174 New Update 2

    Auron opened his eyes inside his game capsule. A sudden new update caught him off guard. It delayed his plan to told Keiran about what had happened.

    However, Auron could do nothing to stop the game from updating. He could only blame his bad luck. Because the sudden announcement, Auron still didn't have any plan about what he's gonna do. So, he decided to check out the forum.

    He opened the forum, there was a pinned message at the top of the forum titled, "Demonic Monster Update". Auron know that post would telling what would change after the update was complete. He clicked on the posted. Sadly, the content didn't like what he had thought. A big 'Coming Soon' text was written on his screen.

    Disappointed, Auron looked at another post. Several hundreds new post was posted in the forum. All of them had one common, a negative vibe, for example demanding a compensation, threaten to file a law suit, until cursing the company. Auron clicked on several post and skimmed through the content. After several post he get the gist of the problem.

    Basically, since the update was so sudden, many players didn't anticipated update at such time. So, they went into dungeons. Then, there came the update notification and they had to logout without completing their on going dungeons. When they looked at the forum they could not find the answer they wanted.

    Because of that, they started to post on the forum and demand some explanation. There were even some players that call the Black Sheep's customer service, but the call didn't manage to get through.


    Meanwhile, at a room in some place, ten people sat out in a round table having a meeting. In the middle of the table, there were five hologram screens. There was one person's silhouette in each of the screen.

    "How is the damage?" One of the person in the screen asked.

    "Massive! Lot of complaints came from out player and they demanded some compensations." A woman from customer satisfaction division, answered.

    What all of the players all over the world didn't know was that there were two type of updates in the game, a manual updates and automatic updates. Even, inside the Black Sheep only a bunch of higher position people knew about this update types.

    A manual update was an update that the company made and done to the game just like the increase in max level or creating a new skill. However, this type of update had a lot of restriction. For example, they could not create the third world, or added a new classes to the game. Their created skill or new item also had limitation, the skill had to have some drawback or else their created skill would be rejected by the game system.

    This restriction was coming from the game system and even the higher ups didn't have any hand on how to bypass this restriction. However, just like the types of update, there were not many people in Black Sheep knew about this restriction.

    The higher ups already came up with several answers when there were some low level engineer propose this idea for the update. They would say, and use excuses like 'to maintain the originality of the game' or 'for the sake of balance'.

    Because of this, many people praised Black Sheep for their excellent in creating a balanced game and not siding with one class even though, each class had their own fan base. However, what the others didn't know was not because Black Sheep was excellent but it was because the game system was excellent in preventing an imbalanced changes.

    On the other hand, an automatic update would be automatically launched when a trigger happened. However, the people on Black Sheep didn't know what was the trigger, or how and when the trigger would happened and they could not stop it from happening, just like this demonic monster update.

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    Fortunately, the automatic update happened once before also it was when the number of players playing the Two World only less that 10 millions. After giving some compensation, everything went back to normal.

    But now, another automatic update happened and this time it impacted more than 10 millions users. It came so sudden that even the higher ups had a headache on how to compensate the player with this scale hence the meeting was held.

    "If we had to give compensation in terms of golds how much it will cost?" Another figure on the screen asked.

    "From the calculation and analysis from the data, to fairly compensate every player who was affected then the compensation we would need to gave out totaled to 10 billion golds." Answered the higher ups from the finance division. "If that 10 billions gold are to be converted to money then..."

    The higher ups didn't continue. All of them knew the amount would be massive. Although the compensation they would gave out was some sort of virtual money, however the players could convert that virtual money into real life money. With the conversion rate of 1 copper to 9 dollars, then 1 gold would cost 90 thousands dollars. If all of the golds given as compensation were converted to real life money then they would need to give 900 trillion dollars.

    Even with the wealth they accumulated over years, to suddenly gave 900 trillion dollars would shaken their company's financial status. Moreover, they still had to consider other expenses like electricity, staff salaries, and many more.

    They could not prevent the player from cashing out their gold, however they could change the exchange rates. But, if they do that, then another massive complaint would come, this time it could even lead to boycotting the game and their good name would undoubtedly impacted.

    "First, we need to give an apology statement. Then, we would announce the compensation to mute these massive complaints." The first figure in the screen answered.

    "But sir, if we do that our financial could be shaken when all the gold are withdrawn and we can't prevented them for doing so" The financial division man tried to remind

    "Yes, we can't prevented them for withdrawing the gold. If we cannot do that, then why not make them spent the gold in the game."
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