get the herbs and only managed to find the herbs' location."

    "Here are the location of the herbs." Zephyr handed a piece of small paper to Auron.

    "How about it? Are you confident?" Zephyr asked when Auron had read the paper.

    Auron frowned. There were three locations stated in the piece of paper. And, Auron recognized those three places. It was not the places that he could go alone. Moreover, at his current level, it was nearly impossible.

    "Not really. But, trust my word, I will try my best." Auron stated.

    "I hope that you can collect those herbs as soon as possible. I don't want my younger sister to be in pain for any longer." Zephyr said with teary eyes.

    "Here, take the sword. I hope you can give your best and help my younger sister." Zephyr handed over the sword.

    [You have accepted the quest, Help Zephyr]

    Actually, Zephyr wanted to go by himself. However, he could not. Today was the only day he could rest. Tomorrow, he had to go to the Bridge World and fought there. That was why he could only hire other people.

    Zephyr hoped that Auron would ask for Alice's help, which would increase his chance of survival.

    However, what Zephyr didn't know was Auron never intended to ask Alice. Instead, he had already thought of someone else. Auron wanted to look for Smite.

    Yes, Auron wanted some help from his team, Absurd team.

    However, before looking for Absurd's help, Auron had one thing to do first. He bade Zephyr farewell and went back to his room.

    Auron already got a sword that he wanted. However, the sword he got would attract a lot of attention if used. It would invite unnecessary trouble. That was why Auron was thinking of painting the sword's blade with a steel color. And, that was what he did.

    While painting the sword, Auron, suddenly, remembered something. The new sword was an upgradeable sword. However, he never had known how to upgrade the sword.

    Auron began to inspect the sword once again. He had to find out how to upgrade the sword.

    However, no matter where he looked, Auron could not find any information on how to upgrade the sword.

    Auron didn't give up. He went to the military's blacksmith to ask. Since it was related to weapons and equipment, a blacksmith should be the right choice.

    "Hm... Interesting sword. I feel some attraction from the sword. I believe that this sword is not complete yet. However, I don't know anything about this. Maybe, you should ask my teacher at the blacksmith association." The military's blacksmith said.

    [Meet Ruka]

    Countdown: None

    Description: The military's blacksmith could not help you, but his teacher might. Meet his teacher, Ruka, and ask for his help.

    Quest Clear Condition: Meet Ruka and ask for his help

    Quest Clear Rewards: Information on how to upgrade the sword

    Quest Failure Punishment: None

    When Auron came, he didn't introduce the sword properly. He just said there was something wrong with the sword that he found and asked the blacksmith to solve the problem. He never thought that it would make him trigger a quest.

    Actually, what Auron didn't know, he just needed to meet any blacksmith and showed the sword to trigger the quest.

    Auron knew who Ruka was. He was one of the top blacksmiths in all of Gaia. He was also one of the blacksmith association's leaders.

    Auron chose to meet Ruka first. He wanted to clear this quest first before helping Zephyr. At least, he wanted to know how to upgrade the weapon. It would be better if he could finish upgrading the sword first before helping Zephyr.

    Since it was dealing with the blacksmith association, a blacksmith was the most suitable person to meet with Ruka.

    Auron put the sword in his inventory and moved to his swordsman character who also was a blacksmith.

    Auron woke up and found himself standing idly beside a building doing nothing. Actually, Auron wanted to let both of his characters moved efficiently. Unfortunately, the reality was not that easy.

    Lately, Auron was lack of funds. Meanwhile, blacksmithing required a lot of money. Hence, he could not help but let his character wasted its time.

    Auron could only accept his current condition until the reward from the previous mission was distributed.

    Auron shook his head and tried to shoo the matter away. He should grateful for his cheat instead of complaining.

    Auron changed his mind and moved forward. His destination was the blacksmith association in Miderian.
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