189 Group 13 1

    Auron went inside the forest between the second and the last checkpoint. He went deep inside the forest. Near him, several other soldiers went in the same direction as him. However, they didn't make any conversation with each other.

    Before coming here, Auron looked at his device, and the number thirteen was shown on its screen, indicating he belonged to group thirteen. Then, he waited as the personnel division's staff began to mention the way to reach each of the group meeting point.

    The staff gave the other group a specific place like the armory, the canteen, etc. However, when it comes to Auron's group, the staff didn't provide a particular area. Instead, she gave them a direction to reach somewhere.

    Based on the direction given by the personnel division's staff, they need to went outside of the military's entrance. After that, they need to go to the right immediately and kept walking until they met a dead end. And, here they were walking through inside the forest.

    Five minutes passed since the first time they entered the forest. They kept on going deep. Until a minute later, they arrived near a ravine. The ravine was bottomless, and it was so steep. From above, you could not look at the bottom of the abyss.

    Beside the ravine, there already waiting Lieutenant Kajo and ten other people behind him. Looking at them, Auron was confused. So was the other. It was not because of the ten people behind Lieutenant Kajo, but it was because Lieutenant Kajo itself.

    "I know you were shocked to see me here." Lieutenant Kajo started.

    "Unfortunately, your assigned sergeant felt sick and could not make it for this operation. So, I made my initiative to replace him and took his place. Yes, I will become your group's leader as well as this operation's leader."

    "Behind me were ten colonels who will be going to be your squad's leader. Based on the information I received from the personnel division's staff, there are 600 of you here."

    "I will divide you into several private squads consist of 10 people within each group. Then, each colonel will lead six private squads."

    "Before you know which group you belonged to, I will explain several things about his operation. First, as I mentioned before, there were 13 demonic sticks, and you will have the responsibility to destroy one of them."

    "Each of that demonic sticks already summoned a demonic monster whom we don't know how strong they are. And, based on the intelligence we gathered, if we don't destroy that stick within ten days, each of that demonic sticks will rerelease another demonic monster."

    "We cannot let that happen. So, now you know the importance of this operation. We cannot fail or else a catastrophe will loom over Gaia, and it will not only affect us but your family as well."

    "Second, as I said before, we still don't know how strong the demonic monster or will they protect the sticks. What we know is that they were far more intelligent than the ordinary monster. And, they could reproduce and become stronger."

    "So, to say, except to destroy the demonic sticks, we also have a secondary mission which is to kill the so-called demonic monster."

    "One more thing, since Regalia's agent released these sticks, there was a chance that they will interfere in this eliminating process. So, please be aware of Regalia's agent, who is still lurking in the area."

    "I will not hide anything from you. As you can see around you, we lack in human resources. That is why there must be some of you who once guards stationed in the various villages, towns, and cities, are called to be part of this operation. However, I believe that with this number of men, we can still complete this operation."

    "Next is our destinations. Our destinations is one of the villages at the outer of the kingdom bordered with the forest..."

    When Auron heard about the destination's descriptions, he knew it. Their destination this time was the same village where Auron went before during the Raiding Month. Auron didn't know if this was a coincidence, or it was because of the Lieutenant assignment.

    "We have less than ten days to complete this operation. That is all I have to say. Next, your designated colonel will divide you into smaller squads. Then, follow your colonel's instructions. After that, you can leave back to your family or called them before we depart for this mission tomorrow morning."

    "Also, during that time, please prepare well for your supplies and weapon. That is all from me. I will leave to the colonel in charge."

    The military will give them some supplies. However, if they felt that the amounts provided were not enough for them, then they could buy additional supplies with their own money. Of course, several items were prohibited like [Return Scroll] that can be used to desert

    After saying that, Lieutenant Kajo moved several steps back, followed by all of the colonels went forward to the front. Then, from the most left colonel, he started to call several names. After calling 60 privates, the colonel, along with the requested private, moved to a place near there.

    Then, the next colonel in line began to call several names once again. Just like before, after calling 60 privates, the colonel, along with the requested private, moved somewhere near there. This action continues until all of the ten colonels finished calling each of the names.

    The first colonel didn't call his name, as well as the second colonel. Auron was waiting for his turn up until the sixth colonel. When it was the seventh colonel's turn, Auron was the first name he called, which showed he belonged to that colonel's squads.

    After that colonel finished calling 60 names, Auron, along with the other private who had their name called, followed the colonel to a place near there under a big tree. Then, the colonel began to divide them into six private squads consist of 10 people each.
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