184 Military Base 2

    The woman began to confide her stories. The woman and her colleagues before was from the personnel division. All of this was started last night when they received the news that there were several important things will take place.

    Then, a huge amount of soldiers was flooding this military camp whom they needed to provide as it was their responsibility as staff from personnel division. Like flood of soldier was not enough, next they received news that several high ranking soldiers was also coming.

    As a high ranking soldier, they got a more luxurious service like they got private staff from personnel division that could maintain their needs immediately. These high ranking soldiers made the personnel division lacked for people. And, they still needed to prepare other things for the upcoming event.

    Auron knew there would be something going on looking at the crowded soldier outside. And, from the woman, he knew that his guess was correct.

    He asked, "What was happening?"

    The woman hesitated before answering Auron because it was an important matter that she could not divulge without authorization. But, the woman suddenly remembers something and murmured to herself softly, "Well, it doesn't matter since the announcement told to use every resource they could provide."

    With that thought in mind, the woman began telling Auron the matter. There would be an incoming operation to eliminate some demonic sticks. The danger's level was unknown however, it was predicted that it was very dangerous.

    And to make things worse, there was another operation that overlaps this operation which was to stabilize the situation in Bridge World since the enemy began forcing their way. Since there were two overlapped operations, it resulted in a lack of soldiers to use. They need to call up some soldiers defending the town and city and gathered here for brief.

    The soldier who was called from town and city surely didn't have any place to sleep here which was why they were gathered outside the building. And, as staff from the personnel division although they could not provide a better place for sleep, they need to not make it worse. So, they used all of their means to provide a good place for the soldier's well being.

    Lastly, they also need to arrange the squad for the soldiers and presented it to the higher-ranked soldier, which was why they were so busy when Auron saw them before.

    "Well, that was the reason why we were so busy. After you heard the story, I believe you know what will happen to you now."

    "Although this is the first day since you officially joined the military, as we were lack in man, you have to partake with this operation." The woman declared.

    "I know you must be shocked on how quick things progressed. But, you have to get used to it. After all, I believe the first reason for you to join the military was to take part in this kind of operation right?"

    Without waiting for Auron's response, the woman continued, "Now, let me record your data first. After that, you can claim your badge. Then, we can start to assign you to a squad."

    The woman started to input Auron's data. When she inputted Auron's name, the woman stopped, "It is weird, your name is already in our database. Let us see."

    "Oh wow, you are one of the survivors in the last Raiding Month's defense team. A Senior Private."

    "I know about this. Then, I can just fill out the missing details. Less work."

    The woman started to type in the missing details. It only took around two minutes since many of the details already filled out, "I believe you bring the device which the academy's principal gave to you right?"

    Auron nodded and took out the device from his inventory. Then, he put the device on top of the woman's table. The woman took the device and started to do something with the device.

    5 minutes later, the woman gave back the device to Auron. "Keep it with you all the time, the device will record your military points when you went to war or other military operation like now." The woman smiled.

    "Just like what you did with the contribution point before, you can exchange the military points with various items using the device. The item you exchange will be delivered to your place in 30 minutes at most 1 hour."

    "I believe, since you don't have any place to stay, you will live in this military base, right? I have inputted your lodging's number."

    "You can claim your lodging's key after this operation. Bring this paper to the room on the opposite side of the building. Then, handed it over to one of my colleagues you see before. They will know what to do. Well then, good luck!" The woman smiled and gave Auron a piece of paper with Auron's data on it. Then, she rushed Auron out as if she drove Auron away with a smile.

    Auron got out of the room blankly. He felt wronged by this sudden turn of event. But, he could not help and just complied with the situation. He brought the paper and went to the opposite side of the building.

    In no time, Auron arrived at the mentioned room. From outside, Auron could already hear the heated situation inside the room. He just stood still and thought back how fast things took place.

    He just survived from the last bloody Raiding Month. When he thought that he could finally take some time for rest, he already faced with this situation. He could escape, but this was military. If he defied an order without proper reason, he could be hunted down as a traitor.

    Being hunted down was no issue for him. After all, this was just a clone character, he could still play his main character. But, Auron didn't want to lose his advantages at such an early time. Auron sighed a heavy breath. Then, he knocked on the door.
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