528 Militarys Emblem 3

    Auron had known that there would be an officer coming for him. It was related to the matter back at the dungeon. However, Auron didn't know that it would be this quick.

    Auron approached the officer at the door. And, just like everyone had thought, the officer took out a paper and gave it to Auron, "This is your trial's summons. You have to be on time!"

    After saying that, the officer quickly went away from the place. Meanwhile, Auron opened the trial's summons and looked at the message. According to the warrant, Auron needed to go to the trial tomorrow morning.

    Since it was still tomorrow, Auron didn't think about it. He folded the summons and kept it on him.

    Auron shook his head and moved back to the table. He said, "Let us continued. There are still three items left."

    Julia actually was worried about Auron. However, since Auron had said so, she put her worries aside.

    Auron continued the loot distribution. He took out the eighth item. The eighth item was still an epic grade item. It was still another heavy gear that suitable for close combat members.

    Just like before, Gavin's and Dayton's eyes glimmered. This new piece of equipment was better than the previous one.

    Gavin and Dayton fought for the item. In the end, Gavin gritted his teeth and let Dayton won once again. With two items in his hands, Dayton had earned enough. Moreover, the two items that he earned was high-end items.

    Auron continued to the ninth item, which was a king grade bow. Since the two archers in the Absurd's team were real brothers. There was not much conflict with them, and they quickly settled the matters.

    Now, it was the time for the tenth and the last item. Everyone had anticipated it a lot. Even Jeffrey also waited for the last items. These items should be a king grade item since the previous item was a king grade one.

    There was still a low chance for this item to be a legendary grade item no one had ever seen. However, everyone believed that it was impossible.

    Auron took out the last item. It was another weapon. And, just like everyone had thought, it was a king grade weapon.

    As soon as the last item was shown. Almost every member's of the team felt dejected. It was because the last item was a staff. There are only four people in the Absurd's team that could use the staff, Smite, Julia, Auron, and Spica.

    Even though this staff was useful for Auron, he immediately gave up his chance to obtain the staff. It was because Auron didn't have any money to buy this staff.

    Although Auron would get enough money after the other items' sales, he was not in urgent need of a staff. Moreover, the staff's level requirement was relatively high for him.

    Spica also gave up her right to the staff. Although her current weapon was inferior to the staff, her current weapon had an effect of increasing the healing effect. As a cleric, the healing effect's increase was an important asset for them, so Spica decided to use her current weapon.

    There were Smite and Julia left. Julia had an eager look at obtaining the weapon. She required an equipment change. And, this weapon was suitable for her. Unfortunately, there was one problem. Her money was not enough to buy the weapon, even with a 50% discount.

    Thanks to the last dungeon, she leveled up, and that was when she needed to change all of her equipment.

    Smite looked at Julia and said calmly, "Do you want it?"

    Julia nodded and said, "But, I don't have enough money on me. I have other equipment to buy and cannot waste all of my money on this one weapon. I am rather increasing my survival chance than increasing my firepower. Do you also want it?"

    Smite said like it was nothing to him, "This weapon is good. But, if you want it, you can take it. About the money, you can use the weapon first and pay the weapon in installment."

    Julia was shocked and looked at Auron. Meanwhile, Auron, who heard was Smite had said, also wanted to say that he wished for that weapon as well and paid in installment. However, he didn't voice his inner thought and just nodded to Julia.

    Auron calmed himself by saying that the weapon's level requirement was too high for him. It was better to be used by Julia instead of staying inside his inventory.

    Julia's eyes brightened. She gladly took the weapon and thanked Smite, Auron, and everyone else. Actually, this was not the first time this kind of thing happened. The other members had seen this, so they didn't have any problem with paying in installment as they knew that Smite would cover the cost first.

    With that loot distribution settled, everyone quickly went on what they wanted to do. Meanwhile, Smite handed the items to Jeffrey, the only merchant in the team. Jeffrey reluctantly accepted the goods and did his job.

    "Are you ready for tomorrow? Do you need my help?" Smite asked Auron.

    Auron knew what Smite was talking about. Auron shrugged his shoulder and said, "Let us see tomorrow. Thank you for the offer. If I need some help, I will contact you."

    With that, Smite left Auron alone. He believed with what Auron had said.

    Auron already got a plan for tomorrow. He intended to use his connection with General Aston. If he could not, he still had his trump card. He wanted to use the Fourth Prince. Of course, he didn't want to use the Fourth Prince if he didn't need to because the Fourth Prince only knew his swordsman character. Auron hoped that General Aston would help him.

    However, there was still one thing left to do before asking General Aston. Auron bade everyone farewell and went back to his room. Inside his room, Auron locked the door to his room.
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