527 Militarys Emblem 2

    Auron and his group went back to the military base. However, he didn't go back to his room. Instead, they went to the Absurd team's base camp. Auron intended to distribute what he got there.

    When Auron's group arrived at the base camp, they found Jeffrey lying on the couch with a book covering his face.

    Jeffrey heard the noisy sound and got up, "Oh, you guys already back."

    It was already more than 7 hours since they started to go this morning. Most of the time was used for waiting for the line to enter the dungeon. Fortunately, they had entered and cleared the secret level of the dungeon.

    Everyone immediately gathered around the table. Jeffrey knew what they were doing. It was the loot distribution time for them.

    As Auron was the initiator of this dungeon as well as the leader of this dungeon run, he was the one who collected the loot. Auron began by taking out the equipment he got from the normal monster inside the dungeon.

    After tallying the number, there were 57 pieces of equipment from their dungeon run. However, none of the members were interested in the equipment. All of this equipment was only a low grade one.

    Without much debate, Auron passed the equipment to Smite. He also gave the miscellaneous item that he got from the dungeon run.

    Auron got two choices to pick from. The first one, he could sell these items and equipment by himself. Then, later on, he could distribute the money to the members.

    The second option, Auron, gave the Absurd team items, in this case, Smite as the leader, to sell. The team would sell the items and tally the numbers. Of course, a portion of the sales would be taken by the group as a fee.

    Auron chose this option because he didn't have any time to sell all of these items. Moreover, Auron was a part of the Absurd team. So, there was no problem with giving a little bit of money to the team.

    Auron predicted that he could cover ticket expenses and a portion of his potion's fee from the loot that he got from the normal monsters.

    After putting aside the loot from the normal monster, it was now the time for the real deal. Auron took out the haul from the final boss. Of course, he only took out the equipment left from the final boss.

    Everyone other than Auron had an eager look in their eyes. After all, it was the loot from a secret boss. Moreover, it was an ancient dungeon that was known to be better than an ordinary dungeon.

    There were 10 equipment and weapons in total from the last boss. Auron started to take out the item from the cheapest one. It was a rare grade weapon.

    Although it was just a rare grade, everyone knew that this weapon surpassed other weapons on the same level. It was comparable to a low epic grade weapon.

    When Auron took out the weapon, Gavin said, "It is not the best item, right?"

    Auron replied with a shook. Everyone's eyes were glimmering with hope when they saw Auron shook his head. Although this item was pretty good, it was not enough to enter the Absurd team's members' eyes.

    No one commented about it. So, Auron put the weapon on the pile of items that would be sold and continued taking out the next items. Unfortunately, the following five items also could not enter the Absurd team's members.

    There were 3 rare grade equipment and 2 epic grade equipment. If these items were put in front of ordinary people, they would fight for them.

    Even though the Absurd team's members didn't like it, but these items still could be sold for a reasonable price. So, Auron was quite satisfied with the items.

    When Auron took the seventh item, Gavin and Dayton immediately stood up. "This item is mine," Gavin said.

    "Nope, can't do! I am missing good footgear, and this was the most suitable footgear for me." Dayton said.

    Just like Dayton had said, the seventh item was heavy footgear suitable for high defense. This equipment was also an epic grade item. What's made this item coveted by both Gavin and Dayton was because it gave them an increase in movement speed and higher defense than other same grade footgear.

    Even though Dayton and Gavin was not the agile swordsman type, but a boost in their movement speed was incredible.

    After Dayton said his piece, Gavin looked at him and nodded. He gave up to get the item. Even though the footgear was better than his current footgear, it was only slightly better. This footgear would give a big boost to the team if it was used by Dayton. So, Gavin gave up his right for the item.

    With that, the item was handed to Dayton smoothly. If there was a loot distribution like this in the Absurd team, the one who wanted to take the item needed to pay the item for half price.

    Since Auron was the leader of this dungeon run and paid all the cost, Auron could determine the price and keep the money for himself. However, as goodwill, he decided to follow the team's rules for the loot distribution.

    Auron took the money and kept it to distribute it among the members based on the rules. The rules said that 20% of the money would be given to the leader, and the rest would be split evenly. If there was leftover after the split would be put into the team's funds.

    In this dungeon, Auron could be said very generous. So, everyone was pleased with Auron's attitude, and no one complained about it.

    Auron was about to take out the eighth item when there was a knock on the door. The one closest to the door opened it. And, it turned out, an officer paid them a visit. All of them directly looked at Auron.
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