173 New Update 1

    A white light shone at a room somewhere. When the light was gone, a figure was laying down on the ground could not move. With body full of blood, that figure's consciousness had gone. That figure was the Fourth Prince.

    As that light was shone inside the room, several guards knew what that light indicated, a royalty activated his safety measure which mean previously they were in dangerous situation that needed them to escape.

    The guards immediately called up the doctor and went with them inside the room. A ruckus was heard inside the royal palace. When the doctor and guards came inside the room, a panic shout and more ruckus could be heard from the room.


    Meanwhile, Auron and the rest also came back at the teleportation point at Gancit. When they arrived, a commotion also broke out because of their state especially the officers' condition.

    Auron quickly yelled, "Cleric, heal both of the officers! Quick!"

    At first, several clerics nearby were dazed out, but they quickly snapped out as Auron yelled at them. They regained their mind and quickly dashed to heal the officers.

    Since Gancit had more high leveled cleric than the survivor cleric in their groups and also with the fact there were several of them working together, the officers quickly healed. Although, they still needed some treatment but they could already walked on their own and easily lifted their hand.

    Officer Molke who already regained his vigor said to the several cleric healed him, "Thank you, but I have some urgent matter right now. I have memorize all of your face, after all of this are over, you could go to the military to claim your rewards"

    After that, he turned towards Officer Emshire and said, "I'm sure there will be a commotion broke at the royal palace, I need to went there and explain the situation to the king. As you, Officer Emshire, you need to go to the academy and explain all the situation to the principal and worked together with him on how to explain to the nobles who had their children died in the battle."

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    "For you guys," Officer Molke said to Auron and the other survivors, "You can go back to the academy or your family for some rest, but don't mention anything about the situation and tell them to wait for the official statement from the principal! Tomorrow morning, you would need to gather back at the academy."

    Then, everyone dispersed and went to their own destination. For Auron, he decided to go to the academy. When he arrived at his room, suddenly he felt tired. All of the tensed before build up inside of him, but he didn't dare to waver or he would died.

    Now, when all of the tensed had over, all of the tiredness surge all over his body. It was even difficult for him to move to the bed. With some difficulty, he lay on the bed. He put his right arm on top of his face covering his eyes.

    Then, suddenly, a water came out from his eyes. Slowly, the water coming out from his eyes became faster. Yes, Auron was crying. Not because, he was saved in the war since he was a player and could resurrected, but it was because his other roommates, Reihan and Borad.

    They were died in the war before. With the intense battle, he could not cry on the battlefield. So, right now when all of this was over, he cried like a baby. He was thinking hard on how he would tell the news to Keiran.

    He thought back to their journey together. When both of the deceased along with Keiran doing the group mission. When they support him and fight for him. All the good memories came out to him. And, he let loose of the memories allowing it to engulf his mind.


    Meanwhile, at the royal palace, a huge commotion took place in all over the place. The news of the Fourth Prince heavily injured was spread quickly until it reached the king.

    When the king heard the news, he was so shocked as well as furious. Since, he knew that his son went to the place where the academy's student went, he also knew who's the one in charge of that place.

    He furiously shouted several commands. From, calling the three officers who was in charge, calling the royal troops commander who took charge in assigning a group for his son, shutting down the palace and city, until calling out every best clerics in town.

    He walking back and forth in the meeting hall waiting for a news about all of this things. He was so nervous because the Fourth Prince was his youngest and favorite son. But, know this favorite son was heavily injured an he didn't know how and who was the one responsible for it.

    He was so anxious when a commander came to the hall and asked to meet with him. The commander went to the king and whispered something to the king's ears. This whispered made the king became more furious, however before he could unleash his rage another announcement came out telling that Officer Molke seeks an audience with him. He hold his rage and quickly invite Officer Molke to meet with him.


    Auron cried for half an hour until he made his resolved. He had arranged his words on how to tell to Keiran. He sent some message to Keiran however there were no reply. So, Auron sent a private message to Roan and told him that he wanted to meet with Keiran.

    He decided to leave the room and went to the meeting place and waited Keiran there. When he was about to leave the room, a game notification appeared out in front of him.

    [Demonic Monster updates will be commence in 5 minutes. This updates will take 24 hours. Please make sure you log out at a save place. You can look for the update's information in the forum or asked the information NPC after the update]
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