503 Icy Stone Leaf 1

    After the loot distribution had ended, it was time for Auron to pay these people. One by one, Auron gave them the promised money. Of course, this was not Auron's money. Before the dungeon run, he had taken some loan from his friend, Roan.

    After distributing everything, these people dispersed and only left Auron, Julia, Smite, and Jeffrey.

    Jeffrey was approaching Auron. However, before he could reach Auron, he was stopped by Smite.

    Smite was glaring furiously at him. However, Jeffrey ignored him and kept moving forwards. Auron knew what Jeffrey wanted. He already promised to him, so he paid Jeffrey.

    Even though Auron had paid Jeffrey, but he was still felt grateful for him. Auron didn't pay much for Jeffrey's contribution.

    Compared to Jeffrey's contribution, what Auron pay could not compare to his assistance. However, Jeffrey accepted the money without complaining.

    Smite approached Auron and asked, "So, do we continue?"

    Auron knew what Smite meant. He had asked Auron whether to continue to the next herb.

    "Of course, we continue. But, let us get back first. I need to sell this item first. I will contact you in 30 minutes." Auron said.

    Before continuing to the next herbs, Auron had to sell the item first. Although he still had some leftover money from Roan's loan, he still tried to borrow lesser money. Moreover, Auron had to do something first.

    There were two kinds of herbs left. One of them was from a field boss, while the other one was inside another dungeon.

    The one from the field boss was easier to gather. It was because one didn't need to kill the boss to get the herbs. Actually, the herb was not from the field boss' loot. Instead, one needed to gather by themselves from the surrounding. However, the herbs would only appear if the field boss had spawned.

    Auron wanted to gather those herbs first if he could. However, he needed to gather some information first before going there, or else he would go back empty-handed.

    "Okay, then. We will wait at the base camp." Smite said.

    With that, Smite, Jeffrey, and Julia went back to the military base. On the other hand, Auron also got back to Miderian. However, instead of going to the military base, Auron directly went to the merchant guild.

    Auron had contacted Roan. He wanted to leave these items to Roan and asked his help to sell these items.

    Of course, Roan could not come himself. Instead, he had sent one of his men. As soon as Auron arrived at the merchant guild, he immediately recognized the one who Roan had sent. The one that Roan had sent was Keiran.

    After not meeting Keiran for a long time, Auron asked about his condition. Ten minutes later, Auron left the merchant guild and gave the equipment to Keiran.

    Auron went to the information guild. He immediately looked for information for the field boss' last spawn.

    Fortunately, the boss had been killed three days ago. A field boss usually would spawn 72 hours after the boss' last death. It had not been 72 hours before the boss's last death, which means the boss would spawn soon.

    Auron immediately ran over to the Absurd's base camp. There was a little bit more time before the boss spawned. The competition for this field boss was intense.

    It was because the boss' loot was considered outstanding. Auron knew the boss would only last for several minutes before death. Fortunately, Auron didn't have to compete for the boss. Instead, he just needed to collect the herb.

    As soon as Auron arrived at Absurd's base camp, he immediately explained everything quickly. 5 minutes later, a group of four people departed from the military base.

    Of course, Jeffrey tagged along with an annoyed expression. He was too lazy to do something for someone else for free. However, Smite kept on glaring at him and made Jeffrey relented with the same excuse, money.

    Not long after, Auron's group arrived at the field boss' location. It was deep inside a forest nearby a town.

    At the core of the forest, there was a big area that was void of trees. This was the place where the boss would spawn.

    When Auron's group was near the boss' location, they could feel the temperature changed. It was colder than the outskirts of the forest. They could even saw snow around the area. This indicated that the boss' would soon spawn.

    When Auron's group arrived at the boss' location, there were already a group of people at this place. These people wore the same badge indicating they were from the same guild.

    Auron recognized the guild's emblem. It was one of the top 500 player guilds, SkyX. More precisely, it was a guild that ranked at 498.

    The field boss was a level 332 monster. So, none of the higher-ranked guilds would care about this. However, for a middle-ranked guild, this boss was still enticing for them. Auron could already see the aftermath of a battle near the area.

    This SkyX guild must have just won a battle against another guild for this boss. When Auron approached the location, the SkyX guild's members became alert.

    A group of 4 people was coming towards them, so they immediately lowered their guard down a little bit. Then, the guild leader came forwards and stopped them.

    Auron's group deliberately didn't show their military badge. They didn't want to use the military for their private matters. Actually, it was forbidden to use the military name for personal issues like this. Moreover, if they used it for looking trouble.

    Auron's group and saw the SkyX's guild leader asked them, "What are you doing here? Go Away! We already occupied this place. You can wait outside this place, at least, until the boss died."

    However, Auron calmly answered, "We don't want to fight for the boss. Instead, we just need to gather the Icy Stone Leaf. Can you please let us through to gather these herbs? We will not disturb you."
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