497 Himbaran Castle 1

    Himbaran Castle is the name of this dungeon. The dungeon's background story was about a crazy king that liked to torture his people.

    Once a month, the king would select one person from his people and bring them to his castle. Inside the castle, the person would be brought to the torture room that the king had prepared for his desire.

    At first, the people didn't know the king's intention for selecting the person. However, as time passed by, people started to wonder about the person he picked. It was because after getting selected, those people never be seen or back to their home.

    Of course, the king gave various reasons to hide the fact. For a few months, the fact could be hidden. However, the king seemed not satisfied with the number of people he brought. The quantity began to change. From once a month to twice a month and finally to once a week.

    With that change, the people started to get suspicious. The noble family inside the kingdom began to demand an explanation. However, those act just made the king became furious.

    Using the act of treason, he started to pressure and even eradicate the noble family. The unrest citizen began to join hands. They planned to revolt against the king.

    However, these people knew revolting was not easy. Hence, they hired an outside power. They hired an elite group of mercenaries to assassinate the king while the people distracted the soldiers.

    Auron's group here would act like the hired mercenaries. Their task was to assassinate the king using the back door while the noble and people joined hand to distract the soldier.

    However, nobody knew how, but the king discovers the plan. Hence, the wave of soldiers happened in the field, which was in stage 1.

    As mentioned before, there were two ways to complete stage 1. The first one was to reach stage 2 place, which was the castle. Meanwhile, the second way was to completely eradicate these waves of soldiers.

    And Auron's group chose the second method. There were a total of 5 waves. And each wave would contain 100 soldiers.

    The first soldier's wave came into sight to Auron's group. Auron's group began to take out their weapon and form a formation. A simple and common formation.

    The tanker would stand in the front while the range unit will stay at the back. The range unit, mage, and archer, including Auron, already began to fire their attacks from far away.

    In truth, this dungeon was suitable for level 100's group. However, higher-level people could still get inside.

    The only reason for this dungeon's popularity was because of the herbs that Auron should gather. This was the only place where the herbs would have a 100% drop rate.

    Despite the 100% drop rate, this dungeon was not that popular. It was because the dungeon's difficulty would raise according to the level of the group that entered. On the other hand, there was no change in terms of rewards.

    The monsters here, or rather Himbaran Castle's soldiers, would have a level the same as the group's average level with a minimum of level 100.

    Currently, Auron's group's average level was 380. So, the soldiers that Auron's group had to face was around that level. The boss' level would also rise according to the average level of the group. However, the rewards and experience the group got would not change.

    So, Auron's group would face level 380 monsters, which only gave the same amount of experience as level 100 monsters. This mechanism made the dungeon's popularity dropped.

    With three mages and two archers, the group's firepower was quite powerful. When the enemy's soldiers arrived at the swordsman at the front, the enemy's number already reduced by 25%.

    Auron seemed to make the right choice in choosing his teammate. It showed by the progress so far. In just under 5 minutes, there were only around 5 enemies left with low health.

    This was also one of the important things to note about this dungeon. 500 enemy soldiers separated into 5 waves with 100 soldiers each. There were 5 minutes between each wave.

    The second wave would show after the 5 minutes limit whether the previous wave already cleared or not. If the party could not eradicate most of the enemy under 5 minutes, they would be overwhelmed by the enemy's number.

    The second wave came. Auron's group still had a relaxed face in their face. This would show that there was no burden in facing this wave.

    Of course, this stage was actually not that difficult to complete. Time passed by, the second, third, and fourth were cleared easily. It was not challenging at all for the group.

    When the fifth wave cleared, the group rest for a bit while collecting the loot on the ground. After collecting the loot, Auron led the group inside the castle, where the second stage would begin.

    Inside the castle, they had to face the enemy's soldiers once more. The difficult part in this stage was still the enemy's number that quite many. The other tricky part was the sense of direction.

    The castle had a unique structure that was confusing. Moreover, the people were not provided with any map or minimap to locate the enemy. So, they had to manually find the king's place. Of course, during this search, the enemy's endless soldiers would come to them.

    For a first-timer, to locate the king's place was confusing. However, Auron's group was not a first-timer here. Although it was already long ago since Auron came to this place, he still could recall some of the ways when he was here. Moreover, if he was wrong, there was always the others that reminded him.

    With this, Auron's groups easily arrived in front of the king's bedroom, where they would face the king there, with ease. They even spent less time than they had spent on the first stage. Soon, the battle against the king would begin.
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