191 Group 13 3

    Auron arrived at the squad meeting place. In that short walk, he had known the man beside him, the kind man. It turned out; the kind man was an extroverted and friendly guy. He liked to talk about a lot of things and didn't shy when making new friends. Just like before, when Auron looked at him talking to another guy, it turned out that they just met each other for the first time.

    Meanwhile, as the kind man knew that Auron was a newbie, in that short walk, the man kept on cheering Auron up and tried to calm Auron down as he knew this would be Auron's first assignment after he registered in the military.

    Auron and the other in the squad three sat in a circle so they could look at each other quickly. Auron looked around him. In their squad number three, there were six men, including Auron and four women. All of them were varied, but no one among them had a big burly body. While Auron looked around him, the other in the group also did the same. Meanwhile, the kind man sat beside Auron and kept on smiling like this was some camping.

    The man who gathered them before started, "So, let's start the introduction: your name, your level, your class, your current rank, and your last assignment. As we sat in circles, let the one sat next to the current speaker be the next one. So, who wants to be the first one to introduce himself?"

    Someone raised his hand enthusiastically. It was the kind man who was sitting beside Auron, he started, "My name is Yonta. Currently, I am level 382. My class is a swordsman. I am an intermediate private And, my last assignment is a town guard. I was a guard at a town for two years before I am coming here."

    With that, Yonta finished his introduction, and then he looked at Auron, indicating that Auron should go next. However, contrary to his expectation, Auron kept on looking down and didn't make any sound. Looking at Auron, Yonta said, "Don't be such a nervous, pal. We will not bite you."

    "Sorry, guys, my friend, here is a total newbie." Yonta apologized to others, followed by a laughed by the other.

    Then, the woman who also sat next to Yonta said, "Let me go next. My name is Celline. I am a level 359 cleric. Currently, I am an intermediate private. My last assignment was in the nearby military practice camp."

    After that, the introduction kept ongoing one by one. "I am Kirky, a level 320 archer. I just joined last year, so I am still a junior private. I was helping to fend off a monster near one of the towns."

    "I am Billy, also a junior private. I am a level 313 archer. My last assignment was to kill a fugitive inside in one of the cities.

    "I am Adelina, a level 353 swordswoman. I am an intermediate private. I was also one of the guards in a town for a few months.

    Then, it was the man who gathered them here, turn. "I am Firze, a level 440 swordsman. I am also an intermediate private. My last assignment was to guard a merchant caravan to Miderian."

    Next, was another man who was silent throughout the conversation, he also seems uninterested and didn't care about this introduction, "Lisk. 402. Thief. Intermediate private. Scouting one of the enemy's base in Bridge World."

    It was a short and quick introduction also without an emotion. Firze wanted to ask him to elaborate more. However, he saw that Lisk already looked to the woman beside him as if he wanted to end this introduction session as quickly as possible, so he didn't say anymore.

    The woman beside Lisk also caught by the short introduction and the changed in the mood. She became serious and made an almost angry expression. "I am a senior private!" She said with a serious tone nearly angry, which garnered the attention of the others privates.

    Auron, who kept looking down the whole time, began to look up and saw the woman. His prayer finally answered. However, when he was about to pay more attention, the woman smiled and continued, "Just kidding! You don't have to be so serious, tried to have some fun." The woman reprimanded Lisk, who didn't care about her reprimanded.

    The woman tried to reprimand Lisk. But, instead of Lisk, who took the attack, it was Auron who was going gloomy once more. "I am Patricia, a level 390 mage. In truth, I am an intermediate private. I was tasked by the military to find an ancient ruin from a little piece of clue in a group."

    "And, let me tell you a secret" The woman lower her tone as if she was whispering. "We found a valid lead to the ancient ruin. We almost find it. Unfortunately, this assignment came in priority, so we have to abandon the search and went here. Isn't that right, Felice?" Patricia asked the last woman, who sat beside her.

    The woman who was called Felice answered, "Yep, that's true. Hi all, I am Felice. A level 385 cleric. I am also an intermediate private. Just like Patricia had said, I was in the same group as her tasked to find the ancient ruin."

    With Felice finished her introduction, finally, it was the inevitable moment for Auron. It was his turn to introduce himself. With no other senior private in this squad, he will be the one who will lead them.

    After all of the other private introduced themselves, Auron knew his position. He had the lowest level among all of them and also the least serving time in the military. However, he was the one with the highest rank among them.

    "Come on, newbie! Don't be nervous. It is your turn to introduce yourself." Yonta tried to console Auron with a smile.

    Auron could not run away from this. He braved himself and started, "I am a senior private."
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