182 New Equipment 2

    [Padded Armor] (rare grade equipment)

    Type: Body - Upper

    Requirement: 300 Strength, 120 vitality, level 200

    Class: Swordsman, Merchant

    Defend: 1200

    Strength + 10

    Vitality + 30

    [Keen Pant] (rare grade equipment)

    Type: Body - Lower

    Requirement: 250 Strength, 200 vitality, 100 dexterity, level 180

    Class: Swordsman, Merchant

    Defend: 975

    Vitality + 10

    Dexterity + 15

    [Quirky Vambrace] (rare grade equipment)

    Type: Arm

    Requirement: 250 Strength, 200 vitality, level 187

    Class: Swordsman, Merchant

    Defend: 750

    Strength + 10

    Agility + 10

    [Ankh Barbute] (rare grade equipment)

    Type: Head

    Requirement: 200 Strength, 200 vitality, level 200

    Class: Swordsman, Merchant

    Defend: 1050

    Health + 10000

    Vitality + 10

    [Sturdy Greaves] (rare grade equipment)

    Type: Footwear

    Requirement: 200 Strength, 180 vitality, 180 agility, level 195

    Class: Swordsman, Merchant

    Defend: 1125

    Vitality + 10

    Agility + 10

    [Blessing Great Sword] (Common grade weapon)

    Type: Greatsword

    Requirement: 400 Strength, level 200

    Class: Swordsman

    Attack: 1100 - 1872

    Strength + 80

    Luck + 10

    Dexterity + 20

    Agility - 30

    Critical chance + 1%

    Effect: A blessed huge great sword. It was so heavy that it reduces the user's agility. However, the blessing give it luck attribute and critical chance. Use it at your own risk!

    Auron began inspecting his swordsman equipment one by one. Unfortunately, his swordsman's equipment was not a set since he could not afford it. However, he still satisfied since his swordsman's equipment was rare grade.

    5 equipments was laid on top of his bed with a great sword. What catches one's attention from looking at these 6 pieces of equipment was the item's color. The color was varied among the equipment with none of the equipment had the same color.

    The headwear's color was shiny silver while the armor's color was green. Then, the armband's color was black. Onto the bottom equipment, the pant's color was bright red. Meanwhile, the greaves' color was dark blue. Finally, the great sword's handle color was gold. However, it was not made of pure gold, it was just painted gold.

    Auron could not imagine what would happen if he looked at his self in the mirror when wearing this equipment. Shaking his head, Auron threw away the absurd thinking. He began to keep his item one by one to his inventory and passed it to his swordsman character.

    He believes that this equipment was only temporary since his goal was to raise his level to level 500 as quickly as possible. There were reasons why he chose level 500 as his near goal. The first reason was because it was the last level he achieved. He had been through a lot to achieve that level. Although he forget some detail, but he still could remember the general hunting spot to achieve that level.

    Secondly, level 500 was the max level before the max level cap double to 1000. That was why 500 also the starting point for the new world after level 500. If he could not arrive at the starting point, then how can he went over past the others.

    Right now, many players already raised around 100 or more levels, especially the guild players. They competed to achieve the current highest level as soon as possible. That was why they poured out their resources to several selected individuals in the guild.

    With the help of their guildmate, the selected individual's level quickly raised that almost none of the non-guild players could compete with them. There were still selected non-guild players that could compete with them with the help of their backing. For example, Chaotic Death with the backing of Regalia's king.

    Auron finally finished all his matters regarding his point. He had already told his swordsman to equipped the new equipment and sold the old equipment to the NPC's store. With the new equipment in place, Auron took a look at his status once more.

    [Smiling Wizard]

    Level: 203

    Military Rank: Senior Private (unclaimed)

    Exp: 24%

    Defense: 6120

    Hp: 95800

    Mp: 112050

    Strength: 507

    Agility: 398

    Vitality: 429

    Intelligence: 727

    Dexterity: 452

    Luck: 216

    Critical chance + 1%

    Elemental Understanding:

    Fire: 3%

    Earth: 1%

    Water: 1%

    Attribute point: 0

    Auron smiled slightly after looking at his equipment. It was because he was satisfied with his status. This status was not any other level 200 players could get. His status almost the same as level 250 players with extraordinary equipment.

    After taking a closer look at his status screen, one part of it took his attention. It was the military rank section. His unofficial rank right now was senior private due to the 'regret' gift from the military. However, there was an unclaimed part of it.

    Just like what it said, it was because Auron hadn't gone to the military and claimed the gift yet. It claimed it was simple. He just needed to re-register at the military camp and be assigned to his groups.

    Right now, it was almost 7 in the morning, the registration was opened at 7 o'clock. With the distance from here to the military camp, he will arrive at the military camp at 7. Since his matter with equipment was already finished, now, it was time for him to claim the military rank.

    Auron left the room casually. He wanted to whistle to show how happy and relaxed he was. Sadly, he could not whistle, so he could put a smiled on his face to show how happy he was. Soon, Auron arrived at the dorm's reception office.

    "Wait!" When he was about to leave, the receptionist called him.

    "I heard that you already graduated and could join the military, right?" The receptionist asked

    "Yep, you are correct." Auron smiled widely

    "Okay then, fill this paper and return your dorm key to me before you leave" The receptionist didn't bother with Auron's smile and handed a piece of paper.

    "You need to leave the dorm. Since you already joined the military, then the military will provide your lodging if you didn't have any." The receptionist smiled.

    Since Auron was the only one left in his room, he was the one holding the key. Auron could only smile awkwardly because of this sudden situation. He returned to his room and packed his belongings before giving the key to the receptionist and left the military academy with his belongings.
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