517 Quad Elemental Spirit King 3

    The [Quad Elemental Spirit King] was an intelligent boss. He knew where to aim first. That was why he targeted the cleric first, who can heal the other and a fragile target.

    Gavin, Dayton, Cedric, and Ainsley also moved from their spot and tried to chase the boss. However, it was too late. With his fast speed, the [Quad Elemental Spirit King] already closed to the cleric in no time.

    A second later, the boss directly did an axe kick using his right kick towards the cleric. Fortunately, the cleric was not panic. Combined with Cedric and Ainsley's advanced previously, they bought enough time for the cleric to chant [Holy Shield].

    A white-yellowish layer appeared around the cleric. Bang... The axe kick dropped upon the cleric.

    The collision rang loudly. Several stones debris from the boss' right leg also poured out upon the cleric because of the impact. However, the cleric didn't seem to get affected by the kick. The cleric stood firmly while chanting the shield.

    All of this was thanks to the [Holy Shield]. This spell was one of the advanced spells that a cleric must have. This spell could be considered a powerful spell.

    [Holy Shield] was a spell that nullified all damage received by the cleric. Yes, it was all damage, magical or physical damage. Moreover, the spell was an activation spell. So, given a split a second, it could be activated immediately. A second later, it could be deactivated.

    Of course, this spell was not that overpowered. There were some disadvantages when using this spell. The first one was the mana consumption rate. The cleric must use 10% of his current mana or at least 300 mana points to activate this spell. Not only that, after activating this spell, the cleric would spend 100 mana points per second until it was deactivated.

    If the cleric's mana was not enough to support the spell, the spell would automatically be deactivated. So, upon activation, the spell would last until the caster deactivated the skill or the caster emptied their mana.

    Even though it seemed there was no cooldown for activation type spell, but actually, there was a cooldown. However, it was so short that it almost seemed there was no cooldown. There was a 0.1 second cooldown after the spell deactivated. So, the caster needed to wait for 0.1 seconds after the spell deactivated before activating it once again.

    Of course, the cooldown seemed fast and looked useless, however, in a chaotic battlefield where projectile, skills, and spells flew randomly in the air. If the cleric was unfortunate enough, an attack could reach them in that 0.1 second cooldown window.

    There was one biggest downside when using this spell. Upon activation, the cleric could not do anything. They could not move, could not attack or chant another spell. They even could not use any items or potions.

    As a cleric, their main job was to support the team. If they could not do anything, it would mean they had become a burden for the team.

    Seeing his attack didn't do any damage to his target, the boss frowned. However, he knew that as long as the cleric used this spell, he could not damage the cleric. Hence, he intended to change the target.

    The boss changed his target. He charged towards the closest enemy from his position. Unfortunately, the nearest target was Auron.

    Seeing the boss charged towards him, Auron immediately chanted [Aqua Barrier], his most powerful defense spell.

    Since the distance between the boss and Auron was so close, he could not move away. A collision could not be avoided. Auron fell down because of the crash. His [Aqua Barrier] was destroyed, and the surplus damage went into Auron's health.

    Auron's health decreased rapidly. Fortunately, his health stopped at 10%. Although Auron was fortunate that he didn't die in a single attack, he could not celebrate yet.

    The boss was already prepared to launch his second attack. However, before the boss could finish his attack, from behind the boss, Gavin already charged towards the boss and hit him from behind.

    The boss lost balance, and his attack missed Auron, who was on the ground. Auron quickly rolled his body over and ran away from the boss while gulping a health potion.

    When Auron was running away, a white light shone upon him. It was a heal from the cleric who already moved further away from the previous place.

    The boss directly looked back and faced Gavin. He wanted to evade this Gavin and targeted the other fragile target. However, Dayton already arrived and worked with Gavin. The situation went back to the previous situation where the boss was busied with the melee members.

    Aside from the bleak situation that almost turned into a disaster for Auron, Smite, Julia, and the two archers diligently attacked the boss. Since the boss only took 50% from physical attack, they had to rely more on the magical attack. Even the two archers used their magical attacks like [Fire Arrow] or [Ice Arrow] all the time.

    Magical attacks were also tricky. They were based on the attack's element. The four of them had to carefully aim at the boss' body part, or else their attack would do no damage at all. If they used a fire element attack to attack the boss' upper right body, which was also a fire element, they would not do any damage at all.

    If they could aim the fire attack towards the boss' lower right body, which was an earth element, they would deal double the damage. Of course, saying was easier than done. It was really difficult to aim at a moving target.

    From this point, the skilled mage could be distinguished. Smite was the one who belonged to the professional group. He could easily aim for any element that he wanted. All of his attacks dealt double damage because of the element suppression. On the other hand, the others weren't as skilled as Smite.
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