518 Quad Elemental Spirit King 4

    Smite was on top of the damage leaderboards in this current dungeon. His damage surpassed the other almost twofold. This showed how powerful Smite was.

    Even though Smite's contribution was this great, the other members still hadn't realized it yet. They were too focused on the boss.

    Auron's rank on the leaderboard was around 8 to 9. He only surpassed the cleric in terms of damage. It was all thanks to his magical attack, which made his magic could deal double damage to a specific element.

    With Gavin and Dayton and the two thieves surrounded the boss, the situation almost back to normal.

    It was already 10 minutes since the boss' battle started. Currently, the boss only had around 60% of his health left.

    As the boss' health moving down, the boss' strength and fierceness increased. Previously, Gavin and Dayton could still relax and confidently received the boss' attack. However, right now, they had to be careful and tried their best to dodge the attack, or else they would increase the cleric's burden.

    Auron, who already received the cleric's heal, was beginning to attack the boss' once more. He maintained some distance from the boss since he had just escaped a narrow death from the boss' attack.

    Although Auron still attacked the boss, there was still one responsibility that he needed to do besides attacking. He needed to supply the other potions just like right now.

    Auron moved from Smite to Julia and to two archers and gave each of them several buff potions. He was like a walking potion store.

    Auron already didn't feel anything when he gave those potions like it was nothing. He already spent so much, and he just hoped that everything ended soon.

    Time passed by. When the boss' health reached 40%, his damage increased once more. Not only that, but the field around the boss also changed.

    The four pillars shook and started to release a random magical attack. From the fire pillar, a ball of fire would shoot randomly. From the ice pillar, an icicle shot randomly. From the earth pillar, a ball of earth shot. And, lastly, from the wind pillar, a wind blade cut through the air.

    These four magical attacks randomly appeared and were released from the pillars. These magical attacks also didn't differentiate between Auron's group and the boss. However, the difference was the boss could use his body' parts to nullify these magical attacks. On the other hand, Auron's group had to be more careful with the random magical attacks that appeared from the four pillars.

    Auron's group's pressure increased, especially, the cleric and Auron. The bottom two people in the damage leaderboard were pressured more. The cleric had to watch this randomly magical attack and also kept on observing his teammate, especially the four close combat members at the front.

    Meanwhile, Auron was so fragile that even one of these magical attacks could reap half of his health. Because of that, he had to become more careful.

    Even though the battle became harder and harder as the boss's health went down, everything was still under control. With everyone's effort and teamwork, the boss' health still going down without any casualty.

    Everything seemed bright until suddenly, the boss did something strange. He suddenly stopped struggling against the four close combat members. This thing had never happened before.

    The boss didn't do anything at all while Auron's group still kept attacking them. Although Auron's group also felt something weird going on, they could not waste this great chance. This thing had never happened before.

    Without the boss doing anything, his health dropped rapidly. From 30%, his health reduced to 15% in just 3 minutes. This all contributed to the magical attack that the mages and archers did. Since the boss didn't do anything, it was very easy to target a stationary target. Their magical attack 100% dealt double damage at this 3-minute frame.

    Auron also felt something strange going on. He had never encountered this situation before. He attacked the boss while observing the boss closely.

    15%... 14%... 13%... The boss didn't do anything under this rain of attacks.

    When the boss's health reached 10%, the boss's body shook violently. Then, a thin layer of barrier appeared and surrounded the boss's body completely. All of the attacks that flew towards the boss hit the thin layer and disappeared.

    All of Auron's group's members immediately frowned. Auron looked at the boss's health. The previous attack didn't do any damage at all to the boss.

    "What's happening?" Gavin at the front shouted confusedly.

    However, nobody could answer Gavin's question. Auron's group kept on attacking for 3 minutes. After 3 minutes, seeing all of their attacks didn't do any damage at all, they stopped.

    The boss's body started to glow. Then, fire, ice, earth, and wind suddenly appeared from the four orbs located in the four separate pillars. Those four elements flew up to the air before turned and went directly into the boss. Each of these elements went into the respective element at the boss' body.

    It was as if the boss absorbed these four elements from the orbs. A minute passed, and it seemed the phenomenon would not finish in another minute.

    Another minute passed by, the boss's body slowly floated from the ground. It floated and went to the center from those 4 pillars.

    Auron's group had already gathered together and were watching this scene. All of them knew this was not a good sign.

    Auron watched this scene and frowned deeply. He cursed inside his head. "Why this strange occurrence should happen right now where this dungeon run was something important for him?"

    After another minute passed, the fire, ice, earth, and wind from the orbs began to dissipate. At the same moment, the sky started to darken. Thunder roared in the sky.

    This situation only happened for 5 minutes, before the sky slowly cleared once again. After the sky cleared, a notification popped out in front of Auron and Julia.

    [A secret stage has been triggered. You have one hour to complete this stage for abundant rewards.]
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