521 Quad Elemental Spirit King 7

    Auron watched the [Quad Elemental Spirit King]'s movement closely. Not only that, but he also observed the [Quad Elemental Spirit King]'s health. He needed to know what made the boss had 2% lesser health.

    There were less than 40 minutes for the dungeon's time limit. Based on the current progress, there was not enough time to finish this dungeon. Hence, Auron needed to know what made this 2% damage to the boss's health and exploited it.

    Even though Auron was watching the boss closely, he didn't forget to attack the boss. Five minutes passed by, the boss was still insisting on killing Smite's life. However, the melee ranged members did all their best to block the boss' advance.

    Gavin and Dayton had learned their lesson from their previous interaction with the boss. They moved to block the boss only to get blown away. However, it didn't discourage them. Instead, it made them realized that there was someone or something else stronger than them.

    Thanks to Spica, the cleric, the melee members could still keep their life in the safe line. Even though a cleric, Spica was not an average cleric. She had good reflexes and good observation skills. Not only that, but her equipment was above average as well.

    In the Absurd team, Spica's equipment was ranked two, only below Smite's equipment. This equipment was also the one that specialized in increasing the healing effect and cleric's skills. This was why Spica's heal was twice as effective as the heal from an average cleric.

    Meanwhile, Auron, who was observing the boss closely suddenly found something strange. However, he didn't want to conclude yet and kept on watching.

    What piqued Auron's interest was the boss' behavior. There was a time when the boss should have easily blocked Auron's group's attacks using his spells. However, the boss chose to do it the hard way. He blocked the attack using his elemental body.

    It was very strange when Auron saw it. Moreover, during these five minutes, the boss rarely used his spell. Even when he used his spell, the magic was low level and not as spectacular as the spike from fire and ice that he had used.

    A thought surfaced inside Auron's mind, "Is the boss's health will reduce every time he uses his spell?"

    Another 5 minutes passed, and Auron's conjecture became stronger. The boss currently had 7% of his health left.

    Auron didn't want to waste time. He believed that his guess was around 80% correct. He just needed to test it to be more sure.

    Auron moved besides Smite. He wanted to consult Smite about his guess. Surprisingly, Smite also had the same guess as Auron. Without further ado, Auron quickly relayed his order to the other members.

    Auron's command was to force the boss to use his spell. If possible, force the boss to use the ancient spell. Auron believed that when the boss used the ancient spell, it would consume more health than the ordinary magic.

    What Auron means about the ancient spell was the spell that was not listed in the mage's current spell list. It was the spell like a spike of ice and fire that the boss previously used.

    After relaying his order, Smite said to Auron, who was still next to him, "You are the leader of this dungeon run. You don't need to ask for permission or anything else. As long as you feel that your order will not eradicate your group, you should do it."

    Auron knew what Smite had said. However, he was not confident and wanted to ask for Smite's opinion. Of course, that was what was inside Auron's mind. He didn't want to argue with Smite anymore and just replied Smite with a nod.

    Everyone who heard Auron's command nodded their head and began to look for a way to force the boss to use his spell. It was fortunate that there was no Jeffrey in the current rooster. Otherwise, Jeffrey would complain first before doing Auron's commands.

    Auron was also racking his brain on how to force the boss to use his spell. One method that he had thought of was to increase their attack's intensity. This way, the boss would feel overwhelmed by the attacks and had no choice but to use his spell.

    It seemed everyone thought the same as Auron. Everyone was doing almost the same thing as what Auron had thought. The attack's intensity from every member increased.

    The boss also started to get overwhelmed by the attacks' number. Currently, he occasionally used the low-level spell to block Auron's group's attacks. Even though the boss only used a low-level spell, that spell's power was not weak. Its power could be compared to an advanced spell from an average mage.

    A minute later, Auron frowned. Even though the boss had used his spell, it was only low-level spells. It was not quick enough to reduce the boss's health. Auron was pondering on how to force the boss to use the ancient spell.

    When Auron was pondering, the boss roared. Auron looked at the boss. The boss summoned the ice spike to block a spell coming towards him.

    It was a spell from Smite. Compared to what the others did, Smite had a different thought. Instead of increasing the attack's intensity, he chose to attack at the right moment.

    Under the rain of the other's attacks, Smite chose to wait and observe the boss. Then, stealthily, Smite launched his spell at the right moment. Combined with his mighty power, to begin with, Smite's attack became deadlier.

    Because of that, the boss had no choice but to block Smite's attack. Since Smite's power was powerful, a low-level spell could not stop Smite's attack. Hence, the boss used the ancient spell.

    Auron looked at the boss's health. And, his guess was correct. When the boss used the ancient spell, his health reduced rapidly. After just three minutes since Auron gave his order, the boss' health already dropped by 1%.
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