179 Exchanging Point 1

    Several gasps were heard in the room. Almost one day already passed after the war. They only had a little over 9 days to destroy 13 sticks else the situation will become worse. Panic was seen in the face of the princes and princesses.

    With the current situation, they still had a lot of things to do. From calming the public due to the lost in war and a lot of casualties, Maintaining the situation in the Bridge World, and eliminating the enemy's spies that slipped through the raiding month's portal. Moreover, due to the destruction of 14 villages, they had to make a temporary residence for the refugees.

    Each of the prince and princesses had their assignments and task. The princes would be allocated at the warlike environment, like leading the war or maintaining security in each of the cities, towns, or villages. Meanwhile, the princesses would be allocated to place that less warlike, like running the bank or trade company, social things, building facilities and resolving the problem from the citizen.

    Due to this raiding month, all of the sector was damage. Moreover, they had lost the war which made their burden became heavier. And now, the news about a chance of another demonic monster would emerge if it was not destroyed in 9 days.

    "Silence!" The king shouted.

    "General Elbert with Officer Molke will lead the attack to destroy the sticks. Third Prince will support the accommodation."

    "After which, General Elbert and Officer Molke will support the Third Prince to eliminate the spy within the territories."

    "As for the First and Second Prince, you will stabilize the situation in the Bridge World. Maintain the casualties out there and tried to minimize the casualties."

    "For the princesses, you know what to do"

    "Yes, Your Majesty!" All of them answered in unison.


    Auron waited for half an hour before the other survivors from the noble family came inside the room. They entered one by one to the principal's office. The last noble entered the room along with Officer Emshire.

    "Well, since all of you have arrived here. Then, let's begin" The principal started.

    "Maybe some of you have noticed why you are called here. Yes, it is because of the contribution matter. Today will be the day for you to use the contribution and exchange it for the reward of your choice."

    "However, before we began the exchange, I want to firstly say a few words."

    "First, we deeply regretted to send you guys out there for battle which resulted in this little survivor. But, we will not ask for forgiveness from you guys. As you know this is the military academy, your goal was to enter the military."

    "And, in the military, you have to befriend with death. Hence, we regretted what happened, but we still believe that this was a necessary thing to do."

    "But, regret is still a regret. So, out of our regret feeling, we have given the compensation for the fallen student in the war before."

    "And, for you guys, you will also get your rewards for being able to stay alive."

    "First, the rewards from the academy, I will give out for each of you, your graduation certificate from this academy."

    "Yes, just like you have heard, you will graduate from this academy early, which means you could immediately entered the military. Also, as you already have your experience in war, you could apply to become a teacher here in the academy."

    "You can claim your graduation certificate after this meeting over."

    "Next, as you have graduate we will convert your academy point into contribution point that you can exchange after this."

    "Third, as the military also have some share in this incident, they will also give out compensation. As soon as you enrolled in the military you will immediately become senior private. Also, you will get 200 golds from the military which you can claim later."

    There were 7 ranks in the military, from lowest to highest, private, corporal, sergeant, lieutenant, major, colonel, and general. Each of the ranks divided into three levels, junior, intermediate, senior.

    Your rank in the military will determine the monthly salary you received, as well as your command degree. As a senior private, their salary surely will be higher than junior private, also they will be chosen as the leader among the group of privates.

    To raise in rank also not easy. When you want to raise your level from junior to intermediate or senior, you will need to gain some amount of military point that could be obtained from all sort of things in war, like killing enemies, eliminating spies, or provide useful information.

    The point needed was not small. Moreover, you need to fight in a war which means you have a high chance exposed to death. Meanwhile, if you want to raise in rank, not only you will need more military point but you will also need to have power.

    When you have enough points, you can exchange it with a challenge chance. You will challenge the junior level from the above ranks. For example a private wanted to become a corporal, then as a senior private, you will have to defeat junior corporal. Moreover, you will have to defeat 5 of them with only one chance.

    If you lose, then you will have to gain the same amount of military point before you can be issued another challenge and you could not challenge the same person. This means, to raise in level you need points, meanwhile, to raise in rank, one needs points and power.

    At first, Auron didn't even have a bit thought about compensation. So, when Auron heard that he would immediately become senior private, he felt pleased. To directly became a senior private, it already saved him a lot of military points which he could use for equipment or skill books.

    "So, It's time for you to exchange your point. Here's the device, you could find your point and the item's catalog in it. Remember, you only have time until 6 a.m tomorrow to exchange."
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