494 Darius

    Auron was exiting the blacksmith association. He intended to go directly back to his mage character and went to help with Zephyr's request.

    Actually, Auron didn't need to gather the herbs using his mage character. He could use his swordsman character to gather the herbs and, later, transfer it to his mage character. However, Auron could not do that since he wanted the Absurd team's help.

    Auron was trying to find a safe place to leave his swordsman character when he heard a sneer beside him, "Well... Well... Well... Look who this is?"

    Hearing this remark, Auron could not help but turned his head to see who said this. When Auron saw the owner of the voice, he frowned.

    It was a man. However, that man was not alone. Instead, there were 5 people behind him. Unfortunately, this man was someone who Auron didn't want to see. This man was the one who started all of his misfortune, Raging Bull, Darius's character.

    "So, you decided to start all over again. It was so unfortunate for your previous character. But, a bet is a bet after all. I hope you don't get angry with me." Darius mocked Auron.

    Darius observed Auron's character and asked once again, "Hey, why are you using this crap equipment? Didn't you sell all of your previous character's equipment?"

    "Are you using that money to relieve your stress because of losing?" Darius sneered followed by his henchmen's laughter.

    Auron only glared at Darius. He was furious but he could not do anything. Auron could see Darius's level which, probably, deliberately showed by Darius.

    Darius was currently at level 690 almost 700. This was the power of the guild. Although it was difficult to level up past level 500, Darius still leveled up quite fast.

    Auron knew that this would come one day. However, he never thought that it would come this soon.

    Previously, when Auron was going to the blacksmith association to meet Ruka, one of Red Storm's higher executives saw Auron. At first, he didn't confidence that it was Auron. However, after he looked carefully, he recognized that it was Auron. After that, he called Darius who was in the middle of hunting.

    Hearing this news, Darius immediately stopped hunting. He didn't want to miss this chance to diss Auron. And, here they were.

    "Go away, Darius!" Auron said.

    However, Darius obviously would not go away. He looked at Auron and then, the building behind Auron, "So, my friend here said you become a blacksmith?"

    "You who didn't care about any side class now become a blacksmith. How hilarious it is."

    "But, who cares. I will always support your choice. How about you help me make a weapon for me?"

    "I can pay you a lot," Darius added.

    "Not accepting! Get lost!" Auron said. He knew Darius only wanted to make fun of him.

    Auron tried to move away. However, Darius blocked Auron's way.

    "What are you doing? Get lost!" Auron became annoyed.

    "What? Do you want a fight?" Darius wasn't afraid of Auron.

    This commotion surely attracted a lot of the surrounding's attention. The spectator recognized Darius and his guild's emblem.

    At first, these people didn't recognize Auron. However, after carefully looking at Auron, someone started to recognize Auron. "Isn't that God of Sword?"

    When Auron's previous character's name was heard, people started to recognize Auron.

    Darius only smiled mockingly. "Do you dare for a duel?" He wanted to bully Auron.

    "What is happening here?" A voice broke the commotion.

    All of the people's attention immediately went to the owner of the voice. It was someone from the military.

    These people immediately turned their heads over and didn't want to be mistakenly included in the commotion.

    Darius also flinched because of the soldier. "Nothing happened. I just met with my old friend here and happily conversed with each other." He said politely.

    Although the soldier's rank in front of him was not that high, he could not carelessly offend this man. If Darius carelessly offended this soldier without any solid excuses, he would be hunted down by the military. Not only that, but it might implicate his guild.

    "Okay, if you finish then disperse. Don't make any commotion here." The soldier said.

    "Okay, thank you, officer," Darius said. Then, he turned to Auron and said, "You are lucky."

    After that, Darius went away followed by his henchmen. With Darius went away, the commotion also dispersed and Auron also went to his own.

    However, this incident didn't stop here. The news where Auron made a new character spread like a tornado.

    "Do we really let him go like this?" One of Darius's henchmen asked him.

    "What? Do you want to offend that officer?" Darius barked.

    "Anyway, ask our men to observe him. Don't forget to do it secretly, don't break any rules."

    "You are really lucky to have that officer around. However, I will not let you grow. Wait for my revenge. Ha... Ha... Ha..." Darius laughed evilly.

    However, what Darius didn't know, the officer that stopped him from attacking Auron was Auron's mage character.

    When Auron saw Darius, he knew it would not end with just a greet. So, he immediately commanded his mage character to this place.

    Although Auron's mage character could not win against Darius if they had a fight, Auron only relied on his mage character's status who was someone from the military.

    And, Auron was correct. Darius didn't dare to make a mess with him. Auron could slip away from Darius and everything went well.

    However, Auron knew this was not the end but only the start of a new obstacle. But, Auron could not think about this yet. He still had many things to do.

    The closest one was to help Zephyr with his request. With that in mind, Auron left his swordsman character inside an inn. Then, he went over to his mage character.

    As soon as Auron woke up in his mage character, he went back to the military and directly go to the Absurd's team base camp.
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