514 Fire Guardian 2

    The time was not on Auron's group's side. When Auron's group arrived at the [Fire Guardian]'s location, they had used more than 20 minutes.

    If Auron's group used another 10 minutes to kill the boss, they would consume around 30 minutes to kill one guardian. However, there was more than one guardian in this dungeon. There were four, to be exact, which means they would 120 minutes to kill all four guardians.

    On the other hand, the time limit on this dungeon was only 2 hours. Hence, Auron's group would not have enough time to kill the last boss, which was the most important boss.

    When the others were attacking the boss, Auron joined the group and approached Smite. He wanted to consult Smite about their current condition.

    "Nope," Smite rejected Auron's offer to lead the group back while throwing his spell.

    "You don't have to imitate someone else. I have my own way of leading the group, and you should have your own ways to solve the problem. And, I believe in you."

    "Think more about what you can do and maximize that thing. Each of the leaders has his own leading style. However, you should remember that the goal is to solve the problem the group faced."

    Auron felt flabbergasted with Smite's sentence. He didn't know why Smite insisted on him to lead the group when it already came to this point.

    Several reasons immediately popped out inside Auron's mind. He had guessed that Smite wanted to let Auron experienced leading the group. This was the best way and the quickest way of getting to know the group's members. Moreover, this was Auron's quest, and if they failed, Auron would be the one who bore the cost.

    Auron quickly dismissed the thought. It was not the time to think about this. Auron had to think of a way to speed the group's progress.

    Auron quickly found away. However, he still thought of another way. If he could, he didn't want to use the first option. It was because the first option that immediately he thought was to use buff potions.

    Using buff potion in such casual dungeoning like this was rare to be heard. Currently, none of the members used any buff potion, including Auron.

    Of course, to make the other use their own buff potion was pretty tricky. Auron had to persuade them first. The easiest way was Auron would be the one who provided the buff potions. However, the cost would be not little.

    Rawr... The [Fire Guardian] roared and used its large area spell. Auron woke up from his daze. He quickly used [Mana Shield] to reduce the damage.

    The [Fire Guardian] area of effect spell was extensive. It still could reach the other even though the target was far from them. Of course, the damage would be different than if they were closer to the target. However, since it still reached them, they had to be prepared who know if they would receive critical damage.

    Fortunately, the boss' attack was not a dangerous one. With the cleric's help, everything went back to normal, as if the boss' attack never happened.

    After the boss' attack, Auron gritted his teeth and decided he had to do this. At most, he would borrow some money from Roan once more.

    Auron started to distribute his leftover stock of buff potions to the damager. With this added buff potion, the group's damage started to rise up.

    Previously, it took around 1 minute to reduce 8% of the boss' health. With this buff potion, the group's damage almost doubled. They could reduce 14% of the boss' health in 1 minute. There was even a time when they were lucky enough to get a lot of critical damage that the boss's health reduced 21% in 1 minute.

    In just 5 minutes, the boss almost dead. The group could reach this most of it was thanks to the buff potion.

    Although everyone should be happy because the group was back on track, Auron was not that happy. He had become dizzy when he tried to calculate the cost. The buff potions only lasted for 30 seconds.

    So, for the [Fire Guardian], Auron already took out more than 20 buff potions. He even forked out some money to buy more buff potions.

    Seeing how his buff potions consumed, Auron was 100 percent sure that he needed to borrow money with Roan.

    Auron had already even contacted Roan to tell him about this matter while taking the [Fire Orb], which was located behind the [Fire Guardian].

    Actually, to retrieve the [Fire Orb], a party didn't need to kill the [Fire Guardian]. They could make the boss' busy and send someone to retrieve the orb.

    However, no team would do that because there was nothing good that came out of doing that.

    If a party decided to do that strategy, then they would bring disaster to their team. It was because after they stole the orb, the guardian of the orb would follow them everywhere. Hence, if they moved to the next guardian, the first guardian would follow them there, and they would have to fight against two guardians. Even if they could survive that, that guardian would still follow them until the last boss or precisely until they kill the final boss and exit the dungeon.

    Seeing the profit and loss, no group liked to do that strategy. That was even the first thing they would discard from their mind even when they saw an unguarded orb.

    After collecting the [Fire Orb], Auron's group immediately departed and went to the next area. They decided to go to the ice area first because it was closer.

    The first camp of the water area was the ice lizard. Actually, all of the monsters in this dungeon similar to each other, only the element that made them different from each other. After the ice lizard, it would be ice golem and lastly ice spirit.

    Before battling the first camp, Auron reluctantly distributed his buff potions.
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