496 Zephyr Request 2

    Smite asked back to Auron. He didn't want to decide it for Auron. Instead, he wanted to check on Auron's leadership. Moreover, this was his quest after all.

    "Is it enough?" Auron still not confident with Smite's arrangement.

    "Ho... Do you think it is not enough? So, how do you want to do it?" Smite asked back.

    The first herb was located inside a 20 man dungeon. Previously, when he was still a guild's leader, his guild dispatched 20 people including him to conquer the dungeon. However, they conquered the dungeon with hardship. And, the average level of the people at that time was the same as the average level of the current member.

    Of course, level alone could not determine the whole thing, but it could be more or less became a benchmark to determine things. Moreover, Auron didn't know how Smite's and Jeffrey's ability to fight.

    Meanwhile, what Smite previously suggested were around 10 - 11 people. Auron was not confident.

    Auron tried to remember his experience when conquering the dungeon. Then, a minute later, he said, "I think we should gather, at least, 3 clerics, 6 tanks, 1 thief, 2 archer more."

    "Well, okay. No problem. Do you need any help to gather these people?" Smite didn't mind with Auron's arrangement. So, he quickly agreed.

    "Nope. Let me contact my friend first. Then, we can hire the rest from the adventurer's guild. Let us gather back in front of the military base around 4 hours later."

    As these outsiders could not go inside the military base, Auron decided the meetup place was in front of the military base. After saying that, Auron quickly bade farewell and got out of the place.

    Meanwhile, Julia also began to prepare her needs. She wanted to rest, however, she also could not forget Auron's help from the previous mission. So, she wanted to repay the debt. On the other hand, Smite went back and laid leisurely on his sofa once again.

    Auron began to contact Roan and asked about his participation. Unfortunately, Roan and the others declined the invitation as they had an urgent business meeting. However, they said that they could help with some items. Auron didn't decline the offer as he was broke since the previous mission's rewards still not paid off.

    Since Auron could not get some help, he immediately went to the adventurer guild and post his request. Of course, the payment would be given to them using Roan's money first.

    Now, Auron had to wait for the members to come. While waiting, Auron was pondering whether he should let his swordsman character joined the team. It would increase the experience point he got.

    In the end, Auron canceled his plan to let his swordsman character joined the team. Auron knew if his swordsman joined the team, it would expose his relationship. Auron believed that Darius would dispatch people to monitor his swordsman character.

    What would Darius think if he saw that Auron's swordsman character was going together with the military soldier that saved him?

    One by one, the applicants started to gather because of the quest. Auron carefully selected the people. He didn't want to hire the wrong people and throw his money away.

    However, hiring people was not easy. There were some people that asked for increased payment. There were also some people that want priority in selecting the monster's loot.

    After 3 hours of carefully selecting the personnel, Auron finally managed to gather the people according to what he had said. Then, he asked these people to prepare themselves and waited at the designated place.

    Meanwhile, Auron also bought his own potion supplies. Auron knew that the place where he would go was not an easy place. So, he had to prepare carefully.

    One hour later, everyone had gathered in front of the military base. Julia, Smite, and Jeffrey were the last ones to arrive at the place.

    "Let's go!" Auron said and led the group to the teleportation portal.

    This mixed group between NPC and players was common. Besides Auron and Julia, there were 7 more players. So, this group consisted of 9 players and 7 NPC.

    The first herbs' location was inside a 20 man dungeon. Just like its name, a team could only have, at most, 20 members to enter.

    Fortunately, the dungeon location was not too remote. It was near a first-class city. Auron and his team teleported to the city and walked for 5 minutes at full speed to reach the dungeon.

    The dungeon was located at a relatively low-level hunting ground which was why there was no meaningful obstacle that hindered the team.

    After arriving at the place, Auron ordered the team to replenish their energy first before entering.

    Five minutes later, Auron led the team and enter the dungeon. The team was teleported to the middle of a grassland. It was really plain without any trees or stones around. There was only short grass that covered all of the grasslands.

    Although there was nothing as far as they see, this was not the first time for each of the members to come here. Auron deliberately chose people that had already finished the dungeon at least once.

    That was why, when the team's members arrived at the grassland, they immediately took a battle stance. They knew that the dungeon had already begun and, right now, they were in the first stage.

    The first stage was the monster's waves. There were 5 waves here that needed to be completed.

    Actually, there were two ways to complete this stage. The first one was to clear all the five waves available. Meanwhile, the second one was to break through the wave.

    Then, when they were out of the grasslands whether they already cleared all of the five waves or not, it didn't matter. They already advanced to the second stage.

    However, of course, the safest way was to clear the five waves available. And, that was what Auron's teams had chosen. A few seconds later, a sight of the first monster appeared.
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