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    Auron braves himself and started, "I am a senior private"

    When Auron said that sentence, the other looked at him. However, as they had known that Auron was a newbie, they were waiting for the next sentence, just like what Patricia already did before. All of them Auron was trying what Patricia already did before.

    "My name is Smiling Wizard. A level 203 mage. As you have heard before, I am a newbie. So, I didn't have any last assignment with the military. Oh well, there was one before I joined the military. I was part of the Raiding Month defense team."

    "Well done, newbie!" Felice tapped on Auron's shoulder. "Patricia, look at him! That is what you supposed to do when you want to prank the others, going all out."

    "He didn't even bat an eye when he tells us about him. And, look, he even made his level look miserable. He brings the prank to another level." Felice smiled at Auron then at Patricia.

    Patricia only looked at Auron, admiring him. All of the others' eyes still looked at Auron, waiting for him to reveal that it was a prank. Auron, who was being the center of the attention, didn't know what to do. So he continued, "That is all about me."

    Yonta hurriedly said, "Whoa, wait, pal. You cannot finish your introduction yet. You haven't said the magic word."

    The other agreed to what Yonta had said, even the silent Lisk also agreed. All of them nodded their heads. "It was not a prank like what you think. I know it sounds weird and shocking, but I am telling you the truth. Even though I am a newbie, I am a senior private. Here look at the proof."

    Auron took out his device. Then, he changed the interface of the device to show his profile. On the screen, there was his name, his level, his rank, and his military point.

    When the other saw it, all of them became shocked once more. The others didn't want to believe it. But, the device had it all. They could not manipulate the device to show false information. With a senior private was written on it, then Auron had proofed his word to be true.

    "NO!! this is not fair!!!" Patricia wailed and palmed her face.

    Firze, who had the highest level among them, also get shocked until he became speechless. The others also had their reactions. Meanwhile, Yonta, who sat beside Auron, also became speechless. He could not utter a word and still believed that this was a prank.

    However, as the proof had showed otherwise, he quickly regained his mind. With his extrovert and friendly personality, he said to Auron, "Come on, pal. Share the tips on how to bribe the higher-ups. It has been more than two years, and I am still an intermediate private. But, you who just joined a few hours ago had risen through the rank and surpass me."

    The other was also eager to hear what Auron was about to say. If they could also know what Auron's trick, then they could also arise through the rank, with a higher rank, they could get more benefits. Nobody didn't want a free lunch.

    Auron knew what they were thinking, so he explained, "I also didn't want this to happen. Just like you guys, I also wanted to rise through the rank step by step normally. I was a graduate of the military academy. Then, in the Raiding Month, I joined..."

    Auron began to tell his story. From when not just him but also all of the students in his batch were assigned to join one of the Raiding Month's defense teams until when they were getting help by the Fourth Prince. Then, when they were almost getting wiped out and saved at the end. In the end, he said that he got the rank because of the compensation from the military, and it was not just him, but all the other survivors.

    As they were in the military, the story about massive casualties in Raiding Month already spread. They also knew that the Fourth Prince was come back heavily injured due to participating in the Raiding Month. What they didn't know was the detail.

    When they first heard that the Fourth Prince came back heavily injured because of the Raiding Month, they mocked and cursed the Fourth Prince's guard. Many of them thought that if it were them that guard the Fourth Prince, then none of this would happen.

    However, after hearing Auron's story, they began to change their opinion. When they knew that it was a setup by the enemy, until the appearance of Chaotic Death, all of them knew who was Chaotic Death. He was the enemy's king right-hand man and also a rising star just like their Lieutenant.

    They began to pity Auron and accepted the fact that he had a higher rank than them. "That was the end of the introduction part. Let us begin choosing the leader." Firze awkwardly said.

    "As the rule of the military, the one with the highest rank will be our squad's leader. So, I guess you will be our leader." Firze said. Although all of them already accepted the fact that Auron had a higher rank than them, however, it was difficult to accept the fact that a newbie was going who just joined a few hours ago going to be their leader.

    Auron knew what they were thinking about and quickly said, "I know we have to go by the rule. However, I can be the leader in name and let the other take the lead. How about it?"

    Auron also didn't want to miss the opportunity to lead a squad. However, his level was too low. If he insisted on leading, he was afraid that the other would defy his order, and it would be dangerous to the others.

    With what Auron had just said, all of them felt relieved. In the end, they chose Firze, who had the highest level among them to become their shadow leader.
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