180 Exchanging Point 2

    Everyone disperse from the room and went to their destinations with their device. Before the meeting, Auron wanted to go hunting, however, since he had the opportunity to exchange his point, he decided to exchange his point first.

    Before they could leave the room, the principal added, "Oh yeah, two more things, you have to use all of your contribution points or it will be expired. Also, you don't need to return the device. Instead, bring that device to the military when you re-register."

    "That device also will be used for your military point and your exchange method. Lastly, here is your graduation certificate." The principal handed out a paper to each of the participants including Auron.

    After receiving the certificate, Auron went back to his dorm. He took out his device and started to look at it. On its screen, there were two buttons and a clock showing the current time. The first button was used to check his contribution points balance and the history from which he got the points. Meanwhile, the second button was used to enter the store to exchange the points.

    Auron pressed the button showing his current balance first. The device's screen changed. On the top part of his screen, there was a huge number showing his current balance. Meanwhile, on the bottom of it, there was a long list of his point mutations.

    Auron had 15283 points. It was the result of his war contribution points and his academy point converted to contribution points. For Auron, it was not a lot because if he was stronger, he could get more points. However, he could not a complaint since he was so weak at the war that it was a lucky thing that he still got some points.

    He looked at his point mutations list, his academy point contributed around two thousands to his current points. When he continued to look at his mutations, there was a mutation that catches his eyes.

    That mutation informed him that he got another two thousand points. A single mutation gives him a huge contribution point while the other only gave him a single or two digits point. Thanks to that, It was not surprising that this mutation caught Auron's attention.

    Auron looked at the mutation's detail. That mutation comes from the fact that he fights against Chaotic Death. His contribution when fighting Chaotic Death was proved to be worth it. It was also thanks to the fact that Chaotic Death was so famous as Regalia's king right hand for enemy players that his 'price' spike up.

    Finished looking at his points, Auron went back to the home screen and pressed the rewards button. After the screen changed, Auron was greeted by a huge list of items. From equipment, accessory, skill books, until consumable items. Also, each of the items was ranging from common grade up to rare grade with several epic grade consumable items.

    A huge list made Auron dizzy. Even for one category, there were many variations among them. For example, when Auron looked for level 200 equipment, there was equipment that focuses more on one specific attribute. There were also set equipment. Then, the variation among the grade. Also, there was a level slightly higher level of equipment but priced cheaper. Moreover, the bonus options from the equipment gave more variations for him. It was like he was shopping in a mall, there were many choices to pick.

    Fortunately, there were filters and advanced filter functions in the catalog. First, Auron filtered out equipment below level 180 and higher than level 250. Then, he inputted the requirement criteria that he wanted. Since he wanted to choose equipment for his swordsman first, then he showed out equipment that swordsman could use.

    After that, he began to input several specific criteria, like the equipment should minimum gave 50 strength, or 50 vitality, or 50 agility and gave out a minimum 10 dexterity or 10 luck. A list of equipment showed up. Auron looked at it and chose from it. However, he didn't immediately buy it, instead, he took note at the price and the attribute it gave, then he changed out some criteria and began searching once again.

    This continued until he found several candidates for his swordsman's equipment. After that, he changed out the criteria to mage and inputted another attribute criteria for it. Then, he did the same as what he did when he choosing for his swordsman's equipment.

    From a minute to one hour until it passed several hours until the clock showed 5 a.m. It was almost the deadline time. A huge time was spent on this shopping. Auron looked at his note, there were many lists of equipment, accessory, skill books, and consumable items on it.

    Several names were crossed out since Auron found a better replacement for the items. Sadly, he had little points and little time which made his shopping became more difficult. Auron began looked at his list, he gave out a tick for a must-buy item, then he gave out question mark for item that he still had doubt. Then, he gritted his teeth and crossed out several other names.

    Doing this for several times, Auron's list became shorter and shorter. Finally, at last, he had the final list to spent his points. Since Auron already took note of the item's name, he immediately inputted the item's name on the search box and began to buy one by one.

    At last, he already bought out all the items he had to buy. Right now, his feelings between satisfied and unsatisfied. There were some that he had to take out since he had to buy other items. But, well all the item has already been bought and he could not refund it, so Auron could only accept it.

    Auron had 8 points left. Since 8 points could not get him any items he wanted, so he could only exchange it with gold. He got 8 golds since 1 point worth for 1 gold.
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