178 Bad News 2

    BANG... the meeting table was broken into pieces due to the punch by the king. He was so furious after hearing the news from Officer Molke. This raiding month was supposed to be another win just like the previous raiding month.

    They had prepared everything to conquer the Bridge World. However, the result was not only not as they expected, but it was way gone too far from what they had expected. They failed to conquer the Bridge World. Furthermore, his fourth and youngest son got injured so badly.

    With all of the things that happened so far, how could the king not be furious? Moreover, he received another bad news which was a danger lurking out at their kingdom vicinity.

    "The enemy sends Chaotic Death to deal with younger brother. This means they put a lot of effort to deal with this!" The Second Prince said.

    "No, from Officer Molke had said, it looked like the enemy made changed in their plan at last minute. I believe when they gathered their strength on the last day, they spotted younger brother in one of the villages which made them put a lot of effort to assassinate him." The oldest princess analyzed.

    "Then, why we still failed at conquering the Bridge World?" The King asked with a high tone.

    "I am sorry Father. It was because I am incompetence" The First Prince answered. It was just like the had king said, he felt shame.

    He knew to conquer the Bridge World was their goal in this plan, however, he failed to achieve that goal. Moreover, with such bad news happening, he felt the weight of his failure became heavier.

    "No, it was not the first brother's fault. From the news I gained, the enemy deliberately ignored our attack and not defended the outer village at all. It looked like they allocated the troops that supposed to defend their village to attack. This was why they can amass large troops despite the pressure in the Bridge World." The Second Princess answered.

    "Moreover, although the result was not as we expected, but they also sacrificed a lot of troops to defend the Bridge World from our attack."

    Regalia's casualties in this war also not little. Not to mention, the casualties from attacking the village in Gaia, they also sacrifice a lot to be able to defend in Bridge World. Moreover, they also suffered from Gaia's attack.

    "From what I heard, not only all of the outer villages were destroyed, but we also destroyed 3 towns. It could be said that we were drawn." The Third princess added.

    "If we look from the number of casualties and destroyed territories, it could have been true. But, I guess it is not that simple" General Elbert who was silent throughout the conversation, spoke.

    "From what I heard, the enemy took out a weird stick. When they stuck it to the ground, an intense demonic aura was coming out from it. And, a strong demonic creature was coming out from it. I believed this is what their goal all along"

    "This could be proved by their action pouring a lot of resources in attacking which they never did previously."

    "How's the investigation on the stick?" The king asked.

    Like General Elbert had said, Regalia's true goal was to unleashed this stick at Gaia's World. One day, some explorers found an ancient ruin in Regalia. Then, they reported their discovery to the Regalia's royalty.

    Hearing there's an ancient ruin, Regalia put important attention to this matter. They sent an elite team to explore the ruin. Like any other ancient ruin, the exploration was dangerous. Some of their elite team was wiped out. Fortunately, in the end, they found treasure boxes.

    The treasure boxes contained a lot of things inside. Some of which was the tool that they used to reduce the idle times after using the teleportation gate which made them able to launch a surprise attack and gained the upper hand.

    However, the most precious thing they found was not that tool, instead, it was 15 boxes with 20 centimeters long each. Inside each of the boxes, they found that demonic stick. At first, they didn't know the function of this stick, until they tried to stick one of that demonic stick to the ground.

    What happened next was the same as what happened when Chaotic Death used the stick previously. An aura of death loomed the place then a humanoid figure with two horns on its head coming out from the stick.

    As soon as the humanoid figure coming out, he immediately attacks everything around him. This attack induced another high casualties to Regalia's troops. Fortunately, they already anticipated everything by stationing a lot of high leveled troops as they believed that something from an ancient ruin would be extraordinary.

    In the end, they managed to slay the humanoid figure before he ran away. From this experience, they began to develop a plan to unleash this disaster to their enemy's territories, Gaia. Which was what already happened.

    They brought out the 14 sticks left to this attack. And, they managed to successfully plant 13 sticks out of 14 sticks they brought. Yes, one of the attacking groups failed to use the stick which made Gaia gained the stick for investigation.

    A historian brought out a big book and started to explain, "From the ancient history book we discovered, this stick was used to summon a demonic monster. Also from the book, the demonic monster was ..."

    As they were an NPC, the system already provided the answer for them. The historian started to explain everything just like what the forum had explained. From the demonic monster's intelligence until how they could gain level and could reproduce. However, there was one thing that the forum didn't explain.

    ".... Lastly, just like you know the stick would summon a demonic monster. After this, it will go hibernate for 10 days. However, if after 10 days and it is still not destroyed, then another demonic monster will emerge from it."
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