511 Ancient Training Ground 2

    Auron's group had gathered in front of the entrance. However, it was not yet the time for them to go inside yet. They decided to wait near the entrance in case they didn't see the previous group came out.

    10 minutes passed, and just as they had thought, several transportation lights shone near the dungeon's entrance. It was the previous group.

    As soon as the previous group came out, the guards near the entrance immediately approached them and shooed them off. This was done because they didn't want the same group took this chance to enter the dungeon once again.

    If that happened, then chaos could descend on this dungeon. Of course, they didn't want that to happen. Hence, the strict guard of the dungeon happened.

    The guard in charge of the dungeon's entrance saw Auron's group. So, he called Auron's group since it was their turn to enter.

    A minute later, all of Auron's group already inside the dungeon. When Auron regained his sensed back, he was greeted with a wasteland view.

    On this wasteland, there were many large scale monster's bones. It was the bone of a prehistoric monster. It was said that the prehistoric monster's body was large that was twice as large as the current monster.

    When gaining the right to control this place, the royal family had got an introduction about this place from their archeologist. It was said that this place was used as a training ground back in the ancient era.

    Although this place was vast, this place also had a limit. This place was a deserted island made to be a training ground by the ancient people.

    To complete this dungeon, Auron's group needed to kill the last boss of this dungeon. And, that final boss was the one that dropped the last herb that Auron needed.

    The last boss would appear at the center of this island where Auron's group was currently located. However, there was a precondition to make the boss appeared. And, because they hadn't completed the precondition, Auron's group could not see the boss even if they were at the center of the island.

    To make the boss appeared, Auron's group needed to gather 4 things from this place. These 4 things were some kind of orbs with a different element, [Orb of Fire], [Orb of Water], [Orb of Earth], and [Orb of Wind].

    Of course, these 4 things were not easy to get. Each of the orbs was guarded by a guarding of the same element.

    Not only that but to reach the guardian's location was not easy. They had to fight against many enemies along the way.

    Since this was an ancient ruin, the monster's level was obviously higher than the ordinary dungeon. The monster's level at this dungeon was higher than 500.

    On the other hand, Auron's group's average level without him was around 470. Based on the number, it was not that much difference. However, in reality, the difference in power could be seen.

    If the people weren't equipped with good equipment, it would be difficult for them to fight.

    Fortunately, Absurd's team was geared enough to run this dungeon. Considering his low level and equipment, Auron knew in this dungeon he could be a burden. However, it was not like Auron was a dead weight.

    Auron was fortunate that he was a mage and the monsters here had elemental in all of them. With the correct elemental attack, Auron could deal some damage and have some help for the team.

    In this dungeon, elemental attack played an important role. Because of that, a mage was a must for this dungeon. Not only that, but an elemental weapon could be some help. Even a swordsman brought all 4 types of elemental weapons to be used at this place.

    "Let's go to get the [Orb of Fire] first," Auron said.

    Actually, there was no strict rule on which orb to get first. It just a matter of choice. The guardians were located at different places on this island. They were located on the most northwestern, northeastern, southwestern, and southeastern of the island. And, the [Fire Guardian] was situated in the northeast part of the island.

    Except for Smite and Julia, the others felt strange when Auron was the one leading. Although they had no problem with Auron leading, it still felt weird to get guided by someone other than Smite in Absurd's team.

    Throughout the history of the team, only Smite and Jeffrey had the chance to lead the team. Smite was the one who was leading most of the time. Since Smite didn't object and say anything, the others followed suit.

    When Auron's group started to follow the northeastern part of the island, they felt the change in the temperature. It was getting hotter and hotter the close they were to the guardian's place.

    "Prepare for battle!" The leading Auron shouted when he spotted the first enemy. He started to chant a water spell.

    Meanwhile, Dayton and Gavin, the two swordsmen, immediately went to the front and took the monster.

    Actually, the monster was not moving. Instead, they stayed in one place and created a camp there. Unfortunately, the dungeon's participants could not avoid these monsters because they blocked the way to the guardian.

    Along the way to the guardian, there were three such camps, and the players needed to pass these three camps.

    Auron's group met with the first camp, and it was the camp of [Fire Lizard]. The [Fire Lizard] also spotted Auron's group, and their monster's instinct kicked in. They immediately attacked Auron's group as a bunch of crazy monsters.

    The [Fire Lizard Spearman] took the lead and clashed with Dayton and Gavin first. There were more than 5 [Fire Lizard Spearman] that charged towards Auron's group. On the other hand, Auron's group only had Dayton and Gavin.

    Behind the [Fire Lizard Spearman], there were [Fire Lizard Archer] and [Fire Lizard Mage]. These two types of monsters also launched their attack on Auron's group.

    Auron's group was surrounded by these monsters.
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