509 The Last Herb 3

    Auron arrived at the nearby city. However, before he entered the city, he looked for a safe place and opened his disguise.

    Auron entered the city and teleported back to Miderian. Just like what Auron had thought, the rumor spread fast. When he arrived at Miderian, the news about a player owned [Dual Wielding] skill spread all over the Miderian. Then, in just mere seconds, the forum was flooded with this news.

    Even though the two players attacked Auron didn't know Auron's identity, but they knew that the one they attack should be a player.

    Of course, nobody still knew that the one they talked about was walking to an NPC shop hurriedly.

    Auron didn't care about the news as long as his identity safe. He quickly went to the NPC shop to sell all of his loot. Selling the loots to the NPC shop was cheaper than selling them to the players. However, Auron could do nothing.

    If he sold all of his loot to the player with the rumor that had spread, they would become suspicious of Auron. There would be a high chance that they guessed Auron was the mysterious person.

    Fortunately, after selling everything, Auron still earned enough for 26 tickets. Although it was short of 2 tickets from his calculation before, he was satisfied.

    Auron found a safe place in the blacksmith association and returned back to his mage character. There was a little bit of time left before the designated meeting time with Smite. Since Auron was asking for help, he didn't want to be late for this important occasion.

    When Auron arrived at the Absurd's base camp, there were no people yet. Auron didn't mind about this, and he waited patiently inside the room. On the previous day, Smite had already informed everyone about this expedition. However, he still left everything to each of their own individuals to agree or not.

    Time passed by. One by one, the Absurd's member came inside the base camp. Not long after, all of the members had gathered.

    After everyone had gathered, Auron began to explain. Although Smite had explained the general gist about this meeting, Auron still needed to explain the detail and the reason.

    Auron was fortunate enough to join the Absurd team. He felt grateful for their kindness. Even though Auron was still a new joiner, he could see that the others didn't discriminate against him.

    After explaining his reason, Auron could see others' sincere expression. Auron knew they were eager to help him.

    However, a voice cut his happy feeling, "I am not joining."

    It was Jeffrey's voice. Everyone turned at him, especially Smite, who was glaring at him.

    "What? I was helping him yesterday with two herbs. I am tired right now." Jeffrey said. He even pretended to be tired.

    "Moreover, it was 10 man dungeon, and there are 11 of us. One person needs to sit down, and I am gladly volunteering for that place." Jeffrey continued.

    The others had already known about Jeffrey's attitude. However, they still could not get used to Jeffrey's attitude. Smite was the only one among these people that brave enough to reprimand Jeffrey as he was the one who had the highest ranked and also Jeffrey's friend.

    When Smite was about to reprimand Jeffrey once again, Auron stopped him. He already knew that Jeffrey didn't mean bad to him. Jeffrey was just a lazy person, a very lazy person, to be precise.

    With Auron had taken action, Smite didn't continue to reprimand Jeffrey. Moreover, what Jeffrey had said was correct. There were 11 people, so one person needed to be excluded.

    With everything had settled, everyone began to prepare for this new journey. Auron had decided that they would depart one hour later.

    One hour later, everyone had gathered in front of the dungeon's entrance. The entrance was near Miderian. It was because this dungeon was unique.

    This dungeon was one of the ancient ruins discovered by the royalty a long time ago. Usually, an ancient ruin would give some benefits and advantages. And, this ancient ruin's benefit came in the form of this 10 man dungeon.

    Since this dungeon was from an ancient ruin, the monster inside was stronger than the ordinary monster. Of course, this also comes with a huge benefit, such as the items from these monsters were rarer. Not only that, but also the experience that came from these monsters was huge.

    Of course, not everyone can enjoy this dungeon at the same time. This dungeon could only accept one group at a time. If there was already a group inside, the others needed to wait until that group succeeds or fail the dungeon to enter.

    Because of that, when the dungeon opened for the first time, chaos descended upon this place. People competed with each other to enter the dungeon. Some even used the underhanded method. Hence, the royalty decided to get involved.

    The royalty decided to guard and supervise this place to ensure this dungeon's safety and orders. They also created a system that everyone who wanted to enter needed to bring a ticket.

    Of course, the one who created the ticket was the royalty. All of the money that came from ticket selling would be distributed to fund the military. The ticket could not be considered cheap. However, there were still many people gathered here.

    This could be seen by how many people already gathered at this place when Auron's group arrived. There were already 5 groups ahead before Auron.

    Even though this place was opened 24 hours every day without stop, there was still a queue. You can imagine how popular this place.

    As the team's leader, Auron bought 10 tickets. The royalty had to limit the number of tickets one could buy in one transaction. On the ticket, there was also information about the queue number they got. If they missed their turn, then they could no longer use that ticket and had to buy a new one.
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