525 Quad Elemental Spirit King 11

    Julia and Smite used their strongest spell to attack the boss. Since Auron had volunteered to become bait, then they would do their best to use that to kill the boss.

    Spica also didn't stay still. She used a spell to the boss. Yes, it was to the boss instead of Auron. Seeing the current situation, Spica also had given up to save Auron. She knew that even with her heal to Auron, the boss's attacks would still kill him. So, instead of healing Auron, it would be better to attack the boss.

    Spice used [Holy Fire] towards the boss. Although it had a fire in its name, this spell was not an attack spell. Instead, this spell was one of the debuff spells that a cleric would have.

    This spell's effect would increase the target's received damage, whether it was a physical attack or a magical attack. This debuff spell would last for 30 seconds or until the target had received 5 attacks.

    Despite the fact that the spell's effect seemed extraordinary, but this spell could not be used carelessly. The reason was that, during the spell's duration, the target's attacks would be doubled. It was doubled and not just an increase of 10% or 15%.

    That was why, if it was used carelessly, then it could cause doom to the party. Previously, if this spell was used when the boss transformed, he could kill Ainsley with one ancient spell with the boss's enhanced power.

    The [Quad Elemental Spirit King] saw Smite and Julia's attack. However, he knew that there was still time for him to dodge the spells after killing Auron. So, he continued his attack instead of escaping.

    A golden fire spawned above the boss' head and poured down to the boss. The boss got Spica's debuff spell. It didn't take time for a debuff spell to hit the target as long as the spell's range was sufficient.

    Auron was facing the boss. Meanwhile, the other members were behind him. They could only saw Auron's back and the boss.

    As the boss's attack was coming towards him, Auron was racking his brain on what to do. He didn't want to give up on the situation. He had to do something.

    With a dagger in his hands, Auron attacked the boss first. However, it was not a normal attack. Instead, Auron stealthy used his swordsman skill, [Bash].

    Auron moved quicker, and his attack arrived first before the boss could finish his spell. Auron's damage was obviously low. It could not reduce 0.1% of the boss's health.

    However, a fortunate thing happened to Auron. Auron's [Bash] fortunately triggered the stun effect.

    Although the stun effect had a minimal impact on the boss, it still stopped the boss' action for less than one second. This stun effect was enough for the boss to get hit by Smite's and Julia's attacks.

    When the boss continued his attack, two spells from Smite and Julia hit the boss hard. The two spells hit the boss at the right element, and it caused increased damage. Moreover, with the help of [Holy Fire], the produced damage increased more.

    Julia's spell hit the boss and pushed the boss several steps back. Julia's spell halted the boss from attacking Auron. Next, Smite's spell arrived at hit the boss.

    While Julia's spell could push the boss several steps back, Smite's spell had blown the boss away from Auron. Smite's spell had triggered the critical attack.

    With the help of [Holy Fire] and increased damage over the element, the two spells, also the critical damage from Smite's spell, managed to reduce the boss' health to zero.

    The boss was fell down on the ground by Smite's spell. The boss tried to stand up. However, his body felt weak and slowly turning into ashes. It took 30 seconds for the boss to completely turned into ashes.

    Auron, who was saved by the bell, felt his knee became weak and fell on his bottom. His body was drenched with sweat. He was saved.

    The survivor from Auron's group immediately approached Auron. Meanwhile, Auron also got up. It was the most important time, looting the boss.

    Auron walked up to the boss's loot and saw a bunch of items. These items were so exceptional that the price of these items could recover Auron's loss. Auron scrummaged through the item and breathed a relieved sigh. He found the herbs that he needed. With this, Auron had fulfilled his goal.

    Smite tapped on his shoulder when he saw that Auron got what he needed. On the other hand, Spica and Julia had walked through the exit looking worn out.

    "Go, first. I will take these items. Later, I will distribute it to the members." Auron said.

    Auron knew that all of this could not happen without the members' contributions. So, he intended to distribute these items to the members to repay their help.

    After looting all of the items, Auron got up and prepared to leave. However, he found something weird. The boss's ashes were still on the ground and did not disappear.

    Usually, after a monster died, the corpse or whatever left from the monster would disappear after some time or until all of the items been looted. But, this didn't happen right now.

    Auron suddenly got an insight. He looked at his inventory bag. He found the [Moss Sword] was glowing with light.

    "What happened?" Auron thought.

    Since Auron's mage could not use a sword, he threw the sword to the ground above the ashes. Then, a magical thing happened. As soon as the sword touched the ashes, it immediately sucked all of the ashes around.

    It did not take long until all of the ashes had been absorbed by the sword. The sword was still glowing green on the ground before it slowly dimmed.

    Auron picked the sword once more after its glow completely disappeared. However, instead of checking the sword, Auron walked to the exit portal and exited this dungeon.

    Auron intended to check it later and didn't want to make his group waited for him.
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