502 Himbaran Castle 6

    Due to the boss got stronger, half of the tanker's health had reduced. Fortunately, the cleric was quick in action as they healed the tanker immediately.

    The boss changed his target to a new tanker and chanted another spell. This boss was so annoying because he kept on chanting his spell, never using his physical attacks.

    This time, another area of effect spell was chanted by the boss. Jeffrey, the thief, and the weakest tanker immediately backed out. Two seconds after chanting, the spell finished, and the boss unleashed his spell. After that, the cleric used area heal.

    Fortunately, the teamwork between the tanker and cleric was great. Time passed by, and there was no casualty yet.

    90%... 80%... 70%... 60%... The boss' health got lower and lower.

    When the boss' health was below 50%, the boss got another increased damage buff. With this new buff, the tanker who could tank the boss reduced. From 6 tankers, two of them could not tank the boss anymore, which left 4 tankers.

    Because of that, the two tankers quickly adjusted their way of fighting from passive to be more active in attacking the boss. The boss's health decreased quicker.

    "Be careful!" One of the clerics shouted when he saw the boss' used a single target spell and aimed at the thief.

    Fortunately, the tanker was quick in action. Before the boss could complete the spell, the target already taunted the boss, who made the boss changed his target. The single-target spell hit the tanker, who immediately got healed by the cleric.

    As the boss's health got lower and lower, the boss was often to get off target. When the boss got taunted, one second later, it would target another person. In other words, the tankers needed to taunt the boss at the right moment. This was made to increase the dungeon difficulty. Moreover, this was the hidden stage.

    Auron and the other damage dealer started to get more nervous. With the boss' increased damage, the tanker got a serious problem, then what about them.

    The archer who killed off all the worshippers started to realize the problem he had brought onto the team. Usually, he would run this dungeon with his friend that had a similar level to him. He was even one of the highest levels in the team. Which was why the boss' damage was not as scary as he had seen.

    On the other hand, currently, the archer was not the one who had the highest level. And, the difference between his level and the highest level was almost 100.

    The archer had seen how bloody the tankers got. Sweat started to form on his forehead. He was afraid that everyone would blame him for the dungeon failure. His nervousness even made him afraid to attack.

    As the troublemaker archer froze, the other archer tried to wake him up. A second later, the troublemaker archer woke up from his daze. He gritted his teeth and started to attack once more.

    Time passed by, the boss only had 10% of his health left. During this time, everything went smoothly even though there were several times that the boss changed his target. The 3 tankers worked quite well to taunt the boss and save the members.

    The boss chanted a single target spell towards one of the tankers. Just like several times before, the tankers were taking turns in taunting the boss. Unfortunately, this time, an accident happened.

    When the boss' spell almost completed, suddenly, the boss turned his target and unleashed the spell. The single-target spell flew and hit its target.

    It was such a coincidence that the boss aimed towards the troublemaker archer. The boss' level was around 500. Combined with the boss's increased damage, the archer who had low health got killed with just one spell.

    The troublemaker archer was surprised because of this. He could not react at all. After he was respawned outside the dungeon, he still shocked and knew the degree of his mistake.

    After the troublemaker archer died, the dungeon run still continued. It was continued like the troublemaker archer didn't mean anything.

    Auron also didn't really care about the troublemaker archer. Even though he had forgiven the archer's mistake, when this incident happened, Auron still felt a little bit satisfied.

    5 minutes later, the boss finally gave his last breath. Fortunately, everything went fine. There was no more casualty after the troublemaker archer.

    When the boss died, a bunch of items appeared on the ground. As the leader, Auron was the one who collected the loot.

    After gathering everything, Auron decided to distribute the items outside the dungeon. Hence, everyone went back to the portal in the king's bedroom since there was no exit portal in the royal prison.

    One minute later, a bunch of shadows appeared outside of the dungeon. The troublemaker archer was waiting outside the dungeon quietly when these shadows spawned.

    When the other members spawned, the troublemaker archer didn't dare to ask anything and just waited silently. He knew his mistake and reflected upon it.

    Seeing the troublemaker archer reflected upon it, Auron was the one who approached him. He was not a spiteful person for such a small thing. Moreover, everything ended well and he got what he needed.

    With that Auron started to distribute everything fairly. First, he took all of the herbs since it was what he needed. For the equipment and other loot, they distributed it according to the member's class.

    Everything went well. No problem occurred because of the distribution of the loots. However, Auron was grateful for one thing.

    There were 3 mages, Smite, Julia, and Auron. There were 5 mages equipment among the loot. At first, Auron wanted to give the 5 equipment and let Smite and Julia divided it among themselves because of their help.

    However, surprisingly, Smite and Julia rejected the loot. Auron didn't want to waste the items and he accepted it. Although the equipment was only around level 100, Auron was still grateful because he was in need of money.
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