505 Icy Stone Leaf 3

    Several shadows shot towards the boss. Around 10 people were coming towards the dying boss. These people had their own goals. Several of them wanted to take the boss' loot while several of them, just like Auron, tried to gather the [Icy Stone Plant].

    Auron's group also began to act. They didn't want to be late. There were only limited [Icy Stone Plant].

    The battlefield was so chaotic. SkyX guild's members were focusing on the field boss who was on his last breath.

    When the boss was about to die, several area spells were thrown at the boss. These spells were not coming from the SkyX guild. Instead, the people who were surrounding them were the ones who used these spells.

    Since these people were not in the same group as the SkyX guild, the spell damaged the SkyX guild members as well as the field boss. Not only that, but these spells also damaged the people who tried to loot the boss, just like Auron's group.

    SkyX guild members also poured out all of their attacks in this last spurt. Under this rain of spells and attacks, several people could not endure the damage and die. The boss, who was at his last breath, also could not endure any longer. The boss roared its last roar before slumped down and disappeared, replaced by a bunch of loots.

    As soon as the boss died, the SkyX guild's leader and higher-ups dashed forward to take the loots. If it was only the leader that took the haul, they were afraid that the loot would be taken by the others.

    Meanwhile, Auron's group deliberately moved a step late. They wanted to dodge this rain of spells and attacks. Hence, when they arrived at the scene, the spells and attacks almost ended. Only several attacks left.

    Several people also arrived near the plant. As soon as they arrived, they immediately took out the plant as much as possible and departed immediately. They could not stay for too long because the SkyX guild members were tried to drive people away from claiming the loot.

    The SkyX guild members attacked everyone without differentiating people. Actually, they didn't have the time to distinguish whether those people wanted to take the loot or just gather the herbs. Hence, they attack everyone who was trying to approach them.

    Auron's group arrived a little bit late from the others. More than half of the [Icy Stone Plant] had gone. There were still many more people who tried to take the [Icy Stone Plant] leftover.

    When Auron's group arrived at the scene, only around 10 more plants were left. Auron gritted his teeth. The number decreased far too quickly. He only needed 3 plants to complete the quest.

    Smite and Julia each managed to snatch one plant. Auron was near a plant. When he extended his hand to get the plant, a shadow passed him by and grabbed the plant first.

    Auron gnashed his teeth. That was the last plant, and he missed it. He was missing one more plant to complete his quest.

    The picture of him waiting for another three more days slipped into his mind. "No," Auron shook his head. He didn't want to wait for three more days.

    Auron didn't want to give up. He quickly glanced at the shadow that just passed him by. Then, Auron quickly chased that shadow. He tried to snatch back the plant.

    Auron chased the shadow. That person realized that Auron had chased him. He quickly increased his speed to escape. He was alone, and he had seen that Auron had brought his teammate here. So, he knew that he would not win against them even if he fought against them.

    Seeing the target he chase increased his speed, Auron also did the same. He even used a movement speed potion.

    Auron could not deduce the target's level. Moreover, he didn't want to wait for another three days. So, Auron used everything at his disposal, including the movement speed potion.

    Fortunately, Auron's target was a thief who only had a slightly higher level than Auron. He relied on his thief class, who excelled at movement speed to gather the plant.

    The thief was not just a mere amateur. He had come to several occasions like this just to take anything he could. All of this time, he was quite successful with an 80% success rate. Even if he was failed, he still could keep his life intact.

    Unfortunately, right now, he was facing Auron. Auron, who also raised his agility attribute, could easily rival the thief's speed with only a little difference between their level. Moreover, Auron had used a movement speed potion.

    In no time, Auron already arrived beside the thief. The thief was so surprised by Auron's speed. However, before he could curse or punch Auron, he had to dodge. Auron had already swung his dagger towards the thief.

    A quick reaction came from the thief as he quickly jumped back and dodged Auron's dagger. Although the thief could avoid Auron's attack, he had to stop from his escape when another surprise had waited for him.

    A simple [Fire Bolt] flew from Auron towards the thief at such close range. This time, the thief was not ready by this [Fire Bolt]. He had never thought that Auron was a mage. He had thought that Auron had the same class as him, a thief.

    Boom... The thief's face was hit by the incoming [Fire Bolt]. He fell to the ground and covered his face with both of his hands.

    Seeing the thief in such a state, Auron didn't deliver the last blow. Instead, he looked to the side and saw the plant fell to the ground. When the thief fell to the ground, he unconsciously threw the plant.

    Auron didn't waste any more time as he quickly dashed forward and retrieved the plant from the ground. With this newly acquired plant, Auron's group had three plants in their possession. Auron's goal had been completed.
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