524 Quad Elemental Spirit King 10

    The boss only had 1.5% of his health left. As the boss calmed down, it was Auron's group's turn that became impatient.

    Although there were still more than 8 minutes left, Auron's group's members already became hurried. They wanted to kill the boss and finish this dungeon as soon as possible.

    Unfortunately, the boss didn't let that happen. The boss quickly maintained some distance from the damage dealer at the back.

    Dayton, Gavin, and Cedric chased the boss. They had to stick close to the boss, or else it would be easy for the boss to attack the backline. Auron also followed from behind.

    When the four of them approached the boss, the boss quickly stopped escaping. Then, in a blink of an eye, the boss was already beside Cedric.

    The boss was actually baiting Auron's group. He had changed his strategy to kill Auron's group's members one by one. And, his first choice was Cedric.

    The reason was that the boss had used another ancient spell that allowed him to do some short teleportation. Since it was only short teleportation, the boss could not target Auron, who was still lacking behind.

    Out of the four people, Auron was the easiest target to kill. However, since it was out of the short teleportation range, the boss changed his target and targeted Cedric, the easiest to kill between the three people.

    Cedric quickly reacted to the boss, who suddenly attacked him from his side. He raised his weapons and blocked the attack. However, the boss's power was so strong that it pushed him down.

    When Cedric was down on the ground, the boss launched another attack. He used two normal spells and attack Cedric.

    Cedric could not block these two attacks and took a clean hit. Fortunately, the damage from these two spells wasn't enough to end him. He quickly rolled his body over to escape from the boss' clutch.

    The boss had seen this and waved his hand. Cedric, who was rolling on the ground, abruptly stopped. An [Earth Spike] had sprung from below him and stabbed him at the center of his chest. That [Earth Spike] ended Cedric's life.

    The boss didn't stop right there. He quickly changed his target to Auron.

    Auron had seen the [Earth Spike] stabbed Cedric, he stopped approaching the boss. He even tried to escape from the boss. Without Gavin and Dayton acted as his meat shield, it was easy for the boss to kill him.

    Auron was escaping. On his escape, Auron suddenly sensed something and quickly turned his way to the side. From Auron's previous location, an [Earth Spike] sprung up.

    Auron was a mage, and he was quite sensitive with the magic element on the air. So, when there was a spell like this about to appear, Auron could know faintly sense it. However, in just a short second, Auron had to change his way once again.

    Another [Earth Spike] sprung and missed Auron. The boss had used [Earth Spike] like it was a normal attack and kept summoning it.

    Seeing that Auron could escape from his three spells, the boss didn't bother Auron and turned his target to the two swordsmen.

    At this moment, a spell from Smite had come. The boss saw this and had come prepared. He easily dodged Smite's spell without using any spell. Then, continued to attack Gavin and Dayton.

    The boss showed his strength. He easily knocked down the two swordsmen away. Then, the boss followed up with another two spells each to the two swordsmen. Fortunately, before the attack arrived, an area heal from Spice had poured down to the two swordsmen.

    This area heals saved the life of the two swordsmen. However, another two spells appeared and attacked Gavin. These two spells reaped Gavin's life.

    It was unknown why the boss suddenly used this many spells to kill Auron's group. Previously, he was very stingy with his spells.

    Dayton had a low health left. So, he backed out to recover some health first. He even took out his health potion. Unfortunately, everything went quickly. After killing Gavin, the boss immediately turned to Dayton.

    In this chaotic battle, Auron threw his [Fire Lance]. He wanted to help Gavin and Dayton. However, it was proved that it was impossible.

    Auron's [Fire Lance] was ignored by the boss who was trying to kill Dayton. Just like with Gavin, the boss used another two spells to attack Dayton. Fortunately, a single heal arrived before the attack hit Dayton.

    Sadly, Spice's effort was useless. Another two spells followed up and killed Dayton. The boss changed his target to Auron, who was alone at the front.

    There were only four members left, Auron, Julia, Smite, and Spice. On the other hand, the boss had also wasted too much health. He also didn't try to block Auron's and Julia's attacks. This made there was only a sliver of health left on the boss. However, this sliver of health was like a mountain for Auron's group.

    Auron tried to run away when the boss attacked him. However, he felt that he could not move. Since he could not move away, Auron took out his dagger and prepared to fight.

    The boss used his normal spells to fight with Auron. However, he still used his multicasting skill. Two spells came at Auron at once.

    Auron blocked one of the spells with another spell and the rest with his dagger. Unfortunately, his power was not enough. The boss spell dismissed his spell. Although the boss's spell's power had reduced, it was still hurt Auron a lot. Not only that, the other boss' spell that hit Auron caused an explosion that also damaged him.

    With these two attacks, Auron was on his deathbed. A flick from the boss would kill him. The boss suddenly grew massive in Auron's eyes.

    The boss stood tall and about to attack. Of course, Julia and Smite didn't let the boss did what he want and attacked the boss as well.
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