522 Quad Elemental Spirit King 8

    When everyone knew that their strategy worked, they became more spirited. "It is working! Keep up the good work!" Auron shouted.

    Smite was observing the boss, who was overwhelmed by the attacks. He was waiting for the right time to attack the boss. However, the boss had learned his lesson.

    The boss became more careful. He reduced his attack and increased his defense. This way, it became harder for Smite to get another opportunity.

    Another five minutes passed by, without any much change into the boss' health. While dodging and blocking all the attacks, the boss also observed Smite's action. When he saw that Smite was about to take action, he moved away and escaped from Smite's magic range.

    The first time the boss used this strategy, the close combat members got surprised and were not ready. They let the boss escaped and wasted their chance to reduce the boss' health.

    Auron's group could see that the boss had shifted to use a defensive approach. It was difficult to create another chance for Smite to attack after they missed the first one.

    The second chance came right after the boss failed to block Cedric's skills. Cedric's skill connected with the boss's body. Since the boss had a skill to half the damage from a physical attack, Cedric's skill didn't damage the boss's health. However, Cedric's skill surprisingly stunned the boss.

    Smite, who had been observing the boss all this time, didn't miss this chance. He chanted his spell and directly launched it towards the boss. Unfortunately, the stun effect didn't take too long.

    After half a second, the boss woke up from the stun effect and immediately escaped from the scene. And, there goes the second chance.

    Time passed by, there were only 20 minutes left in the timer. Meanwhile, the boss still had 5% of his health left.

    The urgent feeling started to seep into Auron's group's members. If this situation continued, even if they didn't die from the boss, but their dungeon run would still fail.

    This time, the third chance came. The boss got stunned once again. Twice in a row, to be precise. Because of that, the boss didn't have enough time to dodge Smite's spell. He didn't have any choice but to use his ancient spell to block these attacks.

    However, the boss also wasn't stupid. Seeing that he had to use an ancient spell, he chose the right spell for this moment. It was a wide area spell.

    With the boss as the center, a blade of wind shot from the boss at all sides. This spell was kind of [Wind Blade]. However, it covered 360 degrees. Not only that, but the boss unleashed the blade of wind three times.

    Even for a boss, it was impossible to chant the same spell three times in a row. This means that this was the spell's effect to create three blades of wind that covered 360 degrees. It was more accurate to call this wind shockwave rather than a blade of wind.

    Fortunately, the spell's effect was not that far. The spell couldn't reach the archer or mages.

    However, the spell had destroyed all of Auron's group's attacks at once. Not only that, but the spell blew and injured the close combat members heavily.

    This spell was different from the spike of ice or fire that the boss previously had used. This spell was far more dangerous than that. It was proved by the two thieves that were hanging with a sliver of their health left.

    Spica was indeed a skilled cleric. After the close combat members got injured by the boss and fallen to the ground, she finished chanting his area heal spell. The spell poured out to the fallen members. Of course, the spell could not heal the members back to their full health.

    Spica was chanting her second spell when the boss moved. The [Quad Elemental Spirit King] was not a kindhearted boss who waited for his enemies to go back to full health before attacking them again.

    After the boss unleashed those wind shockwave, he didn't stay still. He immediately charged upon the fallen thief. His target was Ainsley, who was still on the ground. Then, with a slight movement, a spike of fire sprung from the ground under Ainsley.

    Although Ainsley had got heal by Spica, it was not enough. The wind shockwave already injured her badly, and the heal only recovered a little portion of her health. She could not dodge the spike of fire and immediately died because of it. She was the first casualty from Auron's group.

    However, Auron's group didn't have time to mourn for Ainsley's death. The boss already charged forward, ignoring the two swordsmen on the ground. He directly went to Spica, the cleric.

    Gavin and Dayton hurriedly went up to block the boss even though their health still not full yet. Sadly, the boss was faster than them. Moreover, Gavin and Dayton were one step late from the boss. So, they could not hold the boss back.

    Spica had already seen this coming. She was preparing to activate her [Holy Shield]. When the boss's attack was about to reach Spica, a layer of [Holy Shield] already formed around Spica.

    Surprisingly, before the boss's attack reached Spica's [Holy Shield], the boss suddenly took a side step and charged towards the two archers who were close to each other.

    A spike of ice sprung from Axton's right side and pushed him towards his younger brother, Bernard. Because of this spell, the two archers were grouped together.

    A block of thick ground appeared above these two archers and dropped towards them. These two archers hurriedly tried to escape from the spell. However, the ground below them shook and sprung upward.

    The two archers were hamburgered between these two blocks of ground. The boss arrived beside them and chanted a [Fire Bolt] and [Ice bolt] to each of the archers. These combinations of spells reaped the two archers' life.
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