175 Demonic Monster 1

    "Do you mean we are going to create some event?"

    "Yes, create an event that make them have to spent their gold inside."

    "Okay, we have some event that we intend to save later, we have to make some slight change to the event to make them spend more gold. We can also move the event forward"

    Usually, a game would make an event to make them spent some real life money for the game. However, right now, they had to make an event to spend money in game. It was relatively easy.

    "Have we get what are gonna changes?" The silhouette continued.

    "Yes, we have get the list" Another man from the game division answered.

    When there was automatic update, the game system would notify what the changes were. The higher ups from the games division would intercept the information and compiled it before releasing it as to make it like the update was what they had done intentionally.

    The report about the automatic update was found by the admin staff then it get escalated to the higher ups. When the higher ups get the news about it, they immediately moved fast as if they had anticipated this.

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    They announced to their employee that the updates was intentional and the reason why it was unannounced to all the player or employee was to prevent a leakage about the update since it was a huge updates.

    They also tell the public relation division to create the 'coming soon' forum post. Although they would get criticized by the unannounced update, however they would get a positive review and hopeful thought by the secrecy. It just gave more mysterious vibe to the new update. Furthermore, they just need to give some compensation to pacify the negative vibe.

    "Announced it along with the compensation announcement. Also, don't forget to point that we would have a follow up event along with the new update. We can announce the event rules later along with the distribution of the compensation."

    "Try your best to make them spend many golds in the game. After all of this end, I want a full report on everything!"

    "That's all for this meeting! Good bye!" The hologram screen turned off one by one.

    When all of the screen turned off, the 10 people inside the room heaved a heavy sighed. They went up and went outside the room to get back to their work.


    Since there was nothing Auron could do in the forum, he closed the forum and went down to the first floor. Although he was not hungry he was also not full and after playing in the game for so long time, he missed the taste of real life food.

    Auron went downstairs and wanted to eat some instant noodle. He looked at his refrigerator and it was empty. Auron had no choice but to went to the nearest grocery store to buy some instant noodle.

    Along the way to the store, Auron heard lot of talk about the new updates. Many of them tried to guess on what the update would be about.

    After few minutes, Auron arrived at the grocery store, he took some instant noodle and brought it to the cashier. The store clerk scanned the instant noodle while asked, "Bro, do you know what happened? Suddenly, there was a lot of customer here"

    The store clerk knew that this could only happened due to something happened in Two Worlds. If not, how could there was sudden fluke in customer at his store. Although the store clerk also played Two Worlds, but he was not a hardcore gamer and he still had a real life work. He played when he was not in shift. Unfortunately, the update happened when he was in shift which was why he asked Auron.

    "There's an update going on in Two Worlds right now. It was about demonic monster. You can find it on the forum although it was still hidden when I take a look before. Here's the money!" Auron explained the clerk while handing out his money.

    Auron's financial condition still not too good. He could only spent to buy what necessary from him since he still need to fund his character in game. However, by looking at his these several months, he believed sooner or later his financial condition would be better.

    At home, Auron started to cook the instant noodle and ate it. Just as he had finished doing the dishes, his best friend, Roan, called him.

    "Hey bro, look at the Black Sheep's website! They streamed their press conference!" Roan told Auron.

    Quickly, Auron went update to his television and connected it with his phone, so he could saw it in a bigger screen. After it connected, Auron saw the public relation staff from Black Sheep was holding a press conference.

    "Firstly, we wanted to apologize about the sudden update. We didn't announce it before because it was intentional, we wanted to try something new here by giving a huge surprise and whole new experience to the players."

    "However, it looks like the reception was not too good for the players. So, we decided to give out some compensation to all of the players who was in the middle of dungeon or something important and cannot be delayed."

    "Last but not least, to commemorate the new update, we will hold an event. You can find the detail for the event and compensation and the later date. Meanwhile, you can look at the forum for the new update's change log"

    Auron shook his head. Although, he was not affected like the players who were in the middle of the dungeon, he still find this sudden update weird. He could only agree to the comment cursed the company that question how can a big company like Black Sheep could not predict that their sudden unannounced update like this would invites protest from the players.

    However, what had past let be past. Moreover, Auron was not impacted by the sudden unannounced updates. He just needed to postponed his meeting with Keiran.
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