176 Demonic Monster 2

    Auron checked the forum once more. The post already updated. This time, he could find all of the information about the update here instead of a 'coming soon' text. He read through the updates carefully. It had been more than 3 years since he read the updates by himself. Previously, he would read the report made by his vice guild leader about the updates.

    After several minutes reading, he knew the gist of the updates. Demonic monster was just the same as other monster. When you killed them, you would get a bunch of experiences and item drops. One of the thing that made them differences were, their strength and intelligence.

    Demonic monster would have stronger strength and intelligence than ordinary monster. If other monster had grade classification from common to legendary, then demonic monster didn't have that classification.

    Their strength and intelligence would depend on their levels. The higher their level, the higher their strength and intelligence. Yes, demonic monster could gain level. Ordinary monster when spawned had their level randomly generated from a set of minimum and maximum value depending on the monster. After they spawned then their level would stuck or rather they would not get any experience at all.

    However, it was not the case for demonic monster. A demonic monster could gain level after they spawned. Fortunately, they could not gain level by killing ordinary monster. They could only gain experience by killing players, NPC, or other demonic monster. If they killed an ordinary monster like the orcs, Auron face before, they would not get any experience.

    Another thing that differentiate demonic monster with ordinary monster was the ability to breed. By sacrificing some level, the demonic monster could breed to a new demonic monster and that new demonic monster would be loyal to who gave birth to them.

    When breeding, half of the sacrificed level would become the level of the newly born demonic monster. So, let say a demonic monster had sacrificed 50 levels then, the newly born demonic monster would have 25 as his level. Fortunately, not all of the demonic monster had these breeding ability. Only the original demonic monster would have these ability.

    Meanwhile, a demonic monster would have a maximum level of 1000 just like a players. However, they would gain double the experience a player would get when killing others. Moreover, the original demonic monster would also gained a little portion of experience when his subordinate demonic monster killed the others.

    In the post also stated that demonic monster was a tribal creature. They would gather together with others who were the same as them and would fight demonic monster from other tribe. Their tribe leader would be the original demonic monster who had the ability to breed.

    Like this, if you killed the demonic monster tribe leader, then they would lose the ability to reproduce. Without the ability to reproduce they would only waited for the day they died before their tribe became forgotten. However, to kill a demonic monster tribe leader was not simple. They would use all means to protect their leader, by sacrificing themselves or even allying with another demonic tribe.

    The post also stated that, after the update, there would be 13 types of demonic monster which mean there would be 13 demonic monster tribe in Gaia. Since the demonic monster could reproduce then they would need to quickly eradicate this demonic monster if they didn't want to be overwhelm by the demonic monster.

    "A huge trouble come to Gaia" Auron sighed after reading the updates.

    He didn't know how this updates would affect Gaia, however he knew that it would not have a good impact on them.

    "After the war, then comes the demonic monster." Auron thought about what would happen to Gaia.

    "Hopefully, we have a good result in the war."

    Auron felt dejected. After what happened in his war, the Fourth Prince suffered heavy injuries, they lose the village, only less than 10 survivors. All of this would make others felt dejected. He knew the result of his battle was not good, but he didn't know the result about other battle. He could just hope that the other battle would not turned out as bad as his battle.

    Nothing to do, Auron called Roan to say hi and talking about many things. In the game, they rarely contact each other since they busy with their own business. He wanted to know how the Dragon's Den progressed as well as asking about Keiran current condition.

    They talked until late night before going to bed. The next morning, more comment and speculation spouted out in the forum. Some said about demonic monster, some comment on the Black Sheep strange behavior and many others.

    Soon, the game would finish its update and Auron could finally played again. However, when there was about one hour left, a shocking news appeared on the forum. A post quickly going up because of the reply in the post until the forum administrator decided to pinned the message.

    The post was not about the new update or some speculation about Black Sheep, rather it was about some players. And, it just not the average players but the ranked player in each of their class.

    In the post, the current first ranked player from thief, cleric, mage, and archer had stated that they would defect to Regalia and also asked the forgiveness from others. Many comment spouted out in the forum.

    Some cursed them because they defected to the enemy, some express their willingness to follow them. Some question why the swordsman and merchant not included in the list which was replied by Raging Bull, the current first ranked in swordsman class, that he got the offer but he already declined the offer and he didn't forget to curse and mock the defected member. The current first ranked merchant also stated the same answer as Raging Bull without the cursing.

    A huge controversial, but for current Auron he didn't really care about all of that. He just wanted to be kept updated about the current news. Then, when the update time had passed, Auron went on to his game capsule and login into the game.
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