501 Himbaran Castle 5

    With 6 tankers, the strategy was simple. 4 out of the 6 tankers with one cleric would tank the worshippers. Meanwhile, the rest of the tanker would take turns in defending against the boss. The rest of the group would focus on the boss.

    However, before Auron told the rest about his strategy, one of the archers used [Arrow Shower]. That skill was an area of effect skill.

    As the rain of arrows showered upon the boss and his worshippers, everyone besides that archers immediately looked upon at the archer.

    "Why did you do that?!!" One of the tankers shouted angrily at the archer.

    "What? Usually, my team would do this in this dungeon." The archer got confused and raised his voice because of the tanker's high tone.

    "Stupid!!!" Jeffrey scoffed.

    "What did you say?" The archer got angry.

    The tension rose. Auron also didn't feel that the archer stupid. However, as a team leader, he needed to stop these arguments. They were in the middle of a dungeon.

    "Stop it! Focus on the enemy! You can argue later." Auron barked.

    Meanwhile, the rain of arrows poured down on the boss and his worshippers. Those rain of arrows immediately killed all of the 20 worshippers around the boss and left the boss alone.

    The 20 worshippers died under this one skill. Of course, it was not like the skill was so overpowered. Instead, it was the worshippers that had low health and low defense.

    The game deliberately made the 20 worshipers had everything other than its attack to be lower than usual. Because of this, the worshippers would die with just one normal attack.

    When the worshippers died, the boss would gain a 5% increase in his attack for each of the worshipper's death. This means that the boss had just earned an increase of 100% damage and defense. The boss' attack would deal double damage. This was also the reason why all of the other team members scorned the archer.

    Like what the archer had said, some groups killed the worshippers when dealing with the boss. Usually, those kinds of groups would have the right equipment, and the level between the members didn't differ that much.

    On the other hand, Auron's current group had a variety of levels. Moreover, the tankers' equipment was not that impressive.

    Of course, there was a benefit to kill all of the worshippers. The benefit was the boss' loots' drop rate would increase.

    This means there would be a higher chance that the boss dropped a rare item. Unfortunately, as the one who initiated this dungeon, Auron didn't need that benefit. The herbs that he needed had a 100% drop rate. Moreover, with the boss's strength increased, they must need to use more potions.

    Not only that, among the boss' loots, the most expensive one was the herbs. The other items were only level 100 items.

    Fortunately, the quarrel died down quickly because of Auron. However, it was not because of Auron's prestige or power. Instead, it was because Auron was the one that had the most loss.

    The difficulty increased, which means the chance of loss also increased. Meanwhile, Auron had to pay the hired member whether the dungeon runs success or failed.

    The boss groaned and howled furiously because of the death of his worshippers. Meanwhile, the 6 tankers already surrounded the boss.

    When the boss was groaning and howling, he could not attack, but he was vulnerable to all of the attacks. That was why Auron and the other damage dealers immediately attack the boss. They had to use this chance to reduce the boss's health as much as they can.

    It took 30 seconds before the boss regained back his sense. Thanks to everyone's effort, in these 30 seconds, a significant portion of the boss' health had been depleted. The boss' health had been reduced by 10%.

    Most of this was thanks to Smite and Jeffrey. As soon as all of the worshippers died, they immediately took action and attacked the boss with their quick reaction.

    With these two in the lead, the others started to follow. On the other hand, the archer who used the [Arrow Shower] still could not accept the blame. He didn't think he was at fault. However, he still gritted his teeth and attacked the boss.

    When the boss regained back his sense, a dark aura shrouded the boss. This was to show that the boss got enhanced damage.

    As a mage, the boss used his spell to attack. Unfortunately, unlike other mages, the boss' spell could not be canceled with an attack. They had to induce a status to stop the boss' spell.

    The boss' started to chant his area of effect spell. The boss' chant was so quick. In just 2 seconds, the magic of this caliber had been completed. Fortunately, the tankers also reacted quickly. They immediately used their taunt skill.

    At first, the boss would use his spell to attack the large group. However, he turned back and unleashed the spell towards the tanker behind his back. Although the group was saved from the spell, all of the tankers still got attacked by the spell.

    "Ugh..." The weakest tanker among the 6 quickly groaned.

    Because of the boss increased power, almost half of his health went missing. One of the clerics quickly used the area heal spell and quickly healed all of the tankers.

    Jeffrey and the thief had moved back from the boss before it launched the spell. Hence, they didn't take any damage.

    After the spell had been unleashed, the two of them approached the boss once again. Of course, the boss didn't use the area of effect spell all the time. This time, he used a single target spell.

    A single target spell was not scary compared to the area of effect spell. Even though the single target spell's damage was more significant, it could be controlled as long as it was not a single hit kill. After the spell hit, another tanker taunted the boss.
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