508 The Last Herb 2

    The morning came. Throughout the night, Auron was diligently grinding the monster alone. He killed every monster he could see and loot all of their belongings.

    Unfortunately, everything didn't go as he wanted. Even after grinding all that long time, Auron didn't get much money. He only got enough money to buy 28 tickets for today's dungeon run.

    Those 28 tickets were enough to run two full dungeons and one dungeon run with eight people. Of course, if Auron could fork two more tickets, then he could run another full dungeon run. However, Auron hoped that he didn't need to do that so he could save some money.

    Even though Auron didn't earn as many as he wanted, but he was satisfied. It was because, during this grinding session, Auron also trained his [Dual Wielding] skill.

    Actually, by learning the skill, it was already enough to be deemed as skilled. However, Auron didn't want to stop right there. He wanted to incorporate this skill into his fighting style. Auron knew that this skill would boost his fighting capability besides his mage spells in the future.

    During this grinding session, Auron had become more proficient in taking the skill's advantage. Now, he could use more variety of attacks against his opponent. One thing that he lack was a suitable weapon.

    Auron cleaned up the last monster he killed and prepared to go back. However, before he could get going, Auron saw a nimble shadow moving towards him.

    Auron quickly raised his sword to block the attacker's attack and kicked the attacker away. Then, from his left, a spell came towards him. Using his other sword, Auron deflected the incoming spell.

    "Who are you?!" Auron asked.

    "Did Darius begin to take action against him?" Auron thought.

    Auron quickly glanced at his attackers. There were two of them. Unfortunately, Auron could not find any guild's emblem on them. This could mean they hid their guild's emblem on purpose, or they didn't belong to any guild.

    Seeing no reply from his opponent, Auron asked once again, "Are you from Red Storm?"

    Hearing the name of a high ranked guild, these two attackers flinched and looked at each other. A second later, one of them answered, "You don't need to know! Where did you get the [Dual Wielding] skill? Hand over the secret!"

    So, these two players attacked him because he had the [Dual Wielding] skill. At first, they didn't know that Auron had the skill. It was because several people tried to play with two weapons style without the skill just for fun. However, the longer these two players observed Auron, they realized that Auron didn't get any damage penalty, which means he had learned the skill. Hence, they attacked him to obtain the secret.

    It was fortunate that Auron had to take some safety measures before going to hunt. He used cloaked to cover his equipment and used some anti-spy items to not obtain his information.

    When the two attackers flinched, Auron knew that these two people didn't know who he was. Whether they really came from Red Storm or not, Auron knew that these two people didn't know his identity. Auron had to maintain his secrecy.

    Auron knew that his [Dual Wielding] secret had been exposed. Even if Auron managed to kill these two players, they could just respawn and find him again. What fortunate was they didn't know Auron's identity at all. So, if Auron changed his appearance a bit, they could not recognize Auron anymore.

    Auron knew talking with them was useless, and also, the longer these two people alive, there was a higher chance his identity could be exposed.

    These two players were a combination of a swordsman and a mage. Auron quickly charged and attacked the swordsman first since he was closer.

    The swordsman was not ready with the attack. However, he had a comrade nearby. The mage who saw Auron attacked chanted an [Earth Wall]. A wall of earth erupted and separated Auron and the swordsman.

    However, Auron already had seen this coming. When the [Earth Wall] started to rise from below, Auron immediately used [Blitz Attack]. He teleported to behind the swordsman.

    The swordsman turned around as quickly as he could. What he saw when he had turned entirely around was Auron's sword falling towards him.

    The swordsman moved to the side. However, he could not dodge Auron's sword completely. One of Auron's swords slashed the swordsman's right shoulders. Auron didn't stop right there. Using the other sword, he immediately stabbed the sword to the swordsman's abdomen.

    Auron knew he had to be quick in this killing. Hence, he pulled his swords and made several attacks. Auron changed between the slash and stabbed several times. Two swords were obviously had the advantage in this close combat duel. Moreover, the swordsman was not ready with this.

    In no time, the swordsman's health depleted to zero. The mage was not idle. He also launched his spell. However, everything had gone too quick. The mage had just chanted his second spell when the swordsman already dropped to the ground, dead.

    After killing one, Auron directly changed his target. First, he moved to the side and dodged the incoming spell. Then, he used [Charged] and [Weapon's Aura] simultaneously.

    Auron stabbed his left sword. Meanwhile, Auron used [Bash] using his right sword. The mage instantly panicked. He dodged Auron's sword. However, Auron's [Bash] was already waiting for him.

    Bang... The [Bash] stunned the mage. Auron used this two seconds stun to quickly attacked the mage. The mage could not do anything and just stand still when all of Auron's attack arrived at him.

    When the stun effect had ended, the mage quickly moved aside. However, his health already near zero. Before the mage could escape further away, Auron used [Wind Slash]. This last attack ended the mage's life.

    After eliminating all of his enemies, Auron didn't stay still and immediately left the place. He was afraid the commotion here would attract other people's attention.
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