492 Upgradeable Weapon 1

    It took less than 5 minutes before Auron arrived in front of the blacksmith association. He immediately went inside as soon as he arrived.

    Auron was greeted by the receptionist. He didn't waste any more time and asked, "Is President Ruka present?"

    Auron also didn't forget to show his blacksmith's emblem. The receptionist took note of Auron's blacksmith's emblem. Then, she began to check President Ruka's schedule.

    "President Ruka is present. However, he is receiving a guest and cannot be disturbed right now. Do you have any appointment with him? If not, maybe you can come back tomorrow."

    It was too long to wait for tomorrow. Auron began pestering the receptionist, "This is an urgent matter. I need to see President Ruka right now."

    "Can you tell me what matter is that about?" The receptionist didn't believe in Auron since almost everyone made that excuses.

    Auron didn't have any status, so he was being ignored by the receptionist. However, Auron didn't give up.

    "I can't tell you about that matter. I have to tell it to the president himself. How about this, you tell the president that I got his disciple's reference. His disciple who is working in the military."

    When the receptionist heard the word military, she began paying more attention. If it was something related to the military, it would not be a simple matter.

    Auron cleverly told this information. He didn't tell everything clearly and only mentioned the military.

    Of course, because of Auron's action, the receptionist began to took Auron seriously. She relayed the message. It didn't take long before she got the reply.

    Auron was allowed to meet President Ruka. Not long after, another staff arrived at the reception and picked Auron.

    Auron followed the new staff to President Ruka's room.

    It turned out the matter of President Ruka was receiving a guest was a lie. President Ruka was taking a rest in his room, and he didn't want to be disturbed. That was why he lied.

    When he heard about the military stuff, President Ruka immediately changed his clothes to a more formal one and waited for Auron.

    Auron arrived in front of President Ruka's room. The staff knocked on the door and was replied by a shout from the inside, "Come in!"

    Auron came inside President Ruka's room. He could see that President Ruka was sitting on his chair and working busily. President Ruka glanced at Auron and greeted Auron, "Hello there! I heard you have an important matter to discuss, and it is related to the military?"

    Actually, the real message had been changed from what Auron had said. Auron said to the receptionist that he got a reference from President Ruka's disciple, who was working in the military.

    However, the receptionist only took note of the military word and relayed it. She told the president that there was some military stuff related. And, that was how President Ruka thought it was a military matter.

    Auron knew he had to straighten the misinformation. So, he said, "Actually, I come here for my own matter. I need your help, and it doesn't have anything to do with the military."

    When President Ruka heard about that, he froze for a few seconds. He already wasted his relaxed time for someone who he didn't know. He was very furious.

    President Ruka was about to call the guard when Auron quickly said, "Wait, you will not regret it for meeting me. Look at this sword!"

    Auron hurriedly took out the sword from his inventory. President Ruka, who was furious, took a glance at Auron's sword.

    When he saw the sword, President Ruka's finger, who was about to call the security, froze in the air. He put down the phone and quickly stood up and took a closer look at Auron's sword.

    "I can't believe it." President Ruka kept on saying this sentence. He already said this sentence three times when he approached Auron.

    Then, without anyone asked, President Ruka began mumbling about something. He said about this and that. He was only focused on the sword and ignored Auron completely. It was like there was only him and the sword in this room.

    It took almost thirty minutes before President Ruka realized that there was Auron here. During those times, Auron was staying quiet. He didn't want to disturb President Ruka's train of thought and only quietly hear about President Ruka's mumbling.

    "Where did you obtain this sword?"

    Actually, the sword that Auron showed should be no different from the other sword since he already painted the green blade. However, somehow, when he showed the sword to President Ruka, he could see the sword completely and recognize it. Hence, the scene from before played.

    "I luckily obtained the sword from an ancient cave." Auron lied about where he obtained the sword.

    "I see... I see... It is no wonder there was such sword. What do you want to ask?" President Ruka was very excited and praised the sword.

    "What I want to ask is about this sword. When I use this sword, I feel that something is missing about the sword. It feels like it is not completed yet." Auron didn't bluntly say what he knew. This was the best method to interact with an important NPC, humble himself, and let the NPC tell him anything.

    "You are correct! I know it. As soon as I see this sword, I immediately knew it."

    "Your feeling is correct. You feel that way because this sword is not in its highest form yet."

    "This sword needs to be upgraded several times before it reaches its peak."

    "This is an upgradeable weapon. The one and the only upgradeable weapon that I ever have seen."

    Then, President Ruka rumbled about how he researched this kind of weapon before during his young age. He was also mumbling about what he had experienced.

    However, Auron already knew about that. And, there was only one thing that Auron wanted to know. He asked President Ruka, "Do you know how to bring this word to its peak?"
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