526 Militarys Emblem 1

    Auron arrived outside of the dungeon. He was greeted by a group of crowds. Auron was confused. Then, he realized that the group of crowds was surrounding his group.

    Auron approached his group when he heard a series of questions, "What happened inside? Why did it take long for your group? Were you triggering a secret level? How to trigger that?"

    It turned out the reason these people surrounded Auron's group was that it took too long for Auron's group to finish. Auron's group had been inside for more than 2 hours. It was more than the time limit that the people had known. Hence, these people had known that there must be something going on for Auron's group to spend more than the time limit.

    Ainsley, the first one who came out because she died, had already told them that they had entered a secret level. She also had explained to these people that she didn't know what the trigger was.

    Unfortunately, these people didn't believe what Ainsley had said. They thought that Ainsley had hidden something from them. Ainsley was being pestered by these people.

    That was when the two archers came out. The crowds started to pester the group. However, the answer they got was the same.

    One by one, Auron's group's members came out of the dungeon, and these people kept on bugging them. Auron, who came out last, also got surrounded like the others.

    The guards of this dungeon didn't bother with these people as long as there was no blood. So, they close their eyes to this commotion.

    One of them looked at the time and asked Auron, who came last, "So, are you guys complete the secret level?"

    Auron didn't know what to answer. If he answered the truth, they would come out with another question. Maybe they would ask Auron to show what he got and what triggered the secret level.

    If Auron lied, these people would not believe it since they only believed what they wanted to believe.

    It was a difficult choice. In the end, Auron chose to lie, "Unfortunately, we had failed the dungeon. The boss' still had much health left, and we could not defeat it." Auron shook his head.

    Just like Auron had thought, these people looked skeptical. They didn't believe Auron at all and kept on pouring on the questions.

    In the end, Auron raised his voice, "Stop! We have answered all of your questions! Whether you believe us or not, it is up to you, but we have told the truth. Now, leave us alone. We still have other matters to attend to."

    Auron led his group out of the crowds and intended to leave this place. However, these people would not let Auron's group got away that easily. Some people blocked their paths.

    Auron gritted his teeth. He knew that this would happen. The people surrounded them had a higher level than them. Although Auron's group was not weak, it was impossible to win against these many people. Moreover, these people's equipment and skill was not simple at all.

    The guards who saw the situation escalated approached these people and said, "Go away if you want to make trouble. Don't make trouble here!"

    The guards were not helping them. They just wanted Auron to move away.

    "Come on! We don't have to do this! Just tell us the truth!" One of the people persuaded.

    "I have told the truth! We don't know how to trigger the secret level, and we have failed miserably at that level! Don't you know we have wasted our dungeon ticket only to get nothing!" Auron started to get furious and rebuked these people.

    However, Auron's anger didn't make these people scared. Instead, they also became furious. The situation started to get escalated.

    Meanwhile, All of Auron's other members, except Julia, turned their heads and looked towards Smite. They didn't have any worries on their face. Only Julia alone that worried about Auron's mage character.

    Seeing no movement from Smite, the other members looked towards Auron and the people in front of them. Dayton whispered to Gavin, "They are fortunate. Jeffrey is not present right now." Gavin replied with a nod.

    Auron's anger started to rise, and he could not keep it down anymore. However, he knew fighting with them was stupid and would only result in their loss. That was why Auron took out his military's emblem.

    When the military's emblem was brought out, Smite shook his head but kept silent and watched everything going on.

    As soon as the military's emblem was shown, these people's expression changed. This one emblem would complicate the situation. Moreover, there were royal guards stationed here.

    The military's emblem means that Auron had the military as his backing. Although they had done nothing wrong, if they kept on cornered Auron, then Auron could deem this as they were looking for trouble.

    The royal guards also saw that Auron had taken out the military's emblem. So, they began to approach Auron's group.

    The people saw that the royal guards were coming over. Since they could do nothing to Auron's group, they had no choice but dispersed.

    The crowds slowly dispersed, leaving only Auron's group. The royal guards looked at Auron curiously. Then, he looked at the emblem before he said, "Don't you know that it is forbidden to use the military's emblem like this?"

    "Unfortunately, I have to report this to the higher-ups." The royal guards took Auron's emblem and look for the name.

    After taking note of Auron's name, the royal guards gave back the emblem to Auron and left Auron's group alone.

    Auron had known this using the military's emblem for his own use was prohibited. But, he had no choice to disperse the people away.

    Auron sighed. He would get on the trial. However, there was still at least one day before the trial would happen. For now, he had something to do.

    Auron turned around and said to his teammate, "Let's go!"
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