187 Assignment 3

    Kajo stopped the personnel division's staff from finishing her speech. Then, he looked back at the senior sergeant's face and asked, "You said before that you could win if you got more soldiers. If you didn't get more soldiers, you could still win but with a huge casualty, right?"

    "Right. And, I believe you cannot imagine how huge those casualties are. So, I suggest you to either ask for more soldiers or abort this suicide operation." The senior sergeant answered annoyingly. He knew that if Lieutenant Kajo decided to ask for more soldiers, which was impossible to get, the higher-ups would reduce his value in their eyes. And, if he chose to abort this operation, his reputation would be damaged more severe.

    If he chose to continue this operation and if the action was failed or produce massive casualties, the senior sergeant would have a reason to blame all of this to the Lieutenant Kajo. On the other hand, if he chose to continue this operation and resulted in a success, the senior sergeant could have fabricated the truth like how they supposed to fail, but because of his superb command ability, he could overcome all of that and complete the operation.

    The senior sergeant had thought of all the scenarios he could consider. And, all of it would lead to Lieutenant Kajo's reputation smeared. Out of all the possible scenarios, he would prefer Lieutenant Kajo to abort the operation since this way would result in the most severe damage out of all the possible scenarios he had thought.

    Lieutenant Kajo looked back at all of them, "So if I could give each of you some private squads, how many do you need to achieve victory?"

    Hearing the question, all of the sergeant began to think deeply. In truth, they didn't need more soldiers. They just wanted to give the Lieutenant a difficult time. However, from the flow of conversation, it looked like the lieutenant was very confident in providing them some private squads.

    They didn't need it, but if the lieutenant decided to gift them, then they would take the gifts. With that in mind, one of the intermediate sergeant shouted out, "I can take five more private squads."

    "I need four more squads."

    "I need 5."

    "I just need 3."

    "2 more squads enough for me."


    With one of the sergeants taking the lead in answering, the others followed suit. They began to shout their numbers. Some didn't dare to ask too many, while some didn't care and requested more. When all of the sergeants, except the senior sergeant, finished saying their number. The amount totaled to 40 private squads with the highest from them asked five.

    Meanwhile, the senior sergeant felt odd about this progress. He began to think hard about what the lieutenant's plan was. However, he could not find what it was, so he could only comply with it. "I want ten more," The senior sergeant shouted. He didn't forget his goal here, to make things difficult for the lieutenant.

    A sudden silent permeated the room; anyone would know that the senior sergeant was making things difficult for the lieutenant. But, to ask ten private squads was so absurd. It doubles the number from the highest amount they asked. However, the other sergeant didn't dare to reprimand that senior sergeant. The senior sergeant shamelessly acted normal as if his request was not absurd.

    Lieutenant Kajo ignored the senior sergeant's absurd request and asked him, "Out of all the sergeants here, you are the one with the highest-ranked here. I believe you are stronger than them. If I take some of your soldiers, you can still complete this operation, right?"

    "Absurd!!" The senior sergeant furiously berated when he heard the lieutenant's question. "Wait, are you going to..." The senior sergeant suddenly had an idea what the lieutenant's plan was.

    "You are going to allocate my soldiers to them? Do you want to kill me? I don't have grudge with you why you tried to kill me."

    Ten privates made into a private squad. Meanwhile, one corporal could maintain at most ten private squads, and one sergeant could keep ten corporals. One lieutenant could maintain at most ten sergeants. However, Lieutenant Kajo's case here was different. The higher-ups trusted him with 13 sergeants under him. This action showed how highly regarded his superior for his talent.

    A sergeant could maintain at most ten corporal, which means they would get 100 private squads under them. Forty private squads mean 40% of their force power would be taken from them. That was why the senior sergeant thought Lieutenant Kajo's plan was absurd. He believed no one could achieve this feat.

    "So, you mean you cannot do it?" The lieutenant ignored the senior sergeant, grumbling and kept on asking.

    "No one can do it! You are insane!"

    "Okay then, here is my command!" Lieutenant Kajo arrived at his conclusion. "As the senior sergeant said he could not do it. I deemed he is unsuitable for this operation, and I will dismiss him from this operation. In exchange, I will take his place of command and command his soldiers!"

    "As the matter of soldiers, the other sergeants will get the amount of the private squads they requested. Take it from my soldiers."

    "That is all for this meeting! You are all dismissed!" Kajo stood up and began to walk to the door.

    On Kajo's way to the door, the senior sergeant kept on venting his anger saying that Kajo would regret his decision, or he would lead his soldier to their dooms. But, Kajo ignored it as he kept on walking to the door.

    When Kajo was about to exit the room, he stopped and looked back, "Remember, I have given your request on your excuses. If you still failed this operation, I will not be kind enough to comfort you."

    Then, Kajo looked at the personnel division's staff and said, "Oh, one more thing, I want that newbie kid from before in my rank!"
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