513 Fire Guardian 1

    Since the golem attack speed and attack power was low, Auron could help the team to kill the golem.

    The second camp was relatively easy in this dungeon. The hardest thing about the second camp was the fact that it took longer to kill the golem.

    Fortunately, with good teamwork, Auron's group could easily and safely kill all of the second camp golems. Despite the smooth and easy progress, it took them almost 8 minutes to finish this second camp.

    After everything was ended, Auron began to loot the monster's drop. Meanwhile, to save time, the others continued their journey to the third camp.

    It took Auron one minute to loot all of the monster's drops. As soon as he finished looting, Auron immediately caught up with the others.

    When Auron arrived at the third camp, the battle had already started. Auron had tried his best to catch up with the others as soon as he could. There was not much time passed, but there were already five monster corpses to the group's side. While Auron was gone, Smite took the lead.

    When Smite took the lead, it could be seen that the group's progress was much quicker and much efficient. Auron, himself, could also see the difference.

    Although there was some contribution to how the others trust Smite, Auron still astonished. He had never thought that the way he led the group was so much inferior to Smite. Remember, Auron had the experience as the leader of a big guild, and he led the group so many times.

    When Smite spotted Auron's location, he nodded at Auron. Auron knew what Smite means. He wanted to give back the leading spot to Auron.

    Auron was in a tough spot. He knew that he didn't have any power to force Smite to lead the group since this was his quest and the others just here to help him. However, he also knew that the group's progress could decline if he led the group.

    Seeing Auron, who was pondering, Smite could deduce what Auron was thinking. He approached Auron and talked to him, "This will be a good experience for you. Also, you can understand more about the other members."

    "In conclusion, you have to take this chance." Smite finished his sentence with a rather forceful tone.

    However, Auron, who was pondering, didn't realize Smite's tone, and he nodded at Smite. As Smite said, it would be a good experience for him to lead the group and the best time to understand the other members.

    The monsters in the third camp were the [Fire Spirit]. The [Fire Spirit] could not be considered as a strong monster. However, it also could not be regarded as a weak monster.

    The [Fire Spirit] had a low amount of health that it made easier to kill based on its health. Its health was even lower than the [Fire Lizard Mage] at the first camp.

    However, the strong part in the [Fire Spirit] was that it was a magic monster and had many areas of attack spells. Not only that, but its spell power was not weak either. Moreover, the [Fire Spirit] would only take half of the damage from physical attack and no damage from any fire elemental attack.

    Fortunately, Auron's group was not a newbie group. Each of the members had the experience of completing this dungeon several times. So, when they arrived at the third camp, they already knew what to do. Nobody used any fire attack, and if they can, they would use magical attack, ice elemental if they could.

    After Auron took the lead back, he began his best to lead the group. On the two previous camps, Auron would command the group passively. Auron would start to give orders if there was some imminent danger or something wrong about to happen. Auron felt inferior and didn't want to offend the others who obviously stronger and had been with the team longer than Auron.

    However, right now, Auron was braver. He gave several orders and took the lead. The group's progress was visibly quicker compared to when Auron first led the group. Although it was still could not match Smite's speed, but it was an improvement.

    One by one, the [Fire Spirit] began to die at a much faster pace. Since the [Fire Spirit] was a magic monster who attack from far away, the group was the ones who had to approach the monster.

    The [Fire Spirit] had poor health. Hence, it was actually easy to kill them, especially using an ice elemental attack or spell. Obviously, in this camp, Smite and Julia took the lead in damage. Both of their contributions exceed the others.

    Auron's damage ranking was also started to climb quicker than the others in this camp. Unfortunately, Auron still didn't have that much ice elemental spell, or else he could move faster than the current pace.

    Three mages were obviously made the group faster in clearing this place. Usually, a group would only employ at most two mages. Although Auron was lower level, he was still a mage, and his elemental attacks were obviously not weak either.

    It took the group 4 minutes to finish this camp completely. Everything went smoothly. Auron's group began to move to the boss, [Fire Guardian] at once. On the other hand, Auron began looting the monster's drop.

    The time was tight. It almost took them 30 minutes to arrive this far. Obviously, this was not good progress.

    When Auron arrived at the [Fire Guardian]'s location, the battle had already started. In this dungeon, battling against the guardian was not that difficult. The guardian was alone, and it could not summon any minions.

    Moreover, the guardians would insist on using a wide-area spell, which obviously not optimal in this battle. If the group spread and moved quite far from each other, the spell would have less effect.

    What's more, Auron's current group's composition only had three melee members. So, the other could keep attacking the boss on their spot.
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