512 Ancient Training Ground 3

    Absurd's team had gone to several dungeon and expedition together. So, in this situation, they already knew what to do.

    Smite, and Julia created two [Earth Wall] to block the incoming [Fire Lizard Spearman]. These two [Earth Wall]s were located to the group's left and right. These two [Earth Wall]s not only blocked the [Fire Lizard Spearman], but they also created a path for the rest of the [Fire Lizard Spearman] in between these two [Earth Wall].

    With the [Earth Wall]'s help, Dayton and Gavin could easily manage the [Fire Lizard Spearman]. Four [Fire Lizard Spearman] clashed with Dayton and Gavin.

    Axton and Bernard, the two archers, and Smite and Julia, the two mages, took action behind the swordsman's back. They bombarded the four [Fire Lizard Spearman] with all of their attacks. On the other hand, the cleric prepared to heal Dayton and Gavin.

    Meanwhile, Ainsley and Cedric, the two thieves, had used [Stealth] from the start of the battle. They didn't target the fire-lizard at the front. Instead, they walked around to the back and aimed at the [Fire Lizard Archer] and [Fire Lizard Mage].

    All of these happened in a split second. Although this was the first time Auron worked together with these people, he didn't want to be left behind. As a veteran player, Auron also knew what to do.

    Despite his low level, Auron chanted [Sloth]. This was one of the advanced spells that he had and the most helpful magic in this kind of situation.

    The monster here had more than three hundred levels above Auron's level. That was why Auron didn't stupidly charge to the front and display his close combat capability.

    As the group's average level was lower compared to the enemies' level, they proceed with caution and slowly. To pass this camp, they had to eradicate all of the fire-lizard at this camp. It was not an easy task, but it was also not a difficult task.

    If they were careful enough, Auron's group could pass the camp easily. It just a matter of time.

    As the first five [Fire Lizard Spearman] died, more [Fire Lizard Spearman] began to come. Auron had changed his target and began to support the two thieves at the enemies' camp.

    "Get back, guys!" Auron shouted at the two thieves while looking at the battlefield's condition.

    The current situation was not that good for those two thieves to roam deep inside the enemies' camp without support. Auron was supporting them to get back to the group.

    At the side, Smite smiled. He knew that Auron's choice was right. If Auron didn't move then, he would be the one who told the two thieves to get back, or else both of them would become two dead corpses.

    Five minutes passed since Auron's group arrived at the camp. More than half of the fire lizard died. The first camp was usually the easiest. Moreover, most of the enemies were the archers and mages at the fire lizard camp who had poor health.

    Slash... The last [Fire Lizard Spearman] had died under Gavin's attack. There only left the [Fire Lizard Mage] and [Fire Lizard Archer] with the tanker had gone. The speed of the fire-lizard died increased.

    In just another 3 minutes, Auron's group had killed all of the fire-lizard inside the camp entirely. During the fire lizard's camp raid, Auron didn't have much to do. He only analyzed the situation and supported the team with the correct spell. And, the most important thing was looting the monster's drop.

    Auron had to lower himself to pick up the monster's loot. Previously, when he was still Heaven's guild leader, he never picked the monster's loot at all. However, at this current point, he could only swallow his pride and take the job. Not only because he was broke, but even if he attacked the monster, he would not do much damage.

    Auron knew that some members would have complaints inside their heads about Auron's involvement in the raid. However, they could not do anything since it was Auron's quest. Moreover, as the true leader of Absurd's team, Smite didn't voice any complaints at all. The members who felt this unfair could only swallow it and kept it inside. They believed that Smite must have his own reason, and all of them believed Smite.

    After finishing the first camp, they immediately departed to the second camp. The time was tight. They only had two hours to complete this dungeon. It would be no problem if they had the appropriate level and equipment. However, their level was not that much.

    The previous group who finished this dungeon in 30 minutes had a higher level and way better equipment than them. It was the elite group from the top-ranked guild.

    Fortunately, the distance between each camp here was not that far. Only by walking for 2 minutes, they arrived at the second camp.

    As soon as Auron's group arrived at the second camp, they immediately engaged in battle. They had to be quick, or else they would not have time to complete the dungeon. Of course, they had to take everything in precaution.

    The second camp was the fire golem camp. Unlike the previous camp, the fire golem camp had more melee enemies, and they were sturdier compared to the fire lizard.

    The monster's at this camp was sturdier. However, it was safer than the fire lizard. It was because the fire golem had a way lower attack compared to the fire lizard. Not only that, their attack speed and attack pattern also easy to guess.

    As long as they were not surrounded, a skillful person could dodge all of the golem's attack. Auron's group's only problem in this camp was to find a way to kill the golem quick enough.

    The important key in this camp was to use the ice attribute attack. That was why the mage was important in this second camp. Even Auron had a low level also attack the golems.
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