523 Quad Elemental Spirit King 9

    In just a short moment, the [Quad Elemental Spirit King] turned his precarious moment into something benefiting him. Three members had died in this short fight.

    After killing the two archers, the [Quad Elemental Spirit King] didn't stop there. He tried to maximize his benefit by targeting Julia, the closest and easiest target. Unfortunately, his advanced had to stop since Gavin and Dayton already arrived and surrounded him.

    Three out of ten members had died. This was such a heavy blow for Auron's group. Since these three members had gone, they knew it means that their damage would be reduced once more.

    Of course, by doing this, the boss also got some damage. After unleashing that several ancient spells, the boss's health had reduced around 1.5%.

    Even though it seemed terrible for the boss, it was actually great for the boss. He could exchange 1.5% of his health for three enemies. If he didn't get to kill these three enemies, he would still lose around 1% of his health. So, overall, the boss had the advantage in this short exchange.

    The battle resumed back with the boss was having trouble because of the close combat members. However, currently, the problem was not as big as the previous one. It was because one of the close combat members, Ainsley, had died.

    Cedric tried to fill Ainsley's gap by working harder. However, it was not easy to cover those missing gaps. Several times, the boss had got out from the encirclement. Fortunately, Smite had seen this and supported the members.

    However, the gloomy aura around Auron's group's members could not be dismissed. After the previous exchange, they knew that the boss still had much power to eradicate them even though he only had around 3% of his health left.

    Auron also knew this. And, he also knew the reason why the boss didn't use this power several times more. The boss was waiting for an opportunity.

    The boss could gain so much was only because of the surprise attack that he had released. If not because that, then the boss could lose 1.5% of his health without causing any damage to the enemies. That was why he was being careful.

    Another 10 minutes passed by. There were only 10 minutes left on the dungeon timer. On the other hand, the boss still got 2% of his health left. Seeing their track record to reduce 8% of the boss's health in 50 minutes, they couldn't finish this dungeon if they didn't do something.

    Auron looked at his members, who were struggling. Then, he looked at Smite. Seeing that he didn't much time left, Auron gritted his teeth and advanced forwards.

    Auron knew what he was doing right now was a suicide. Even Dayton and Gavin, who were stronger than him, could do nothing in front of the boss, much less him. However, as the leader, Auron had to do something.

    Auron was gambling his chance. Even if he didn't do anything, they would fail this dungeon. So, Auron took this chance and gambled his life. Maybe, he could create an opportunity and turned the tide of the battle.

    Fortunately, this was a dungeon run. So, even though Auron died in this dungeon using his mage character, he would not lose his character. That was also one of the reasons why Auron was braved enough to take this chance.

    Auron charged forwards and joined Dayton and Gavin at the front. The boss was blocking Dayton's attack when Auron came from his side and used [Ice Bolt] in short range.

    In such a short-range, the boss could not dodge the spell and get hit by the [Ice Bolt]. The boss roared furiously. It was not because of Auron's attack. Instead, it was because Auron dared to come closer to him.

    The boss had already ignored Auron's attack that so powerless and like a mosquito bite. However, seeing Auron came forwards, the boss perceived that as Auron mocking him. This reduced the boss' prestige that even such a small character dared to face him up in the front.

    The boss could not accept this and prepared to eradicate Auron. He knew that killing Auron was easy.

    However, Auron was smart. Seeing that he was successfully raged the boss, Auron used Gavin and Dayton as a shield in front of him. He had to keep his presence there to let the boss became more furious.

    At first, the boss used his normal spell to push Dayton and Gavin away to reach Auron. However, Dayton and Gavin were like zombies and stuck to the boss tightly. He could not reach Auron at all.

    The boss had no choice but used one ancient spell to blast Dayton and Gavin away. After blasting Dayton and Gavin, and Auron, the boss immediately approached Auron and attacked him.

    However, before the boss's attack could successfully reach Auron, the boss looked in front of him. A spell from Smite was coming at him. The boss reacted quickly, but it was too late. The boss was pushed back by Smite's attack.

    Auron quickly crawled his way out from the boss. He was safe from such a perilous situation. One more attack from the boss, and he would be dead.

    Auron's forehead was covered with sweat. His gamble could be considered a success since the boss had only 1.5% of his health left. However, this was not the end. Auron had to do this gamble one or two times more.

    On the other hand, the boss had woke up from his unstable mind. Previously, anger had controlled his mind that he forgot Auron was insignificant.

    Auron tried to use the same strategy. He moved forward and used Dayton and Gavin as a meat shield. However, the boss had recovered his state of mind and ignored Auron.

    The boss didn't completely ignore Auron. However, he just became more careful, and if there was an opportunity, he would strike Auron instead of blindly charging towards Auron.
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