507 The Last Herb 1

    Auron was still furious by the executive's behavior. However, he still appreciated the SkyX guild's leader's goodwill. Hence, Auron left the place without saying anything.

    However, before Auron could go any further, Smite said, "Thank you for your kindness! We are also sorry for our intrusion. I hope you don't mind. Please take this as our token of gratitude."

    Smite deliberately said that sentence loud enough that Auron turned back. When Auron turned back, he could see Smite already shoved money into SkyX guild's leader hands.

    After handing over the money, Smite went over to Auron and said casually as if nothing happened, "Let's go."

    SkyX guild's leader could not say anything until Auron's group already went out of his sight. As a guild leader, SKyX guild's leader knew Smite's intention. With that the issue closed down, SkyX guild's leader commanded his guild members to pack up and went back to the guild's base.

    On the way back, Auron approached Smite and thanked him. Although he didn't know why Smite did what he did previously, he knew that what Smite did was for his good.

    As if Smite could read Auron's mind, he asked Auron, "I know you must be confused why I gave the SkyX guild's leader money. Do you know the reason why I did that?"

    Auron shook his head. Auron never had been in that situation previously, so he didn't know what to do. Actually, Auron had been in that situation when he played his last character. However, usually, his guild vice leader was the one who resolved the situation without letting Auron knew.

    Smite kindly answered, "I know you never been in the SkyX guild's leader's position, so you might not know it."

    "But, let me tell you. He is a good man and he was in a kind of difficult situation." Smite slowly explained.

    "SkyX is a big guild and, right now, there are three factions inside the guild. The first one, the one that supports the current guild's leader, the second one, the one that opposes the guild's leader and the last one is the neutral faction."

    "The executive that stopped us belonged to the one that opposes the guild's leader. So you must know how difficult it is for the guild leader to let you go unscathed."

    "If previously, I didn't give the guild's leader any retribution, the opposing faction could use this fact to make the guild's leader's fame went down."

    "Of course, the guild leader could capture you or go along with the previous executive. However, he didn't do that. Hence, you could see how kind is he."

    "By giving the guild's leader money, you are actually helping the guild's leader. Although it could not make all of the disagreement disappear, he could use it to at least lessen the damage. Moreover, by doing that, you could create a good relationship with the guild's leader. I believe someone that can become the leader of a top 500 guild will be beneficial for you."

    Auron nodded. He knew what Smite had said was correct. He put what Smite had said inside his mind.

    After all of that talk, Auron's group continued their journey back to the military base. When Auron's group arrived at the city, the other went back to Absurd's base camp while Auron went to the alchemist guild. He needed to process the plant into something else first before he could use it.

    It was not a difficult process. As a junior alchemist, Auron could easily process the plant. Not long after, Auron exited the alchemist guild and directly went back to the base camp.

    There was one herb left in Zephyr's request. This last herb was the most difficult to gather out of the three.

    One of the reasons was that the place to gather this herb surpassed Auron's level by a huge margin. Not only that, but this herb also dropped from a dungeon boss. However, unlike the first herb, it didn't have a 100% drop rate.

    The drop rate for this herb was only 20%. Although it seemed high, 20% was enough to make people frustrated. There was a time when an unfortunate group also looked for this herb. They only managed to get the herb on their tenth tries.

    One more thing, the dungeon for this herb was a 10 man dungeon. However, what annoying about this dungeon was each person from the group needed to hold one ticket to enter. Although the ticket was sold by an NPC shop, as Auron was the one who invited the people, he should be the one to buy them the item.

    So, Auron needed to buy 10 tickets for each run. And, it could not just be one run. Moreover, what if the run failed and they didn't get anything, Auron had to buy another ticket to enter.

    That was why Auron intended to run this dungeon tomorrow. It was because it was already late right now. Moreover, Auron had heard that the other members would come back tomorrow. So, Auron intended to bring Absurd's team members to clear the dungeon.

    Of course, Auron had to persuade them first to help him. But, Auron felt that the other members were more kind and willing to help him.

    Because of this, Auron had to wait until tomorrow. Without anything to do Auron intended to hunt, or at least, looking for a way to gather more money. He needed quite a lot of money.

    Moreover, there was a chance for him to buy tickets more than once. Auron believed that with the Absurd team, he could conquer the dungeon. However, he didn't have any confidence that the herb would drop at their first run.

    Auron was preparing to go hunting. This was the fastest source of income. He just hoped that he could get a rare item so it could give him a quite amount of money.

    With that in mind, Auron switched over to his swordsman character and went to the hunting ground.
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