516 Quad Elemental Spirit King 2

    The last boss slowly descended after it materialized. During this time, the [Quad Elemental Spirit King] was immune to all damage. Hence, it was useless to attack at this time. However, it was not like there was nothing for Auron's group to do.

    Auron's group immediately took their stance. As everyone had experience against this last boss, they knew what to do.

    The [Quad Elemental Spirit King] mastered all of the four elements. All of his attacks were considered a magical attack. Not only that, but almost all of the boss' attacks was area attack even his basic attack was an area attack although the range was small.

    Because of that, Auron's group as the contender had to maintain their distance from each other.

    Currently, the boss was still in an immune state. The boss would be freed from his immune state when he landed on the ground.

    When the boss' feet touched the ground, Auron's group immediately attacked the boss. The three mages, Smite, Julia, and Auron, directly used their spells and attacked the boss. Three different element spells flew to the boss, fire, ice, and wind.

    The [Quad Elemental Spirit King] was an epic grade boss. Because of that, the monster had a higher intelligence. When he saw the three spells coming towards him, he used his right hand to punch the fire. Then, he blocked the ice spell with his left hand and kicked the wind spell using his left leg.

    The boss used his body's advantage to the fullest to block these three spells. Of course, Auron's group was not surprised by this progress. They already knew that this boss was difficult to defeat.

    The spirit king didn't passively wait and let Auron's group bullied him. After nullifying the three spells, The spirit king returned the attack.

    The spirit king flipped his right hand upwards. A second later, a bolt of fire appeared floating above its palm. With a sway, the spirit king threw the [Fire Bolt] towards Auron's group. However, after the boss threw the [Fire Bolt], he turned his body and took a kicking posture.

    Suddenly, in front of his right leg, a boulder of earth appeared out of nowhere. Like a professional soccer player, the boss kicked the boulder.

    A [Fire Bolt] and [Earth Ball] flew towards Auron's group. These two spells flew and aimed at separate targets. The [Fire Bolt] flew to Julia while the [Earth Ball] moved towards Bernard, the archer.

    As a spirit king, it mastered the spell to the fullest. Even though it was a low-level spell like [Fire Bolt], the speed it flew was compared to a high leveled spell. Julia, who was the target of this [Fire Bolt], used [Ice Bolt] to block the incoming [Fire Bolt].

    Boom... The two spells collided and nullified each other. Despite the fact that the spell negated each other, but it could be seen that Julia's spell's power was weaker. It was thanks to the elemental suppression that her spell could win the match.

    On the other side, Bernard jumped to the side to dodge the [Earth Ball]. The [Earth Ball] missed the target and hit the ground. It created a dent on the ground because of its massive strength. While on the air, Bernard did a quick shot towards the boss.

    The rain of attacks and spells flew towards the spirit king. Although the spirit king had more intelligence than the other monster, he could not dodge all of these various attacks.

    Several attacks connected to his body and reduced a little bit of his health. It tried to attack Auron's group's backline. However, before it could achieve that, Gavin and Dayton blocked its advance.

    The spirit king punched his right hand to Gavin. Flame shrouded his right hand. Gavin blocked the punch with his sword. When the punch and sword collided, a mini-explosion happened and pushed Gavin several step backs.

    Dayton helped Gavin by attacking the spirit king from the other side. Before his attack could reach the spirit king, a left kick from the spirit king blocked the attack.

    Even though it seemed difficult to attack the spirit king, the spirit king's health slowly declined.

    After 5 minutes, the boss' health was reduced by 10%. Auron's buff potion was one of the important factors that Auron's group could achieve this far.

    Time slowly passed, everyone had fully concentrated on this battle. One mistake, and it could mean death. Of course, the spirit king also knew his disadvantaged position. He struggled hard to escape from this position. However, the two swordsmen, Gavin, and Dayton kept sticking to him like glue.

    Gavin and Dayton kept on making the spirit king busy. Because of that, the spirit king had no time to dodge the incoming range attack from the archers and mages. Not only the two swordsmen that annoyed the spirit king but the two thieves, Cedric and Ainsley, also annoyed him.

    The two thieves used a hit and run strategy to attack the spirit king. These two thieves suddenly appeared out of nowhere and attacked the spirit king secretly. After that, they would back out and hide once again.

    Several minutes passed by. Gavin used his [Bash] and attacked the spirit king from behind. However, the spirit king already sensed Gavin's attack. He backed out and dodged Gavin's attack.

    Gavin's sword missed the target. Before he could retract his blade, the spirit king attacked Gavin's side. This attack made Gavin lost his balanced and pushed him towards the attacking Dayton.

    The two swordsmen collided with each other. Seeing this chance, the spirit king immediately sped up and aimed towards the cleric first.

    A dangerous situation occurred. Cedric hurriedly attacked to block the spirit king's advance and bought some time.

    However, the spirit king had anticipated this attack. He kicked his right leg and used the [Earth Ball] once again. Cedric was not ready for this attack. The [Earth Ball] hit his stomach and thrown him away.

    The spirit king continued his advance towards the cleric.
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