183 Military Base 1

    "Freeze! Don't move closer! This area is of your limit" A soldier took out his swords and aimed it at Auron.

    Auron paused his step. He had arrived at the military base when one of the soldiers guarding the military base stops him.

    "Wait, I mean no harm. I am a new graduate from the academy military. I am here to re-register at the camp."

    "Identify yourself!" The soldier shouted.

    "I am Smiling Wizard" Auron showed out his information.

    The soldier's friend who had received Auron's name began reporting to the base for a check. Not long after, he received a confirmation from the base and gave a green light signal to the soldier who was guarding against Auron.

    Seeing the green light signal from his friend, the soldier began to loosen his guard and made way for Auron. The soldier just doing his job, so Auron didn't get offended by his actions.

    Auron walked past the soldier inside the military area. Past the entrance, what greeted Auron was not a building, instead, it was an open space with only one pathway. On the left and right of the pathway was a thick forest. The tree had a huge trunk with heavy foliage.

    When one looked at the direction of the forest, they hardly knew what was inside the forest since the huge tree blocked their view. They needed to go inside the forest to know what was happening inside the forest.

    Meanwhile, there was only one pathway which leads to another checkpoint. Auron passed the second checkpoint smoothly, since the soldier who guarded at the front already informed what was happening. Auron also didn't hide his name which made the soldier at the second checkpoint allowed him to move.

    After passing the second checkpoint, Auron continued following the pathway until he arrived at the third and last checkpoint. At this checkpoint, the guard was heavier and there was even steel fence with electric wire on it.

    Auron also passed this checkpoint smoothly. He had calculated if one walked slowly from the entrance at the front up to this third checkpoint with normal human walking speed, they would need around 30 minutes to arrive at this third checkpoint.

    The soldier at the third checkpoint opened up the gate for Auron and made way for him. Auron walked passed the gate and saw for the first time since he arrived at the military entrance, a flood of humans.

    There were a lot of soldiers at this place. This huge and wide place even looked small compared to the amount of soldiers gathered here. Auron could see some soldiers talking to each other while some other soldier doing some stretching for warming up.

    This huge gathering of soldiers even made Auron difficult to move past the crowd. He was like a lost little kid in a crowded market. Auron was shocked and confused looking at the situation. He knew that as a military base, a lot of soldier gathering was a normal thing. However, this huge amount of soldiers made no sense. Auron even began thinking that there would be another important war.

    Auron shocked and confused looked was no escape from the attention of the others around him. Some of them giggled to this newbie while others ignored him and continued what they were doing.

    "Hey, you must be a new recruited!" One of the guys called up to him.

    "Ehm.. yes" Auron answered the guy

    "I knew it. Your confused looks show it. Come here, let me help you. What do you need?" The guy kindly offered Auron help.

    "I need to go to re-register. Do you know where the place I need to go for registration?"

    "Of course, new guy. It's been a long time since I registered. How long it was, like 3 or 4 years ago, time flies quickly." The guy reminisced his past.

    "Don't you worry, although it is been a long time since I went to that place, I still remember the way to that place like my own house."

    "So, you see that building" The guy pointing out at the building to the northeast from his place. "You go inside that building, then go ..."

    "Thank you, pal!" Auron thanked the guy.

    "No problem, mate! Hopefully, you will be assigned to my squad" That kind guy waved his goodbye to Auron.

    Auron walked into the building which the guy before showed. Inside the building, Auron followed the guidance and arrived at an office with the door opened. Then, Auron knocked on the door to tell people inside about his presence and went inside the office.

    The office was big enough to accommodate 10 people inside. However, right now, there were only 3 people who were busy enough with their doings. So, when Auron went inside they still didn't notice him.

    It took them a minute before one of them noticed Auron and said, "Sorry, we are so busy right now because of the upcoming situation! What do you need?"

    "I am here for registration," Auron told them that he was here for registration.

    "Oh okay, fill up this form first, there!" The woman handed out a paper to Auron then pointed at a small desk near the entrance.

    Auron began to fill the form. During filling the form, Auron sometimes stealing glances at them and noticed how rushed they were. At halfway filling the form, two of the woman's colleagues left the room with a bunch of paper on their hands.

    After the woman's colleagues left the room, the situation seems back to normal except the exhausted look at the woman's face. That woman just sat exhaustively at her chair and closed both of her eyes.

    It took him around 10 minutes to fill the form. After that, he handed back the form while asked, "It looks like you guys are so busy"

    The woman opened her eyes and looked at Auron with exhausted eyes. She took Auron's paperwork from his hand and sighed, "Yes, as you can see..."
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