188 Assignment 4

    Auron joined the other soldiers outside the building. He looked to his left and right, didn't know what to do. He also didn't recognize anyone. He walked to the left side of the building and waited there.

    Five minutes passed, but there are still no announcements or whatsoever. Auron decided to move to his swordsman character.

    However, when he was about to move to his swordsman character, someone called his name, "Hey, you are Smiling Wizard, right? I thought I recognized the wrong person."

    The newcomer was the commoner archer who was also one of the survivors and the only commoner survivor from his Raiding Month's group. He was not alone. There was someone beside him, a big burly man. The muscle was bulging out like a typical bodybuilder.

    "Thank God, I meet you. Finally, I meet with someone who has worked together with me before."

    "Here, let me introduce you to this man. He is Spike. He is one of the guards stationed in my town." The commoner archer introduced the man beside him.

    "He is Smiling Wizard. The one I told you before." The commoner archer introduced Auron to Spike.

    "Hello, I am Spike. I heard your story from this guy here. Nice to meet you. I hope we can work together." Spike warmly greeted Auron and offered a handshake.

    With this introduction, Auron had something to do to kill his time. The three of them began to talk about their experience in the Raiding Month. Auron also asked several things about living in the military.

    At first, the conversation flow smoothly. However, as the conversation last longer, the conversation met a wall. It ran out of topics.

    An awkward silent took on. Auron tried to break the ice, so he asked, "Do you know about the other?"

    What Auron mean were the nobles who also joined with them in the Raiding Month. The commoner archer answered, "No, I haven't met them yet."

    Auron confused with the answer, "It is weird. Are they didn't register yet?"

    "Well, who knows what was inside the nobles' mind," The commoner archer shrugged his shoulders.

    Spike knew what they were talking about, so he joined the conversation, "You don't have to wait for them nor look for them. They will not come."

    "What? Really? Why is that?" The commoner archer looked at this big burly friend of him.

    "Look around you! A lot of soldiers gathered here. Even a stupid person knows there must be something going on."

    "As a noble, it will not be that hard to know what is happening right now, or what this operation's risk level. An operation at this scale surely will not be a safe task. The danger level must be above average."

    "Do you think a noble would let their son or daughter to participate in this operation? If they have a choice, they will not do it. Moreover, they already had a strong, reasonable excuses."

    "Without the order from someone in the top position, the noble will wait until all of this end. Unless the noble wants to participate in this operation."

    "Make sense!" Auron thought in his mind on Spike's explanation. It was a logical explanation. However, in truth, Auron didn't care whether the nobles were going to participate in this operation or not. He just wanted to strike a new topic and avoid the awkward silence.

    Auron surely could didn't care about the nobles, but it was different from the commoner archer. His first reaction was cursing the nobles, "Spineless cowards!"

    "They wasted resources to hide in safety. It will be better to give that amount of resource to us."

    Auron and Spike looked at each other. Then, they looked at the commoner archer and laughed. They both find it rather funny at this guy's innocence. The commoner archer, who being laughed on, became confused about the reason why both of them were laughing.

    But, before he could ask the reason, a group of three people came out of the building. It was Lieutenant Kajo. Behind him were the two personnel division's staffs that Auron met in the meeting room.

    The three of them went forward to the middle of the crowd, followed by all of the crowds' eyes. When they arrived in the middle of the groups, Lieutenant Kajo began his speech.

    "I am Lieutenant Kajo and this operation's leader. I bet some of you already know the reason why we gather all of you here."

    "I will not beat around the bush and go straight to the point. You are gathered here to destroy some demonic sticks that already summoned demonic monster each."

    "There were a total of 13 demonic sticks, and this operation's goal was to destroy all of them. The danger level was unknown since we don't know whether the demonic monster will protect the demonic sticks or not. But, based on our calculation, the danger level will be around 6 or 7 out of 10."

    "All of you will be divided into 13 groups with one sergeant as your leader. And we will depart tomorrow morning. So you will have time until tomorrow to prepare everything or to bid farewell with your family."

    "But, before we let you leave, we will let you know your groups first. These two personnel division's staff behind me will help you. That is all from me. I will leave the both of you."

    Lieutenant Kajo left the area and gave the sticks to both of the personnel division's staff. "Okay, as you have heard from Lieutenant Kajo, we will let you know where your group belong."

    "Please look at your device. There will be a number indicating your group's number."

    "After that, we will tell you a place, so that you can meet with your colonel and sergeant."

    All of the soldiers began to look at their device, and just as the staff said, they found their group's number. "Okay, now we will tell you where you have to go. Group number one, you will go to..."
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