506 Icy Stone Leaf 4

    Auron was about to leave the place when a hand grabbed his ankle. It was the thief on the ground.

    The thief would not let anyone steal what he had already had. Moreover, the weaker one. The thief believed that Auron could steal his possession because of the surprise attack without it, the thief confident he could overwhelm Auron.

    The thief also saw that the mage in front of him was weird. With high movement speed means, the agility attribute would be high. Hence, the other attributes would not be that high.

    The thief wanted another rematch with Auron. He knew he had to be quick since Auron's teammate would come over him.

    The thief pulled Auron's leg. He intended to make Auron fell. However, Auron did not.

    Auron staggered a bit but he didn't fall down. He quickly glanced over to his feet and saw the thief. Auron stomped on the thief's face. However, before his feet could reach the thief's face, the thief already released his grip and rolled backward.

    The thief stood up and charged over to Auron. He brandished his dagger and tried to slice Auron's neck.

    Auron raised his dagger and block the incoming attack. He kicked the thief's stomach. However, the thief jumped backward to dodge the kick.

    Seeing his attack missed the target, it was Auron's turn to dash forward. He swept his dagger and used [Earth Spike]. The two attacks were coming from the thief's front and back.

    The thief rolled to the side. However, Auron already knew the thief would do this. He quickly approached the rolling thief.

    When the thief was about to stand up, Auron smacked the thief's face with the back of his dagger. Then, stabbed his dagger towards the thief's forehead.

    The thief dazed a bit. However, he quickly regained his sense only to find the incoming stab. The thief quickly moved his head. Auron's dagger grazed his head and cut his side hair.

    Auron didn't stop right there. He launched another attack and used his spell to attack the thief.

    The thief who was already in a disadvantaged situation could not regain back his position. After 5 minutes of battling, Auron killed the thief.

    When the thief died, his teammate arrived at the scene. Auron glanced back at his teammate and nodded. His teammate handed over the plant and let Auron kept the three of them. Then, he turned around and was about to leave with his teammate when a group of 8 people blocked his path.

    "Stop right there! Some thieves stole our boss' loot." One of the people came forward and stopped Auron.

    Auron observed the people and recognized that these people were SkyX guild members through their guild emblem.

    "What do you want?" Auron asked.

    "We just gather the Icy Stone Plant here. Ask your leader, I already got permission from him." Auron stated.

    "No matter, we still have to check your belongings first!" One of the higher-ups in the SkyX guild said.

    Auron glanced back at his teammate. He wanted to see what's his teammate thought. Smite kept smiling at Auron without saying anything. Julia looked blank as if she didn't interested and didn't care about this. On the other hand, Jeffrey looked very annoyed. He had been annoyed from the start of this mission.

    Auron looked back at the SkyX executives. Then, he said, "Okay, fine. We will cooperate!"

    With Auron had decided, the others followed. Auron and the others got one person each to scan their belongings. After three minutes, the people who searched Auron's group reported that they didn't find anything that could be loot from the boss.

    "Let's go!" Auron also heard the report and tried to go back.

    However, the leading person stopped Auron, "Not so fast! Leave the plant here!"

    Auron frowned. "I had gotten your leader's permission and they had acknowledged it."

    "So, get lost!" Auron started to get angry.

    "Trying to run away! You must be hiding something! Men! Get him!" The SkyX's executive said.

    The 7 people behind that SkyX's executive immediately charged forward. Auron quickly got into a battle stance. The others also followed the suit. A battle could not be avoided.

    Auron's group was surrounded by these 8 people. Auron looked angry. However, it was not the case with Smite. He kept on smiling as if he knew that this would happen. Meanwhile, Jeffrey glanced at Smite furiously. He blamed Smite for what happens right now. More precisely, he blamed Smite for dragging him.

    Auron who was at the front confront the SkyX's member first. He could dodge the first attack. However, he knew that this would be not for long.

    Auron's group had a lower number of people. Sooner or later, they would be overwhelmed by the enemy's number. Auron was thinking about whether he should expose their identity as a soldier.

    "What is happening here?" Fortunately, before he exposed his identity, the SkyX guild's leader heard the commotion and came here.

    The SkyX guild's leader recognized Auron. He had a good impression of Auron. It was rare to see someone asking for permission to take anything here. The others would always come and get as they like.

    The SkyX executive immediately explained to the leader. Of course, he twisted the story to his advantage.

    The leader looked at Auron's group, especially to Auron at the front. Then, he sighed. The leader had known this executive's personality. So, he knew that there was some lie within the story.

    On the other hand, the leader's impression of Auron was good so he believed Auron than this executive. He was in a difficult position. If he chose Auron, then his guild members would not believe in him anymore.

    The leader faced Auron and apologized, "Sorry for my member's behavior. As you know, some of our loot had been stolen. Please forgive my subordinate."

    "I hope you don't mind his behavior." The leader had decided to leave Auron's group even though he knew that his guild members would question him.
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