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    Auron walked up along with his group to a nearby big tree. He looked nervous and serious while the other acted more relaxed than him. Some were talking to each other while the other spoke about their experience, but not Auron.

    Since Auron was new, he knew that he didn't know anyone here. His last comrade, the commoner archer, was belonged to another group. Meanwhile, his newly recognized friend, who was also the commoner archer's friend, Spike, also belonged to the same group as the commoner archer and left Auron alone. Well, he could not blame anyone since it was not their decision to left him.

    After a few seconds, Auron and his group arrived under the big tree. Auron tried to look at his surroundings. Fortunately, amid 60 people, Auron found someone he recognized. He was the man who was kind enough to tell Auron the direction to re-register.

    However, the man was talking to another man and didn't look back at Auron, so he didn't know that Auron was in the same group as him. Auron wanted to greet him first and thanked him for helping him earlier.

    Unfortunately, before Auron could move to the guy, the colonel up in front of them, cough to get their attention, with that cough, the colonel got what he wanted, the focus. All of the privates, including Auron, paid their attention to him.

    "My name is Scud. I am your colonel, and you can call me Colonel Scud." Colonel Scud introduced himself.

    Then, Colonel Scud looked at the paper he brought at his hand. All of the privates' name in his group, was written in the document. He only looked at it briefly before saying, "First of all, I want you to form six lines in front of me now!"

    With that command, the scattered privates began to move busily. They quickly tried to form a line and get into position. Before a minute passed, six lines already form. Auron got into the middle of the third line.

    Then, Colonel Scud continued, "I don't want to make this long. You have already heard what Lieutenant Kajo had said before. That was your mission. I don't want to get you hope rise. As you have heard before, we didn't know how dangerous this mission is. So, you better had anticipation if something happened to you guys."

    With the last sentence from the colonel, the silent atmosphere began to become denser. Auron and the others knew what the Colonel Scud mean about the anticipation.

    "But we will give our best, and we will try our best to come back alive!" Colonel Scud continued, followed by the face of determination in all of the privates' face.

    "You will be divided into six squads which already done. Yes, what you think was correct. Each line will become a group. They will become your squad members. You will protect each other and help each other."

    All of the privates began to look at their line to see who will be one group with them. Auron also didn't miss this chance to get a glimpse of look at his soon to be squad's member. However, before Auron could see the squad's member clearly, the colonel continued his speech.

    "That's all that I am going to say. Before I dismissed you guys, I want you guys to know each other. As they will become your comrade, I believe knowing them beforehand will come in handy."

    "Each group will have two tasks to be completed before I dismissed you. First, each of you have to introduce yourself to each other. To make this quick, you will only need to give them the necessary information about you. Your name, your level, your class, your current rank, and your last assignment."

    "Next, you have to pick a leader. What I mean is you have to pick your leader if there are more than two people with the highest rank in your squad. If not, you can follow the military rule and chose the person with the highest rank in your squad. Now, get going!"

    With that, many shouts were heard all over the area, "Squad one, come here.". A man waved his hand and asked the other to come to him. Beside him, a woman also shouts to gather the member from squad two. Meanwhile, Auron also looks for the other from squad three.

    From behind where he stood, Auron heard a shout, "Squad three, come here." Auron looked behind him, a man over thirty years old, almost going to his forty waved his hand. However, despite his age, the man waved his hand enthusiastically as if he was 20 years younger.

    Auron and the other in the squad three began to move slowly toward the man. While walking, from behind Auron, another man clung his arm to Auron's neck, "Hey pal, we are in the same group."

    It was the kind man who showed him direction before. It turned out they were in the same squad. Auron smiled awkwardly and prayed inside his heart after Auron knew that the highest rank among them would be the one lead the team many thought flood inside his mind.

    He knew as all of them were private, then the one who will lead his squad was a senior private. And, he was a senior private. With someone who knew he was a newbie in the same group as him, this would make things more complicated.

    Just imagined, a man had worked for two years, and suddenly, a newbie had a higher rank than him and became his superior, what would the man felt. Auron knew it would not be a good thing. So, he hoped that there would be someone among the group that had the same rank as him so that one could lead the squad instead of him. With that hope in mind, Auron, along with the kind man who had his arm clung to Auron's neck, walked toward the squad meeting place.
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